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Is it Safe to Travel to Cabo San Lucas in 2021/2022?

Cabo San Lucas is a top tourist destination with luxury villas, beautiful beaches, and unforgettable views. People love visiting to escape their daily lives and enjoy paradise. 

However, with all of the news coming out of Mexico and the global COVID-19 pandemic, one might wonder if Cabo San Lucas is safe to visit this upcoming year. Is it a wise decision to travel there during these times? 

If you’re thinking about planning your next Cabo San Lucas trip, here is everything you need to know about the current safety situation. 


Compared to the rest of Mexico and even many parts of the United States, Cabo San Lucas is relatively safe. The US Department of State recommends exercising increased caution in Baja California Sur in general. Still, most tourists travel there without any issues. 

The main tourist areas of Cabo San Lucas are usually safe. If people experience crime in this area, it is typically pickpocketing, scams, and other petty crimes. Solo female travelers usually don’t encounter any issues in Cabo. 

Additionally, the risk of terrorism is very low. There haven’t been any threats in recent years, and Cabo isn’t considered a target. 

However, visitors should exercise caution while catching taxis and rideshare services as there have been fraudulent rides in the past. 


While nowhere in the world has entirely escaped the impact of COVID-19, Cabo San Lucas has faired relatively well. Since the city is very tourism-oriented, it has taken precautions seriously. 

It was the world’s first Sharecare health security verified destination. That means that most hotels and resorts comply with more than 360 expert-approved international standards. 

Local businesses conform with strict occupancy, mask, and social distancing measures. Additionally, COVID-19 tests are easily accessible at all hotels, timeshares, villas, and the airport. 

Since the virus is constantly evolving, visitors can find the latest Cabo San Lucas health information here. 

Other than COVID-19, a health concern travelers should be aware of is the quality of the local tap water. Visitors should avoid drinking it and use bottled water instead.  

Weather and Natural Disasters 

Cabo San Lucas is a destination with ideal weather year-round and a low risk of natural disasters. These occurrences are rare but do happen sometimes. 

One of the most common natural disasters in Cabo is hurricanes and tropical storms. While devastating, these are easy to avoid. Hurricane season technically lasts between mid-May to the end of November, but the majority of them occur in September. Even then, hurricanes landing in Cabo are rare. When they do occur, staff at villas and resorts are very well-prepared. 

Other than hurricanes, strong earthquakes occasionally occur in Cabo San Lucas.  They are uncommon, but it’s helpful to know what to do when they happen. 

Overall Safety Tips  

Overall, Cabo San Lucas isn’t any less safe than most tourist destinations worldwide. Most crimes that do occur are petty and non-violent.

Additionally, the health risk and natural disaster hazards aren’t excessively high. 

However, there are a few safety takeaways visitors should keep in mind when they visit. 

These include: 

Visitors who follow those tips are less likely to encounter issues and have an unforgettable Cabo San Lucas getaway. 

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