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Mexican Trust – Fideicomiso

By far the most asked question during the process of purchasing real estate in Mexico. Don’t let legal terms confuse you. You rightfully and legally own your property. It is very simple actually, and no, it is not a 99-year lease. The concepts and processes are pretty straight forward. As a foreigner, two ways you can own real estate in Mexico are:


A Mexican corporation is incorporated and owned in a fee simple title to property, regardless of size, location, value, or purposes of it. This is generally recommended for investors that are looking to develop and/or acquire more than one real estate transaction.

Mexican corporations work in a similar way to American corporations, and there is no limit as to the number, citizenship, or nature of the shareholders. Check with your legal representation as there are multiple corporate structures and some of which are more beneficial to foreigners.

Also, for tax purposes, developing and/or commercial expenses are better deducted through a corporation than through a Trust.


This method is the most utilized for a private investor or a residential piece of property, without commercial purposes.

Mexican law provides that foreign individuals and/or entities (including foreign trusts) may own fee simple title to land in all of Mexico, except in the so-called “Restricted Zone”, which is the strip of land that goes along the shores (50 kms. inland) and the borderlines (100 kms. inland). Therefore, when land is purchased directly or indirectly by foreigners through foreign entities or trusts, it is typically bought through a Mexican trust or “fideicomiso”.

The following three persons are listed in the fideicomiso:

The Mexican owner of land that originally conveys the property into the trust

The Mexican financial institution that holds title to the property

The individual(s) or entity(ies), national or foreign, of the Trust: that has the authority to instruct the Trustee in connection with the property

The purchase of property through a trust works in a very similar fashion as a regular purchase and sale transaction: the seller (‘Trustor’ or ‘Settlor’) shall execute a trust agreement, whereby a trust is created and title is conveyed to a Mexican bank (‘Trustee’) for a purchase price, and the Mexican bank accepts such conveyance, in the understanding that (i) the purchase price is paid by a third party (normally a foreigner), who is appointed Beneficiary of such Trust, (ii) the bank acquires title, acting on behalf of such third party and, therefore, (iii) the bank is not allowed to take any act or decision regarding the property unless it is instructed in such sense by the Beneficiary, who has all decision rights.

Then, in practice, although the bank has the nominal title to the property, they do not get involved at all in the maintenance or management of the property. The Beneficiary of the Trust is the person deciding about the development, lease, sale, mortgage or whatsoever regarding said property.

Typically, the bank has no activity, except in case of litigation, when the Trustee shall grant the Beneficiary’s attorneys a special Power of Attorney to appear in court on behalf of the Trustee, nominal owner of the property.

In addition, the property held in trust is kept in a “Fiduciary Division”, so it is never considered an asset of the bank, so no creditor of the bank may go after the property, ever.

When the property to be purchased is already in a trust, the buyer may elect on whether to continue on said trust (by assuming the existing trust rights of the selling beneficiary) or to terminate the existing trust and have the property conveyed into a new trust.

These trusts have a 50-year life, with the option of an immediate renewal for another 50-year period; thereafter, the property should be sold to a person with capacity to acquire title (however, the trend is to liberalize the ownership, so most likely, such requirement will be eliminated in some years).

A specific permit from the Foreign Relations Secretary is required to set up a trust and the relevant Trust Agreement needs to be contained in a Deed, signed by the parties thereof in front of a Mexican Notary Public, and should be recorded at the Cadaster Offices, at the Public Registry of the Property and at the Foreign Investment Registry. Your closing attorney will help with this process as they are regular activities for 60% of real estate that is closed in Los Cabos.

Thereafter, no further permit or notice is required, unless one or more of the parties thereof vary, or the properties subject to the Trust are modified, either by purchase of additional land, merger, subdivision, etc.

On average trustee bank charges an annual fee of around $550.00 US dollars.

This article was written by RODRIGO GOMEZ, for informational purposes only and are not legal advice or a substitute for legal counsel. This information is not intended to create, and receipt of it does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship. You should not rely or act upon this information without seeking professional counsel.

Explore exclusive villas in Cabo San Lucas, including the scenic Palmilla area, the prestigious Pedregal district, and the serene ambiance of Puerto Los Cabos.

