Everything You Need to Know About Cabo San Lucas Weather

Many people know Cabo San Lucas as an oceanside retreat with endless sunshine.

But is it like that all year?

Similar to any other destination, Cabo weather fluctuates throughout the year. It is on the Tropic of Cancer surrounded by desert, with a relatively temperate sub-tropical climate. That means it has warm days, cooler nights, and little rain.

The area also has mountainous surroundings that create microclimates. As a result, Cabo San Lucas has a unique weather pattern that can deviate up to 15 degrees from cities around it.

Since temperatures and conditions frequently fluctuate, here is a guide with everything visitors need to know about Cabo San Lucas weather.

Winter in Cabo San Lucas

Snowbirds looking to get away from a chilly climate will be delighted to know that Cabo San Lucas has mild winters.

Temperatures during this time are cooler than the rest of the year but not too cold.

The average high during this season is in the mid-70s, and the lows are around 60 at night.

Travelers who visit Cabo San Lucas during this season should pack beachwear and a jacket or sweater. The temperature can drop when the sun goes down, so it’s a good idea to bring something warm.

Spring in Cabo San Lucas

By March, temperatures begin to rise. Around this time, visitors will see temperatures hover in the low 80s during the day and 60s at night. Temperatures heat up to the high 80s by May.

Visitors should pack beachwear and a few warm layers during spring because hotels and other interior spaces can be chilly.

Cabo weather is arid during this season, so travelers don’t need to bring rain gear or an umbrella.

Summer in Cabo San Lucas

Summer in Cabo San Lucas feels hotter and muggier then in other seasons.

June is the most pleasant summer month, with clear skies and mild weather.

After July, the weather heats up and feels less comfortable. This type of weather lasts until the end of September. Since it is more humid, there are more mosquitos during these months.

There is also a higher risk of hurricanes and tropical storms during the summer.

Besides warm weather clothing, travelers should bring a light rain jacket or an umbrella with them.

Fall in Cabo San Lucas

The beginning and end of fall have very different weather patterns.

September is the rainiest month of the year and has the highest chance of hurricanes and tropical storms. While the likelihood increases during this time, they are still rare.

The rain combined with the high temperatures makes Cabo San Lucas feel very hot at the beginning of fall.

However, as the season progresses, Cabo weather cools down and is delightful in late October and November.

Late fall is an excellent time to visit Cabo to enjoy all of its activities.

Which Season has the Best Cabo San Lucas Weather?

The best season to visit Cabo San Lucas depends on the visitor’s priorities.

Those looking for the most comfortable weather should visit in May, June, or November.

However, some enjoy visiting Cabo to escape from their frigid climate during the winter.

Travelers who hope to avoid crowds and get the best hotel and luxury villa deals can book late summer or early fall.

There is no one-size-fits-all time to visit Cabo San Lucas. Any season can be ideal, depending on the type of trip.

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