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For those seeking an investment property or new home, the Los Cabos region provides real estate options for everyone.

From the United States to any foreign country, there really is no other place quite like Cabo San Lucas, with its mixture of breathtaking beaches and top-tier hospitality. In Los Cabos, visitors and residents alike enjoy almost 365-days-a-year perfect weather, beautiful beaches, and the promise of paradise. This combination of fabulous luxury and breathtaking natural beauty—all within the laid-back setting of Baja California Sur—makes investing in Cabo San Lucas real estate both a rare opportunity and a wise decision.

For decades now, real estate properties along the Cabo corridor and the surrounding area have been a dynamic investment, offering a wide range of options and prices for personal homebuyers and investors alike. With the right guidance and financial planning, entering the real estate industry in Cabo can be a very lucrative venture for buyers. But, for beginners, what the real estate Cabo San Lucas has to offer may seem intimidating.

This guide is for guests, families, investors, or anyone else interested in learning more about Cabo San Lucas properties directly from knowledgeable experts. When investing in Cabo real estate, whether for personal use (such as a second home) or as a new exciting business opportunity (like as a property manager), it is important to know all that one can about Cabo properties and the area’s culture and community. Truly, this is a market that has much to offer, from beach-side Cabo properties to high-end rental properties. Cabo Platinum licensed professionals are here to help interested investors find the perfect Los Cabos properties for themselves and their families.

For new investors, the world of Cabo real estate can be overwhelming. From comparing realtors and understanding property taxes to finding the right real estate company and debating different properties, there’s a steep learning curve before they can even think of purchasing their new home. And, no matter how many episodes of HGTV they’ve studied, our real estate clients benefit from working with experienced professionals as they learn how to navigate with their agent, find the perfect home, interpret limitation of liability, and juggle real estate services of all sorts.

One of the most difficult tasks for those interested in purchasing real estate in Mexico, however, can be knowing which location is the right place, especially if the buyer is a foreigner. Cabo San Lucas has a variety of luxury communities and each has unique qualities that make them exceptional. This list is designed to serve as an expert resource that can be used to learn more about some of the top choices, helping a new buyer find the best location for their unique preferences.



Our experience with luxury real estate rentals in Cabo provides valuable analysis, resulting in exponential success. We will help guide you through a process that many find difficult to navigate. Our unique insight gives us the tools to help your selection, strategy, project management, and ongoing operations.


We know about dynamic opportunities before they hit the market. Our direct connection with homeowners and rental communities provides us with insights and keeps us on the cutting edge. You get full service with our in-house experts. We eliminate the barriers and provide you with maximum exposure.


By being fully ingrained with the local real estate community, Los Cabos MLS, AMPI, and CONOCER Certified (nationally accredited), our team of professionals will help create the best results. Your rental property will thrive by using our team of experienced professionals and our cohesive solution for ultimate success.


Our team of expert advisers will help guide and support.
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  • Large Parcel/Resort Development Projects
  • "Home Flipping” and Value-Add Projects
  • Exclusive Community Real Estate Purchase Advisement
  • Fractional Transition and Timeshare-Exit Strategy Consulting
  • Multiple Residence Acquisition for IRR Investment Portfolios
  • Real Estate Financing and Commercial Lending
  • Investing Mexico real estate means investing in luxury, and it has been so for decades. Indeed, with its location at the tip of the Baja Peninsula where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez, Cabo San Lucas has a well-deserved reputation for being among the most alluring places in the world. With the right guidance, real estate in the Baja California Sur region can be an exceedingly rewarding investment. With that in mind, the single most important piece of advice for those getting involved in Cabo real estate is to know what you want and the type of properties you are looking for.

    Similar to other vacation destinations, there is quite a bit of diversity in Cabo San Lucas properties. For example, a great many of the communities in the Cabo area have a view of the crystal-clear waters, while other homes on the MLS are oceanfront. You can find hidden opportunities with buildable land, as well as the conversion of commercial properties. To determine the value most important to you, ask yourself the following questions:
    Is proximity to a bustling beach important? Do you love to snorkel and enjoy water activities? Do you golf? Prefer to be close to the marina? Do you want to be near the center of nightlife? Is nightly rental income an important aspect of your purchase? All of these, and more, are important questions. While the range of advertised properties across Baja California Sur is diverse and always changing, several communities have found themselves as the most sought-after in the region. Naturally, it’s these communities that merit increased focus. The following list will help real estate investors move past advertising alone to understand the intricacies that have proven effective as the best ROI opportunities.