Enjoying a stay in Cabo is always a delight for travelers and elevating the experience through added comfort, luxury, elegance, and style happens when you book Casa Carino as your home away from home. This captivating 4-bedroom, 4.5-bath Los Cabos villa can accommodate up to 16 guests at a time and is situated within Querencia, one of the area’s most exclusive gated communities. Casa Carino is a villa that is perfect for those traveling with family and friends alike to Los Cabos and looking to savor the privacy they deserve as well as easy access to area attractions and activities. Querencia is a highly desirable destination and community that’s just minutes from San Jose del Cabo and the rich culture and arts scene that’s found there. Booking a stay in Casa Carino puts guests in proximity to some of the best surfing and swimming beaches in all of Los Cabos as well as spectacular restaurants and shops to explore. No matter when you book your stay in Casa Carino, you can count on enjoying daily butler services, daily housekeeping, and the help of a personal concierge dedicated to helping you make your getaway one-of-a-kind from start to finish.

Interior Amenities

Stepping into Casa Carino, guests will find they have no less than 3,500 square feet of living space to enjoy. The floorplan heavily revolves around indoor and outdoor living with large retractable panels of walls seamlessly pairing lounge areas inside with access to sprawling and sun-soaked patios and terraces. Throughout the rest of the property, guests can enjoy floor-to-ceiling windows that frame fantastic Sea of Cortez views, while vaulted ceilings further enhance the overall sense of living space available to guests starting on day one of their journey. Casa Carino enjoys a bright and fresh color palette throughout as well as natural wood details and finishes that add a warm touch to the aesthetic.

The main living area in Casa Carino hosts a plush white sofa and matching loveseat alongside two armchairs all topped in gray and white throw pillows. The sleek tile flooring in this room is topped with a warm gray and brown area rug as well as a glass-topped coffee table. Overhead, guests will enjoy the eye-catching natural wood beams while the large flat-screen television on the wall enhances the entertainment value of a guest’s stay. The living room opens up to the villa’s gourmet kitchen where guests can swap a night out at a local eatery with a home-style meal instead. Guests or a private in-home chef can make the most of the high-end appliances this culinary space showcases alongside custom cabinetry stocked with cooking essentials and a spacious center island topped in sleek stone. When it’s time to enjoy a meal together, guests can gather around the formal dining room table suitable for up to 10 guests at a time that’s situated just between the living room and kitchen.

Getting a good night’s sleep is always within reach for those who book a stay in Casa Carino. Each bedroom is outfitted with a plush mattress, premium linens, and stylish comforters. The master bedroom hosts a king bed as well as a private outdoor access point for savoring the view at your very own pace. The second bedroom in the villa also hosts a king bedroom set while the third hosts a queen bed and the fourth enjoys queen bunks that are perfect for those traveling with family. As an added convenience to guests, each bedroom has its own ensuite bath in place as well.

Exterior Features

Fresh air, sunshine, and spectacular views are always available at Casa Carino. Through the main living room, guests can step directly out onto the grand patio which provides an access point to a sprawling, luxurious yard to enjoy. Here, visitors will find a hot tub and spacious infinity pool as well as a full outdoor dining set and ample lounge areas for relaxing in style. The far end of the yard hosts an outdoor television and couch and there’s also a fireplace for visitors to gather around. The patio spills out onto a massive grassy area that is perfect for activities, exercise, star-gazing and any other outdoor sport.  There is a soccer golf course designed for the competitive folks in your family and provides hours of fun for kids.  When you’re looking to get around with ease, Casa Carino includes a premium golf car for 6. There are also three outdoor showers to enjoy after a swim or if your itinerary has your getaway focused on the beach and you’re looking to refresh upon return.

Book Your Stay in Cabo Today

Many of our guests start thinking of their next trip to Casa Carino before they even leave.  When you find yourself falling in love with the villa and surrounding area and choose to make Querencia a forever home, our team of real estate advisors can help you bring your dreams to reality.  As an owner, your family can benefit from the myriad of amazing amenities that Querencia Los Cabos offers:  gym, spa, members only club with restaurant and pools, kids club, golf, beach club and outdoor pursuits.

There’s no reason to wait when you’re ready to enjoy a one-of-a-kind vacation to Los Cabos, Mexico. Reach out to the team at Cabo Platinum today when you’re excited to include glamorous accommodations into your experience and want to be sure you’ve secured a home away from home in one of the most luxurious areas around. We’ll handle the details while you focus on the spectacular journey ahead.

