Lujo a medida y experiencias excepcionales en Los Cabos, México

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Cabo San Lucas Yacht Charters

Experience our luxury private Cabo San Lucas yacht charters in Cabo Platinum style!

Why Cabo?

There is no shortage of places you could take a private cruise, even just within Baja California Sur. So why head to Los Cabos? Whether you’re planning a cruise on a luxurious yacht or you set sail for spectacular views, Cabo yacht rentals are just one way to tour Cabo. From boat charters to private tours, or even relaxing at one of Los Cabos’ luxury resorts, there’s plenty to take in.

You can journey to La Paz with your Cabo San Lucas boat charter, should you choose. Everyone within a large group is sure to find something to enjoy throughout Los Cabos. Whale watching? You’ve got it! Beautiful scenery? Of course! Your private yacht charter will be the perfect place for quality time, casting off, and fun adventures at any of the great spots that make Los Cabos a must-visit destination for all kinds of private trips and luxury charters.

Breathtakingly beautiful scenery, luxurious accommodations, and unforgettable experiences can all be found in Cabo San Lucas. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or the most-visited destination on your travel roster, Cabo is consistently a breath-taking location to visit. You can look forward to sunny days and waterfront rays no matter what you add to your itinerary. Whether you charter yachts for the occasion or you charter a jet to start your vacation with your head in the clouds, the beauty of Cabo lies in its versatility—no matter how many times you’ve visited, there’s always something new to see and something new to explore.

You may decide to take your Cabo experience a step further and extend it with a long-term investment. Cabo San Lucas real estate is one of the best markets you can invest in. Whether that’s through resort development or your very own vacation home. At Cabo Platinum, our team has experience across Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, with extensive knowledge in a wide variety of developments. So why not follow in the footsteps of countless others and fall head over heels for Los Cabos while making a great investment? Cabo Platinum is ready to guide you through the investment in making your love affair with Cabo San Lucas a long-term relationship.

Our selection of power boats and luxury yachts may be one way to enjoy your Cabo vacation, but we’d be lying if we said it’s not a fan favorite—and one of ours, as well! If you have not experienced Yacht charters before,you are in for a treat. Whatever strikes your fancy, yacht charters give you more direct access to the amazing views that make up Los Cabos than any other vacation can. In short, this offers the best of the best in Cabo San Lucas.

Why charter a yacht in Cabo in the first place?

Cabo Platinum is the premiere place to find the perfect Cabo yacht charter for all sorts of fun activities on the water. But why should a yacht charter be at the forefront of your luxurious vacation dreams in the first place? Even if you’re taking advantage of luxury villas, you’ll find that a Cabo Platinum Yacht Charter can take your trip to a whole new level.

First and foremost, the flexibility that comes with a yacht rental is a primary selling point. From water sports to day trips, you can snorkel amidst a coral reef, taste the salty air of early fall in Cabo San Lucas, or hold amazing parties for any number of guests onboard your luxury boat. Depending on the type of vessel you’ve chosen and the plans making up your itinerary, you can take in all the best parts of Cabo, while cruising in true luxury.

When you set out to experience Cabo San Lucas from the vantage point of a yacht rental, your birthday party, corporate retreat, or romantic getaway will come with an instant boost of luxury that you won’t find with other types of travel. Renting a yacht can be the highlight of your trip. Spending a day on the water or experiencing Cabo San Lucas, Cabo San Jose del Cabo, or another gorgeous locale within Los Cabos, your ultimate Cabo vacation starts with Cabo Platinum on a lush private boat charter.

What types of yachts will I find through Cabo Platinum?

For the uninitiated, the intricacies of a luxury yacht charter—and, more importantly, the determination of what might be the best type of boat for your special occasion—can be overwhelming. This doesn’t have to deter you from your plan to charter boats and set sail. That’s what we’re here for!

Cabo Platinum is more than just a Luxury Villa Rental Company, although we don’t expect you to come into your trip with the knowledge and experience of a long time boat owner, or the expertise of an experienced sailor. Whatever your itinerary entails, we’ll ensure you have the best option for your voyage, whether that’s a boat from our selection of fishing yachts, sports yachts, or other cruise ship options.