    Pedregal is a gated community in Los Cabos that features neighborhoods and sub-communities consisting of a mix of freestanding homes as well as condo complexes. It is widely known within Cabo real estate listings as having some of the best properties that feature absolutely stunning views of the marina, Land's End, and, of course, the Pacific Ocean.

    That, however, is not all that Pedregal has to offer. This community also features the wide range of amenities one would expect from a world-class beach destination, including access to a spa, tennis courts, a gym, 24-hour guard-gated security, and the beach, specifically Pedregal Beach, from which it derives its name. Pedregal Beach has tough currents and a strong undertow. As a result, swimming is not advised, and this area is known more for its breathtaking views and photo opportunities than it is for swimming and other water activities. In fact, with its angle toward the Pacific Ocean, Pedregal boasts some of the most spectacular sweeping sunset vistas in all of Mexico.
    Stretches of white sandy beaches combined with cool breezes that bounce off the ocean also make this area one of the top choices for a relaxing walk on the beach. Finally, the rock formations along the Pacific Ocean coast create jaw-dropping locales to take photos with loved ones. Important to most homeowners and nightly vacation villa guests is Pedregal's convenient proximity to Los Cabos' downtown. Even from the extremities of Pedregal, almost every villa ensures less than a 10-minute cab ride. Pedregal also maintains its own desalination plant to ensure access to water is never interrupted. In addition, Hacienda has one of the best sets of features in the area, placing it near the top of the net for celebrities and others interested in the finest choices Cabo San Lucas has to offer. Popular with those looking for the best Cabo San Lucas properties, Pedregal has a unique ability to maintain a consistent rental calendar, while maintaining low annual costs. The strategy for a great investment in Pedregal real estate for nightly rental ROI is really an important part of the collaboration between buyer and real estate agent. It’s not a surprise that Pedregal is in the top tier of Cabo Real Estate offerings, combining access to one of the most picturesque beaches in the area with some of the most luxurious housing options in the world.


    With a mix of condos and luxury homes and close proximity to everything, Hacienda Beach Club and Residences is one of the most popular real estate communities in Los Cabos. There are a mix of reasons as to why, but chief among them is that this gated community has an absolutely stellar location. Yes, from the Hacienda Beach Club and Residences, one can walk downtown, to the marina, or to the fabulous Medano Beach, one of the most popular swimmable beaches in not only the area but in all of Mexico. In addition, Hacienda has one of the best sets of features in the area, placing it near the top of the list of locations for ideal vacation real estate in Mexico. Hacienda Beach Club and Residences is simply a fun and luxurious place to live, with an on-site restaurant and a world-class gym and spa, a full concierge service, walking distance to everything, a dedicated desalination plant that ensures the properties will never lack access to potable water, and more.
    For those who enjoy a great meal (and, really, who doesn’t?), this community is also home to Hacienda Cocina & Cantina, which is widely known as one of the best restaurants in all of Cabo. Located directly on Medano Beach, people dining in Hacienda Cocina y Cantina can see vendors with T-shirts, trinkets, and many other goods to sell. Although these salesmen can be a nuisance on Medano Beach, many people find negotiating fun and “easy shopping.” For those who enjoy this shopping adventure, Hacienda Beach Club and Residences is also close to a wide range of beach-side cantinas for guests to enjoy meals or drinks while taking in ocean views and listening to the waves. There are many options as well, with locales like Mango Deck providing a livelier spring break-style party atmosphere, while venues such as Baja Brewing Company cater to those with a fine palate for craft beers. Medano Beach is also the perfect place to try a raspado (snow cone) on those hot and sunny days. Really, Medano ranks as easily the best waterfront area for bars and restaurants. Thankfully, Hacienda is located in the heart of the action.
    Hacienda Beach Club has a myriad of full-ownership real estate offerings. Of the 109 properties, 16 of them are called “Villas.” These are 4-bedroom beachfront, free-standing homes, which come complete with a plunge pool, hot tub, outdoor BBQ, private steps to the beach, and a golf cart meant to zip you around the community. Each has an outdoor dining area, two parking spaces, and master bedrooms that come complete with a large walk-in closet and soaking tub. The other real estate offerings at this location decrease in price from there, both for purchase and nightly rentals. The penthouses have the best views on Medano Beach. Some are 4-bedrooms with dual masters and others are 2-stories with various different living areas. “Verandas” are ground-floor residences, located in the condominium buildings. These come complete with an outdoor pergola, BBQ, plunge pool, and jacuzzi. Within the Hacienda buildings, above the verandas and below the penthouses are various 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom residences, each boasting their own kitchens, laundry, large living areas, and huge views of the Sea of Cortez.