Taking time out of a busy schedule to visit Los Cabos is a good idea any time of year. When travelers are looking to vacation in style, Los Cabos has the scenery, upscale fun, activities, and attractions that make for an unforgettable stay. With all of the activity, many owners find themselves asking, “Is now a good time to sell in Cabo.”

While a visit here is always a thrill no matter what your interests may be, those who are looking to make a more permanent investment will find that in 2023, the Cabo real estate market is primed for potential. Sellers in particular will be happy to discover that now is an ideal time to upgrade their current Cabo residence for something that elevates their year-round living and/or makes for a breathtaking vacation home.

Luxury Buyers Propel the Market to New Heights

While the global health crisis of 2020 stalled the real estate market just about everywhere for a period of time, in Los Cabos, tourism is back and stronger than ever in 2023. By the end of 2022, Forbes was highlighting Los Cabos, Mexico as one of the biggest second home markets in all of North America. This trend has seen many vacationers transition to buyers as they look for their piece of paradise to enjoy on a more permanent basis. For sellers looking to profit in Cabo, this world-class destination is offering up a strong and exciting market to be a part of as interested buyer numbers continue to grow. The team at CBRE Hotels put together a report looking specifically at Los Cabo’s market growth over the last five years and found the area is experiencing an annual growth rate of nearly 6% overall. For sellers, this is even better news.

The luxury real estate in Los Cabos provides an even more exciting prospect for those looking to sell as the most exclusive inventory remains relatively low. This provides sellers with a greater amount of control over their selling price and how they choose to accept property offers. Overall, sellers are seeing increased interest in luxury properties from American and Canadian buyers. With new direct flights between Los Cabos and Europe, the expectation is that sellers will be seeing an influx of European buyer interest in the near future as well.

Market Factors to Consider in 2023

In Los Cabos, those looking to sell are still seeing the high-end market range as listing above $1 million. At the end of 2022, resale was accounting for around 90% of property sales in Los Cabos with 30% to 40% of all residential sales falling within the high-end market category. From the U.S., there are a high number of buyers hailing from California and Texas, while market interest is also being noted as primarily coming from Chicago, New York, and Mexico City.

According to the Cabo Real Estate Services 2023 first-quarter market report, the market continues to flourish for sellers. In quarter one, the Los Cabos real estate market saw over $500 million in sales as opposed to quarter four in 2022. This puts sales volumes up by 48% and a total of 545 houses and condos sold within the first quarter timeframe. The most lucrative price point for sellers is holding steady between $2 million and $5 million listings. Quarter one inventory remained steady as well and real estate agents were seeing existing properties moving briskly. Overall market direction is noted as strong in Los Cabos in 2023, particularly for existing properties as opposed to new construction.

When You’re Ready to Sell, Partner with Cabo Platinum

Those who own homes in Los Cabos know just how appealing this sunny and one-of-a-kind destination can be year-round. That said, there’s no reason not to upgrade when you’re looking for something new in Los Cabos. Whether you’re looking forward to a new view, are hoping to swap neighborhoods, or just want to be closer to places you love to spend time, the team at Cabo Platinum is always here to help.

Our Cabo real estate services are world-class, and we know the Los Cabos real estate market fluently. We help homeowners looking to sell market and price their homes competitively so their new journey can get started faster than ever. Our guidance and assistance with financial planning can make all the difference when it comes to creating a real estate transaction that’s smooth and streamlined. We know how to navigate market fluctuations and help place your home in front of the eyes of buyers who are looking to close quickly. We’re also ready and waiting to help you find your new home once your current residence is ready to hit the market.

Luxury real estate is our passion and our area of expertise. When you’re looking to learn more about how we can help you sell your home and find the next residence of your dreams, simply reach out to Cabo Platinum. Our team of expert real estate advisors can’t wait to hear from you!

When deciding to rent out your second home, it is very important to understand these two concepts and how they differ.

Wear & Tear

Normal wear & tear is defined as the inevitable and expected physical decline of a property’s condition that occurs with everyday, reasonable use. It is the deterioration that occurs over the course of living on a property, but it is NOT caused by abuse or neglect. It is only noticeable over time. Due to normal wear and tear, you can expect to replace things on a regular basis as part of the cost of doing business.

