Let’s just put it this way… WE’RE BACK!

Due to COVID-19, many popular destinations closed their doors to travelers. They stopped taking reservations, flights were canceled, and the restrictions were so high that it wouldn’t have been somewhere you’d want to be. Los Cabos did this as well, but it was done a little differently. Most of the economy in Los Cabos is dependent upon travelers and tourism. Due to this, Cabo knew that it needed to act confidently and quickly.

In March of 2020, Cabo decided to start implementing regulations to protect its residents and the travelers who were still making their trips. On April 1st, the Baja California Sur (BCS) government decided we were going on a strict stay-at-home order and the only reason to leave the house was for essential activities. During this time almost all international travel stopped, which in turn meant most of Cabo’s revenue source was stopped as well. The health and government officials enacted a 5-phase plan aimed at slowly reopening Cabo in a safe and controlled manner that minimized the risk of a surge in COVID cases. This plan was a smashing success as BCS has remained at a relatively low rate of cases as well as deaths.

During May and June, booking channels such as VRBO and AirBnB did not allow villas to rent for short-term stays; only stays of 30-days or more were permitted to be booked through their platforms. Resorts were completely closed and only allowed to open again on July 1st at 30% capacity. Gyms, movie theaters, and other non-essential businesses remained closed until September 1st. Despite the hardships that these regulations put the people of Cabo through, it has ultimately led to the return of both travel and of our great city!

It’s hard to say exactly when Los Cabos opened because there has never been a time during the pandemic that flights were not arriving and departing from the SJD airport. Since the beginning, Cabo Platinum has been working diligently with their homeowners to ensure that exceptional deals for long-term rentals were available. Our team wanted to be sure we could accommodate those who were willing and able to quarantine in paradise.

As of now, Cabo is about 75% open! We have officially been downgraded to a Level 3 or “Semaforo Amarillo” in regards to risk level. This means gyms, movie theaters, and almost all other non-essential businesses are open. Restaurants have been open and taking reservations for months, beaches have remained open, and more bars are starting to come back to life – nightclubs are still “status pending,” even though our concierge team has been told that La Vaquita (a local nightclub) is open until 10:30pm. Resorts are up to 50% capacity and flights are flooding SJD airport at full capacity. The vibe in Cabo is electric and the atmosphere is radiating with positivity and hope. So, if you’re still asking yourself, when will Cabo San Lucas open back up?  The answer is that it is open!

If you’re like most of us and you’re more eager to get away and go on a vacation than ever before, we’d highly recommend coming to Cabo. If you’re looking for a beach destination, we’re one of the few places where you can access uninhibited. And when the only option is the best option, it makes it even better. Cabo is open, Cabo is safe, and Cabo is more than ready to welcome you with open arms, bright smiles, and good tequila.

Bon voyage!!


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