A Cabo yacht rental through Cabo Platinum will be customized to meet your specific needs and you can depend on a few key qualities whether this is your first time chartering a yacht with us or your hundredth. Your yacht charter will be a boat between 38 and 252 feet, depending on your trip and its requirements. No two visits to Cabo San Lucas are the same, after all.

So, ask yourself... What does the boat of your dreams look like? Perhaps you’re dreaming of 52-foot power Catamarans, with two cabins, four crew members, and 52 feet of speedboat to enjoy. Or, maybe it’s the 100-foot Azimut Jumbo, with five cabins, five crew members, and everything you need for a birthday celebration or other special day. Or, it may be a 63-foot Lagoon—or another type of boat entirely! One of the best things about a luxury yacht rental like this is that there’s no limiting the variety you have to choose from when it comes to the yacht of your dreams.

What amenities come with a luxury yacht charter?

While your specific features will depend on the yacht you choose and the adventure you’ve set sail for, you can expect a wide variety of amenities awaiting you on your Cabo Platinum yacht experience.

For example, consider the 95-foot Azimut. This luxury cruiser includes a jacuzzi tub, snorkel gear, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards (SUPs), open deck space, and an open bar featuring beer, rum, vodka, whiskey, tequila, red wine, white wine, water, and sodas.

Just as importantly, your day trip on this yacht will come complete with a four-course meal, promising a complete luxury experience. Start off with a warm welcome and appetizers like fruit, meats, and cheese. Then, move through four courses of deliciousness, including ceviche, caprese salad, the chef’s catch of the day, steak, sides, and scoops of Haagen Dazs ice cream for dessert.

How do you choose a luxury yacht?

When choosing a private yacht charter in Cabo san Lucas, there are a few key details to keep in mind. Most importantly, your boat rental should consider the size of your luxury boat, the number of cabins on board, and the size of the crew used to operate the private boat rental.

For example, perhaps two couples or small families are browsing party boat rentals for a day charter around their primary destination. The 38-foot Azimut has all the amenities you may need—including an indoor fridge, an open bar, food options, and space for up to 12 people. Of course, these small groups could opt for a simple sailboat or motorboat. But how could that compare to a perfect day with a private yacht charter?

On the opposite end of the spectrum, maybe a large family is looking for a Cabo boat rental for a multi-day trip. They want the perfect boat to go from Marina’s ocean-front eateries and glimpses of dolphins to a sunset cruise on the waters glistening around Cabo San Lucas Mexico. Whether they decide to snorkel,  scuba or make unforgettable memories on an amazing yacht, they can do just that by splurging on an extra-special private charter, like the 252-foot Expedition, known as “the pinnacle of luxurious Cabo yacht charters.”

Of course, with any of these private boat options, any group can find the right fit for a romantic getaway or other amazing experience. A luxury yacht charter can offer the spectacular view, lunch spot, or extra touch that any special occasion may need. Take in the breathtaking views of the Sea of Cortez or fish for marlin and other marine life. You can’t get the best of the Pacific Ocean from even the most luxurious resorts—only a private boat charter can offer this most exciting experience.

You’ll also want to consider the specific group members attending a single or multi-day rental. Have no fear, though—perhaps the best part of choosing your luxury yacht charter through Cabo Platinum is that you can take advantage of the At-Rest Stabilizers (ABT) to ensure everyone’s comfortable during your fishing excursion or leisurely float.

What kinds of adventures might I be looking forward to?

For the types of trip everyone looks back on fondly for years to come, it’s important to consider the date of your boat rentals, the type of boat you’re renting, and what it is you look for in an unforgettable experience on the water.