In a home being used as a vacation rental, what constitutes “normal” use is greatly heightened due to the sheer volume of occupants who will vacation in your home each year. This idea applies if you rent, donate, or simply let someone use the property. Ordinary things like furniture, paint, kitchen appliances, blinds, and carpeting that have a pretty long lifespan in your primary residence will need to be replaced much sooner in your vacation rental.

Examples of Normal Wear and Tear:

Guest Damage & Negligence

On the other hand, guest damage is any damage incurred beyond the normal use of a Los Cabos vacation rental home. Damage is not naturally occurring. It is harm done that affects the value, usefulness or normal function of the property. This damage can be committed on purpose, or through neglect. Most damages incurred are accidental.

Examples of Damage:

It is expected that you should attempt to repair any damages before replacing anything entirely. For example, you would be able to use the security deposit for the repair of a chipped granite counter-top, but you cannot expect the renter to pay for the replacement of the entire counter-top. Also, charging for small items such as broken wine glasses, clothes hangers, etc. is not recommended as this can easily backfire and leave a negative impression. Again, you can expect to replace things on a regular basis as part of the cost of doing business.

Preparation & Prevention

Now that you understand the differences between normal wear & tear and guest damage, it is important to consider the things you can do to avoid damages as much as possible. For example, sealing your Cantera stone floor every year will help prevent any stains from spilled wine, sunblock, etc. Additionally, you can limit the number of wear and tear touch points and opportunities for accidental damage by making a guest’s stay as easy as possible. For example, labeling your cabinets and drawers will show guests exactly where to go to find each item they need without hunting for it. Please note that it is important not to leave items that could easily be damaged in the vacation rental in the first place.

In summary, gray areas, preventable issues, and unnecessary stress can all be reduced with a little preparation, organization, and clear communication with your property management company. It is very important to have an experienced Cabo property management company who will conduct a Check-In and Check-Out inventory. This will give you a better understanding of your property’s condition before and after every rental. And keep in mind that even though these are some good guidelines to determine the difference between normal wear & tear and guest damages, each incident should be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

This article was written by RODRIGO GOMEZ, for informational purposes only and are not legal advice or a substitute for legal counsel. This information is not intended to create, and receipt of it does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship. You should not rely or act upon this information without seeking professional counsel.

Are you looking for a spacious, beachfront Cabo vacation villa that is suitable for you and your entire group? If so, we have the place for you. Instead of staying in a crowded hotel room or renting an overpriced house that doesn’t have your required amenities, Casa Alcini is a grandious beach property that has everything you need — and more. Casa Alcini is an eight-bedroom, eight-bathroom house that can fit up to 16 guests. Featuring over 7,000 square feet of interior space, this amazing Cabo San Lucas luxury villa has ample outdoor space for you to sit, relax and soak-up the warm Cabo sun.

Outdoor Area

The outdoor space features a large pool with a hot tub that is perfect for relaxing and easing your aching muscles after a long day of walking, surfing, or exploring the Pedregal area. You can also lounge and lay down in one of the beach chairs under an umbrella to read a book or sip on a cocktail as you gaze out at the bright blue water. Once night falls, you can gather around the outdoor firepit on the cozy and plush couches to have a few drinks and share stories with your guests.

The outdoor aesthetic of this property is incredible. Especially when the sun starts to set, you can gaze out over the water and soak in the bird’s-eye views. Marvel at the intricacy of the architecture of the home, featuring lights on the adobe walls to brighten up the space during the nighttime, unique trees, large cactuses, and garden areas. Part of the allure of this jaw-dropping home is the attention to every detail. The outdoor space is perfectly manicured, always clean, and features high-end flowers, plants, trees, and decorations that look our over the Pedregal beach.

Interior Spaces

As soon as you enter the home from the large outdoor space, you will notice the intricacy of the decorations. The artwork is pristine, featuring well-known Mexican artists and adorned classically throughout the villa. The furnishings are plush and cozy, offering numerous comfortable places to sit in every room of the house. The kitchen features stainless steel amenities and ample counter space to make appetizers, cook a five-course meal, or serve drinks to your guests.