  • Beachfront Villas: 4-bedrooms with plunge pool, hot tub, BBQ, private beach entrance, golf cart
  • Penthouse: 4-bedrooms; BBQ, hot tub, fireplace, dual-masters
  • Veranda: Ground floor 3- and 4-bedrooms; plunge pool, hot tub, BBQ, outdoor patio
  • Hacienda Resort Residences: 1- , 2- and 3-bedrooms (some with den) and studio suites.

    ** Each Hacienda residence is complete with washer/dryer, kitchen, patio, walk-in closet, and view.

  • When it comes to Cabo San Lucas real estate options, Hacienda Beach Club and Residences is one of the finest options and has made many happy homeowners. Hacienda Beach Club is an excellent choice if you're interested in spending time on the beach, being close to town, and/or enjoying the finer side of centrally located, Los Cabos Luxury.


    The Villas Del Mar community, with its ideal location on the Palmilla Peninsula, offers a wide range of real estate opportunities. From ocean-side villas to mountainside casitas, this gated development has some of the most stunning ocean views in the region, which makes properties in Villas del Mar extremely attractive. Like many other Cabo San Lucas luxury developments, Villas Del Mar boasts a list of amenities such as access to a private beach, tennis courts, a spa, a world-class gym, and more. Many of these can be found in the world-famous Club 96. Known to locals as “the place to be,” Club 96 is a thriving compound of luxury and indulgence. Villas del Mar is also popular among golfers because its location puts it in strategic proximity to some of the region’s top choices for a round of golf, including the courses of Cabo Del Sol, Cabo Real, Puerto Los Cabos, and Club Campestre and Palmilla. These are all top-tier choices for a relaxing round, and they are located within a quick drive of Villas Del Mar. The Palmilla Golf Club, with its Jack Nicklaus signature course, has been among the most popular in all of Mexico since it debuted back in 1993.
    The views of the Sea of Cortez and the location a bit farther up the coast combine to make Villas Del Mar an excellent option for those who enjoy wide views, relaxing open spaces that also offer privacy, and spending time in the upper echelon of luxury destinations. Villas del Mar and Club 96 also offer easy access to Palmilla beach, as well as the Shoppes at Palmilla, which are a popular destination for an afternoon of shopping, dining, entertainment, and more. Overall, this is an especially excellent choice for Cabo real estate investors, families with young children, corporate groups, and residents who enjoy world-class golf, which they can access from Villas Del Mar with minimal travel. For investors, Villas del Mar is not always recommended because it has a higher-than-average carrying cost. Between the Club 96 amenities and many of the regular home maintenance costs, Palmilla runs a higher-than-normal expense rate. Some of our real estate clients enjoy the finer things in life, and for them, Villas del Mar is a great option as rental income can more than cover the costs when they are not using their vacation rentals for their personal enjoyment.