Consider, for instance, the 252-foot Expedition. Your luxury yacht experience aboard this ship will be guided by 25 crew members and features luxuries like a dive center, a decompression chamber, a submersible, wave runners, snow scooters, helicopter hangars, and an upper observation deck. Whether you’re slipping into the Jacuzzi, sauna, or steam bath, or heading to the massage room after a visit to the fully-equipped gym, experience this amazing yacht and come away from your vacation feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

But that’s not all you can expect from your experience on the water. The Expedition plays host to travelers on all sorts of adventures, with destinations like Seychelles, Madagascar, Maldives, Kuril Islands, Alaska, Central America, and Southeast Asia. From scuba and heli-skiing to paddleboarding and nature watching, there’s an adventure waiting for just about anyone.

Of course, you may also come to Cabo with a particular adventure in mind. Your Cabo wedding, corporate retreat, or birthday excursion. No matter! Each will each come with its own unique brand of experience.

Why book my Cabo San Lucas yacht charter with Cabo Platinum?

Cabo Platinum is the leading purveyor of some of Cabo’s finest luxury yachts. From pleasure cruisers to technologically advanced sport fishing vessels, our team has sourced the best options for our guests. Knowing that some vacations are not complete without full exposure to all elements, we strive for perfection as we bring the “best of the sea.” With options up to 200-ft, multiple estate rooms, and a full crew, we have the right vessel for your needs.

With luxury and comfort as a predominant aspect of your Cabo yacht charter, your ship and crew will be prepared for your arrival. In order to ensure all goes smoothly, your personal concierge will see you on the boat. Whether you are celebrating a family event, enjoying a romantic afternoon, or fishing with your group of anglers, your experience will be memorable. Your personal concierge will meet you at the dock beforehand to ensure that all provisioning is available for your charter and the crew is prepared to fulfill your desires. There is no request that has not been made; from birthday cakes and DJs on board to live music and dancing, our concierge will be sure that your Cabo luxury yacht charter is a complete experience and will be sure to make memories for a lifetime.

Cabo Platinum offers top-quality customer service and a luxury private yacht experience that can’t be beat. Yacht rentals like these offer a perfect way to enjoy an incredible time in Los Cabos, with a 5-star service backing up the holiday of a lifetime. Add in your professional staff, the best boats of any Los Cabos yacht rental, and the full advantage of the service you expect from Cabo Platinum, and you know you'll experience to rest, relaxation, and recreation like no other. When you book your Cabo yacht charter or other experience with Cabo Platinum, you’re securing your own peace of mind and crafting a Cabo vacation where a team of experts is working to ensure your entire trip goes off without a hitch.

How do I charter a yacht in Cabo?

We make this part simple! You tell your personal concierge what you’re looking for, and they begin procuring options for you. It’s that simple! Based on your budget, guest count, and availability, they will come up with a variety of tailored suggestions. Once you have selected the perfect boat for your Cabo vacation, your concierge will help you get it locked in! Once you have your reservation and are ready to go, all you need to do is show up. Fly into San Jose del Cabo International Airport (SJD) or Cabo San Lucas Airport (CSL), and wait for the luxurious boat experience that will take even the most experienced travelers’ breath away. Your concierge will take care of all provisioning beforehand (so you have all the delicious food and snacks, beverages, and other supplies your bachelorette party, deep-sea fishing excursion, or other vacation plans need), supply you with directions to the correct dock, and meet you there to ensure all goes smoothly.

Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of the moment when you first set foot on Los Cabos for so long that you decide you need to take your adventure a step further and rent a private jet or Cabo villa. You’re in luck! Cabo Platinum has experience in perfecting each element of an all-inclusive Cabo adventure, and we’re ready to put that expertise to use for you.

How do we do it all? Cabo vacations are our specialty. This means one thing: if you’re searching for the top boat rental Cabo San Lucas has to offer, look no further than Cabo Platinum. We’re sure to have everything you need when it comes to yacht rental in Cabo San Lucas, plus plenty you didn’t even realize you wanted to experience.


Let the Cabo Platinum team help you curate memories that will last a lifetime. Choose from any of our curated Cabo San Lucas villa packages or work with your concierge to craft the custom experience you’re looking for.

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