All of the bedrooms feature comfortable and cozy bedding, featuring plush pillows, cozy interior decorations, and access to the outdoor space. Some of the bedrooms even offer their own private glass doors that open out to the beach — you can literally get out of your bed and be on the white-sand beach in just seconds!

Some of the bedrooms open up right to the outdoor pool area, featuring a corner room with a sliding glass door and curtains that can block the light out so I can sleep at night. In the morning, simply open the door, open the curtains, and walk just a few steps to one of the outdoor chairs, umbrella tables, or outdoor couches to watch the sunrise with a fresh cup of coffee.

And if you need to wash off after a long day of exploring nearby Los Cabos, all bedrooms come with an en suite bathroom that offers tons of sink space, modern showers, and tubs that will make you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day. We love the idea of getting into the bath before be to de-stress, or using the bathroom to get dressed, get ready in the morning, and have a relaxing morning.

Along with the common space, this large-scale mansion offers numerous rooms that are perfect for relaxing getaways, private time, and experiencing all that this house has to offer. One of the best common spaces is a basement TV room with chairs, DVD players, smart TV options, and access to an outdoor table for having a few drinks or playing cards.  Perfect for those with pilots, security or even a nanny, one-bedroom is detached and near the front entrance of the property.

You can also make use of the formal dining room table, perfectly positioned between the modern kitchen and the cozy living room on the main floor. We love sitting here to have a formal dinner, five-course meal, or play a board game with your guests. Up to 8 guests can sit at the intricate wooden table and the comfortable wooden chairs.

Book Casa Alcini for Your Next Cabo Vacation Today

This luxurious and pristine mansion is one for those who want to spare no expense. Coming in with over 7,000 of interior space and over 4,000 square feet of exterior space, including a pool, dining room tables, lounge areas, hot tub, and fireplace, you and your guests will want for nothing during your stay here.

If you need to relax and de-stress from your daily life, whether it be school, work, family, or friends, booking the Casa Alcini is a foolproof way for you to have an incredible local experience, become a part of the nearby culture, and experience a lavish lifestyle. Reach out today for more information!

Are you considering going on a Cabo vacation for your upcoming holiday? If so, we don’t blame you! Not only are you positioned perfectly right on the southern tip of the Baja California Sur, but there is perfect proximity to all that this pristine area has to offer. Gaze out at the Gulf of California in the morning, walk to one of the nearby beaches, and stroll along the coastline to get a bit of exercise in the morning.

We can’t think of anywhere better to have a winter holiday or a summer getaway than this amazing area. Plus, we have a high-end and luxurious property that is calling your name!

Check out Palmilla Estate 46, a sprawling estate with tons of outdoor space, a modern interior, spacious floorplans, incredible amenities, and the world at your fingertips.

If you are sick and tired of spending hours and hours online looking at crowded hotels, overpriced hostels, and Airbnbs that are too far out of your way, then check out Cabo Platinum.

We have the perfect spot for you and your group of friends to book during your upcoming stay in Cabo. Palmilla Estate 46 is a 4-bedroom and 4.5-bathroom Palmilla villa that can fit 10 guests comfortably.

Outdoor Space

This paradise contains a private outdoor space that is complete with Adirondack chairs, a foosball table, a dining table, and an architecturally-amazing pool and hot tub that is perfect for any time of the day. Do you want to get in some exercise in the morning with aerobics and aquatics? Hop in the pool! Are your muscles tired of walking all day long? Head to the hot tub to soak and chat with your friends over a glass of wine.

The aesthetic and functional outdoor space is not only sleek and stylish, but it means everyone can sit outside in a lounge chair, sit at the table with some snacks, or hop in the pool at one time. You will never feel crowded or cramped in our manicured back garden, featuring towering palm trees, a large pool, and relaxing lounge chairs in the sun or the shade.

Not to mention, we offer ample outdoor seating under the cover of shade for having a few drinks, eating your dinner, or playing board games. There is no better view than from the second story of our luxury mansion, gazing out at the incredible hills and the sunset in the distance.

Living Room

Plus, as soon as you head inside the house, you will be taken aback by the modern interior, spacious design, incredible architecture, and cozy furnishings. The living room features a comfortable and huge L-shaped couch that can fit all of your guests, featuring a footrest and a smart TV that can play your favorite show or movie at night.