    Cabo del Sol is a bustling community situated along the stunning Sea of Cortez, with gorgeous views and great beach access. The golf-centric destination of Cabo del Sol occupies a full two miles of the region’s world-famous stunning Golden Corridor. Since it was first built back in 1992, this area has been incredibly popular with those looking to invest or purchase Cabo San Lucas real estate, owing that status to the many coveted features it has to offer. First and foremost, Cabo del Sol is known for its status as a golfer's paradise, featuring as it does one of the single most famous golfers‘ destinations in all of North America. In fact, the master-planned community actually houses multiple championship golf courses, a pair of them to be exact, those being the Ocean Course and the Desert Course. The Ocean Course is easily the more aptly named of the two, given that all of the golf in Cabo del Sol features some of the best fairways with picturesque ocean views. If that’s not enough, golfers love to spend time at Cabo del Sol before and after their rounds, enjoying one of the only full-amenity clubhouses in the Cabo San Lucas area.
    The variety of real estate options at Cabo del Sol is also impressive because it consists of a diverse set of neighborhoods. These neighborhoods range from the always popular oceanfront properties to residences located right along the fairways of the golf courses in this development. Starting with the Beachfront community of La Riviera, the community also hosts Brisas, Palmaritos, Las Colinas, Puerta del Sol, and many more. There is also a well-maintained village center, a Sheraton Hotel with opulent amenities, and many more five-star offerings. This is, quite simply, an 1,800-acre luxury destination that feels like a desert oasis, complete with an absolutely perfect location right where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific. Opportunities here are not to be missed. As of early 2019, Cabo del Sol announced plans to create a “new and fresh perspective,” which will be called The Cove. The Cove in Cabo del Sol will be complete with 5-star amenities, a world-class beach club, new golfers offerings, and private club membership. Developed by the famous Robert Addison Day Company, The Cove in Cabo del Sol will be a sensational beachfront villa enclave, providing respite for the world’s upper echelon within one of the world’s finest locations. Call Our Real Estate Team to understand more about the benefits of The Cove in Cabo del Sol.


    Established in 2000, Querencia is among the most elite luxury real estate in all of Los Cabos. Known as a Country Club & Golf Community, Querencia offers guests and residents properties in a variety of desirable subdivisions. Known to most as simply the “Q”, there is a lot of love for Querencia. The list of fantastic attributes includes, perhaps most importantly, absolutely stunning views of the Sea of Cortez. There are also picturesque beaches nearby, with homes set atop cliffs located between rugged desert mountains and magnificent sea-side vistas. Querencia is yet another community that has much to offer golfers. Querencia features a Tom Fazio 18-hole championship course that is among the best in Los Cabos golf, which makes it among the best in all of Mexico. Golf isn’t the only way to unwind for Querencia residents and guests, however. The community’s other amenities are also luxurious, elevating the appeal for real estate investors here even further. Indeed, those amenities include the Q spa, which features yoga and other wellness programs, surf lessons at the Querencia Beach Club, nearby miles for horseback and Polaris-riding, and top-tier food and beverage choices from members-only eateries.
    Overall, Querencia is an 1,800-acre community with a fabulous location in the area’s Golden Corridor, the stretch of oceanfront land between Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. Its location places it just a quick 15-minute drive from Los Cabos Airport, which adds appeal to those who value convenience. In early 2019, Querencia announced the development of its beachfront real estate offerings. Under the new development team led by the Aspen-based McCloskey family, Querencia will spend more than $60 Million USD to enhance the properties and bring more product offerings. Along with the Querencia beachfront villas, the gated community will develop several more products to help enhance the “Q” experience. Beginning in the winter of 2019, Querencia Los Cabos announced pre-sales for their Querencia Ocean Residences. With sophisticated architecture, bespoke design, and a location on one of the best surfing beaches in the Baja, Querencia Oceanfront Residences is a phenomenal opportunity that your Cabo Platinum real estate investment advisor will be happy to discuss in great detail.


    Puerto Los Cabos in San Jose del Cabo is a fantastic community for stylish individualists, featuring three gated communities that each feature their own distinct characteristics. As an example, there’s an entire neighborhood in Puerto Los Cabos of stunning Ritz-Carlton Reserve-branded residences. This neighborhood is called The Enclaves, and it offers guests legendary Ritz-Carlton service combined with a fresh and stylish architectural sensibility. There is also a great mix of single-family homes and condos available within Ritz’s “The Enclave” as well as the greater Puerto Los Cabos community. Similar to other communities on our Cabo San Jose Real Estate list, golf is at the top of the list of amenities for PLC's 2000-acre community. Another defining characteristic of Puerto Los Cabos within the Cabo real estate market is the ease of building a home from the ground up. In fact, this area provides some of the last estate-size beachfront parcels, just waiting for development. Puerto Los Cabos and Fundadores beachfront real estate are elevated ridge-level properties with staggering views of the region’s breathtaking natural environment. Beyond the safety of the elevation, these lots already have utilities and are primed for building.
    Puerto Los Cabos also features 27 holes of championship golf, with three courses in one. They enjoy the pleasure of experiencing our travel booking operation and in-house service team. Our clients quickly discover that our value is also ingrained with our knowledgeable team members who are boots-on-the-ground and do all they can to ensure each vacation is a success. From there, many have expressed interest in purchasing Wirikuta Botanical Garden and Sculpture Garden, where visitors and guests can take in local nature and famous Mexican art. Depart your home in your cart, swing by the Wirikuta garden, and then head to the marina where Puerto Los Cabos is home to a multitude of luxury yachts and fishing boats. As part of the community, the area has a rich history of fishing, as a generational fisherman will bring in a fresh catch every day. Another quality that sets this area aside is that it offers some of the top amenities for families, boasting Dolphin Discovery, a wonderful place to spend an afternoon with sea life that is located within an ocean cove inside the community. Other top-tier destinations that are right within the area include the Jasha Spa & Salon, as well as the Mexican-French fusion restaurant, the award-winning Cafe des Artistes. With membership offerings to several of the surrounding hotels, Puerto Los Cabos real estate has something for everyone. Overall, this community has a great mix of established luxury with exciting opportunities for those who are searching for their own piece of paradise.

