What Is the Best Time of the Year to Visit Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a great place to visit when you’re ready to experience the Baja. It’s where you can find many exciting outdoor activities, delicious Mexican dishes, world-class golf courses, and luxury resorts. The magic of Cabo is that it has something for everyone; the fisherman, the partier, the poolside relaxation expert, the travel enthusiast, and everyone in between. But one big question people often ask is ‘What is the best time of year to visit Cabo San Lucas?’. With its tropical climate, you can get warm weather throughout the year, but there are definitely some specific months of the year to visit Cabo San Lucas. And we say that to those that don’t live in the snow in the winter months; as you’ll see (below) Cabo San Lucas is a phenomenal place to visit regardless of where you come from.

So When Should You Visit Cabo San Lucas?

Low Season – if you want to avoid the crowds and spend time on a variety of nearly-deserted beaches, consider visiting Cabo San Lucas in August or September, during the wet season. The average chance of rain is under 20%, so there are still plenty of bright, sunny days to enjoy. Some local vendors are further inclined to negotiation and restaurants are quieter. Another low season period is May and June, or after the Spring Break in the US, but it’s usually not as quiet as August and September.

Good Weather – if you prefer pleasant, sunny days, you can find it in March-July and October-December. The wettest months of Cabo San Lucas are August and September, but it doesn’t rain each day; actually quite rarely. The hottest months are between July and early-October, with a magical switch that happens right around the 14th. If you can’t handle the hot weather, December through February is cooler at around 25 degrees Celsius.

Family-Friendly – almost all year long, Cabo San Lucas is perfect for family-friendly activities. You’ll love Cabo San Lucas Spring Break if you’re into noise and high-energy and crowds. The months of August and September may not be as ideal to visit, because many attractions are temporarily closed.

Save Money – if you’re hunting for the best rates and travel deals, consider visiting in July, August, and September. Low season is a great way to save money and it’s slightly quieter and less density. Another element to consider is the possibility of rain and hurricanes.

Diving, Snorkeling, And Surfing – if you want the warmest water, consider going between July and October, but the best visibility is in October and November. Waves are more manageable between September and November. If you want to swim amongst whale sharks in La Paz, October and November are the best months to go. In the beaches along the Sea of Cortez, like Misiones, Zippers and Old Man’s, the best waves are between April and October. Waves are more consistent in the winter months if you want to surf on the Pacific side of Cabo San Lucas, including Cerritos and Todos Santos beaches.

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