You can then meander into the kitchen and serve your guests some appetizers or drinks at the high bar seating area, with unique stools and ample counter space that is perfect for cutting up fresh vegetables, serving appetizers, and making drinks for your guests.

Dining Room

If you are in the mood for a formal dinner, head to the dining room table with nearby floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a main view of the surrounding countryside and water. There is no better place to sit and chat with your friends about what to do for the upcoming days.

Lounge Room

Did you know we also have a secret lounge room? That’s right! This is the coolest spot for teens to hang out and get away from adults. Lounge on one of the cozy chairs or spread out on the L-shaped comfortable couch.

Choose the Best Villa for Your Cabo Vacation

If you are a fan of views right from your bedroom, then look no further. Our bedroom offers a comfortable couch that looks directly out onto the outdoor pool, two lounge chairs, and a comfortable bed that is ideal for relaxing and chilling out after a long day of exploring.

Plus, the ensuite bathroom leaves little to be desired. Featuring dark-stained wood cabinets, white countertops, and bright lighting, this modern bathroom is THE ideal spot to have a nice hot shower before crawling into bed and watching your favorite show on the flat-screen TV.

Last but not least, the “kid’s” bedroom is ideal for those who want to give their teenagers some freedom of their own. This spacious bedroom features a twin-sized bed, queen bed, and two bunk beds that make it easy for up to 6 kids to relax in here! We love this space for teens, young adults, or couples who want to have a little slumber party with one another. Even though six can fit in this room, the ample floor space, big beds, and sleek design will never make you feel cramped.

Book Palmilla Estate 46 with Cabo Platinum today! Experience a luxury Cabo vacation with Cabo Platinum!

Maybe you are in need of some sand, sun, and good vibes in your life. It has been a long few months at work, school, or with your family, and you need a respite. But where should you go? If you are sick and tired of going to the same old places over and over again — which are usually overrun with tourists and overpriced — you need to find somewhere new to explore during your trip!

Let’s see. The perfect place that has incredible weather, and friendly people. Spacious rental properties and bright blue waters make it the perfect place to wake up in the morning. Yes, you are right — we are thinking of Los Cabos!

Los Cabos is one of the most popular destination spots in the entire world — and for good reason! The friendly locals, incredible cuisine, dozens of outdoor things to do, bright blue water, golden sand beaches, and pristine weather makes it the best spot to go on vacation as a solo traveler, with your partner, with your family, or with a big group of friends.

Fortunately for you, there is the ideal rental property for a large-scale family get-together, friend reunion, or corporate retreat for your stay in Cabo. The Casa De Karma is a sprawling home that features six bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms, providing ample space for up to 14 guests to kick back, relax, and soak up the sun. With over 11,000 square feet, you will never feel crowded or cramped in this luxurious rental property.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? We think so too! This Pedregal villa in Cabo San Lucas is really the lap of luxury, and you will feel like royalty when you stay here.

Outdoor Space

One of the main perks of this property is the extensive outdoor spaces. There’s a huge pool, featuring a little island with a chair and umbrella in the middle. You can sit back, relax, and put your feet in the water as you feel like you’re in the middle of the ocean. Or you can meander over to the spacious hot tub and sit in there in the evening with a glass of wine as you recuperate from a day of swimming, sailing, or surfing.

If you would rather just relax outside, you can lie down on one of the many recliner chairs, beach chairs, or plush chairs under an umbrella. This way, you can read, sip on some drinks, and chat with your friends without the sun beating down on your face.

Not to mention, the outdoor space has incredible views of the surrounding hills, palm trees, bright blue waters, and golden sand beaches. As soon as you step foot outside, you will see the incredible architecture of the home, the surrounding houses on the hillside, and the never-ending water.

Plus, once it gets dark, you and your guests can cozy up around the outdoor fireplace, pour yourself a drink from the outdoor bar, and sit and talk about your favorite part of the day with your guests. There is no better place to relax!

Dining Areas

Of course, the dining areas are just as spectacular. The dining room table is positioned just on the outside patio. With the retractable doors that provide easy access to the pool area and outside patio, you can walk through the open floor plan from the kitchen, through the living room, to the outdoor dining room table in just seconds.