    While getting acquainted, your Cabo Real Estate Advisor will help determine which amenities and full-ownership packages are right for you and your family. Our Team of Los Cabos Real Estate Advisors have an extensive knowledge of the following developments:


    Cabo San Lucas

    Cabo Del Sol
    Chileno Bay Resort
    Cresta del Mar
    Hacienda Beach Club & Residences
    Las Cascadas
    Punta Ballena
    Rancho Paraiso
    Resort at Pedregal
    Santa Carmela Ventanas

    San Jose del Cabo

    Cabo Real
    Casa Del Mar
    East Cape
    El Dorado
    El Encanto de Laguna
    El Zalate
    Las Mananitas
    Las Ventanas al Paraiso
    Mar Adentro
    Puerto Los Cabos
    Punta Bella
    Querencia Solaz
    Tortuga Bay
    Ritz Carlton Reserve Residences
    Villas del Mar


    Overall, Cabo San Lucas offers investors access to top-tier real estate opportunities that have the ability to yield sizable returns. As Cabo San Lucas grows into the future, the potential for a healthy ROI on Cabo real estate investments is not likely to diminish in value. In fact, in 2018, the region saw a massive tourism surge, setting all-time records for the number of guests who flocked to the area. In both 2017 and 2018, Cabo San Lucas set new records for visitors, with nearly 3 million people traveling from abroad to enjoy the sunshine and pristine beaches. Cabo San Lucas has also added more than a dozen new flights in the past 18 months, increasing the destination's accessibility. What is perhaps most telling is that experts report that a whopping 70 percent of those guests were repeat visitors, and among first-time guests, 90 percent say they would return. What that means is that people can’t take just one Los Cabos vacation. No, once they’ve seen the beauty of Cabo San Lucas luxury, they simply must come back to their Cabo sanctuary. With the right level of guidance from a seasoned Los Cabo real estate advisor, you can maximize your own experience as well.
    Most clients discover us by renting one of our luxury properties. During their villa rental, they enjoy the pleasure of experiencing our travel booking operation and in-house service team. Our clients quickly discover that our value is also ingrained with our knowledgeable team members who are boots-on-the-ground and do all they can to ensure each vacation is a success. From there, many have expressed interest in purchasing real estate as a vacation property, permanent residence, or rental property. The Cabo Platinum team provides meaningful, relevant insight that elevates ideas and adds value.
    Through our experience as rental agents, property managers, a luxury villa real estate marketing team, and interior design managers, we are consistently updated with trending fashion insight. Your real estate search gains access to seasoned experts who know how to mitigate risk, find the best solution, and unlock every opportunity. Although we have an extraordinary track record with prospecting and finding the best properties to suit our clients' specific needs, what makes us truly different is our ability to spearhead and manage projects from beginning to end. Our team is instrumental throughout your purchase process, from real estate investment analysis to lending and financing, to renovations/remodels, and even a full redesign of the property to suit individual needs and/or fulfill requirements of successful rental properties. We inspire, invigorate, and challenge what some don't think is possible. From a technical standpoint, we manage your rentals, activate global marketing campaigns, and train local staff to assist in running operations of your villa for yourself and/or future rental guests. Each member of our team is a well-trained real estate professional who is here to ensure that your purchase is a seamless and easy transaction, with properties that are perfectly matched to you.

    Allow our real estate team to manage your Cabo investment strategy with professionalism and expertise. A cohesive solution for ultimate success.