If you would rather eat “inside,” you can sit at the lengthy dining room table, complete with enough chairs, interesting light fixtures, and cozy seating. If you leave the sprawling retractable doors open, you can sit at the table and gaze outside the incredible views from the back of your house.

Living Room

The living room features an L-shaped plush and cozy white couch that is perfect for all of your guests to sit, watch something on TV, or converse with one another. The living room is directly connected to the kitchen and living room, making it easy for you to chat with your guests sitting at the long table in the dining room or the granite counter in the kitchen.


The kitchen offers ample counter space, modern appliances, and a square island granite table that is perfect for just a few of your friends to sit, have some snacks, or share a drink before dinner is served.

Bar Area

Plus, there is a super-cool bar area that features an indoor mini bar, a small couch, and a TV that is perfect for you and a few friends to sit back, chill out, and de-stress in the middle of the day.

Stay in Cabo and Choose the Best Villa

Last but not least, there are six spacious bedrooms with cozy beds, plush bedding, and amazing views of the surrounding areas. All of the bedrooms come with an ensuite bathroom, ensuring all of your guests have privacy during their stay in this home.

There are luxurious and spacious properties that are truly unbelievable. Don’t believe us? Check out Cabo Platinum today and rent Casa de Karma for your next stay in Cabo. We guarantee you will have the best vacation of your entire life!

Pedregal Cabo San Lucas: An Unforgettable Luxury Villa Experience

Cabo San Lucas has no shortage of luxurious resorts and villas. However, the area’s abundance of options makes it challenging to choose.

Pedregal Cabo San Lucas is a fantastic choice for travelers looking for a one-of-a-kind vacation. This retreat is a tranquil oasis within the sea of hotels and accommodations surrounding it. Its ample room and villa options, amenities, and world-class dining make it an ideal place to stay.

This article will look at everything that makes this place unique, from its location to its amenities. Here is a window into the Pedregal Cabo San Lucas experience.


This hotel has a prime location right in the heart of Cabo San Lucas, steps away from the marina and the famous arch. Nearby are many top shopping and dining areas. While it is only a short distance from all the action, it still feels very private.

Pedregal’s location offers a little bit of everything. The resort has spectacular, unobstructed ocean views from its elevated mountain villas. It sits right on the water and has a private beach so that hotel guests can go straight from their room to the ocean.

What Makes This Resort Unique

Many things make Pedregal stand out.

Even though it is only minutes from downtown Cabo, it feels like an escape.

The immersive experience begins the moment guests enter the property because Pedregal has Mexico’s only private tunnel as its entrance. Starting their resort experience through this tunnel makes visitors feel like they are entering another world and leaving their woes behind.

Pedregal also has very private villas, an attentive staff, and outstanding amenities that set it apart.


Pedregal has world-class amenities that go above and beyond what visitors would find at a typical resort.

Their rooms and suites have private plunge pools, terraces with ocean views, personal concierge services, and dedicated butlers.

Their beachfront properties have all of this and private beach access.

Casitas, private homes, and villas have features that make guests’ stays feel more like home. For example, they have kitchens, living rooms, and outdoor dining areas.

There are many more amenities around the property.  In addition to the private plunge pools, there is a resort infinity pool to enjoy. Another way to relax is at the oceanview spa, with ten treatment rooms.

Each night, the hotel offers exciting live entertainment for guests.

Those who want to plan events at Pedregal have access to onsite wedding planners, catering services, and a collection of meeting rooms.

Finally, Pedregal has outstanding access to exciting seaside activities, including golf and sailing.

This resort’s comprehensive amenities take care of guests’ every need.


Pedregal is a haven for food lovers. The resort has outstanding gourmet experiences in a beautiful setting.

Guests can grab delicious breakfasts and coffee at Neutral Café and Don Manuel’s.

The best lunch spots in Pedregal near the ocean are Crudo, a seafood restaurant right on the beach, and The Beach Club.

One of the most unforgettable dinner spots in Cabo is Farallon. Here, diners can experience an ocean-to-table menu with curated wine and cocktail pairings overlooking the sea.

To wash down all their meals, guests can do an agave study at Peacock Alley or sip rare Mexican concoctions at Don Manuel’s bar.

Interested in staying at Pedregal Cabo San Lucas? Speak to one of our representatives to get started.