Villas For Sale In Cabo San Lucas

Among the world’s best beach cities to own a home, Cabo San Lucas is one of a kind. The unique resort city of Mexico is the ultimate place where the desert meets the sea, providing a wonderful homeownership experience for everyone. If you are considering to move to Mexico and live in Cabo, then read on to learn more about the best Cabo San Lucas Villas for sale. Not only is it an ideal place for anyone who wants to retire in Mexico and have an active and thriving lifestyle, but you can also choose to spend your days relaxing and tanning on the golden beaches while indulging in a tranquil view of the ocean.


Villas in Cabo San Lucas

Want to understand more about Cabo San Lucas villas? Our certified agents are villa experts who aim to find you the best villa according to your budget and specific needs. Our professionally, accredited team has access to an exclusive range of homes, from breathtaking luxury villas to affordable Cabo San Lucas condos for sale.

Whether you want to spend a relaxing time in Cabo or want an active, thrilling, and outdoor lifestyle, the villas available offer great solutions for all types of Cabo Real Estate Buyers.

Breathtaking luxury villas provide the utmost experience with a wide range of amenities to compliment living in Paradise. Our agents will search for your specific requirements and match your criteria to what is available on the market, such as trendy pool areas with swim-up bars, spa, tennis courts, beachfront suites, and villas walking distance to dining options that cater to tastes from all around the world.


Real Estate in Cabo San Lucas

There is no denying that Cabo has some of the most expensive villas in Mexico. You’ll notice quickly that there are an expansive array of Cabo real estate on sale. In addition, the market retains some Cabo San Lucas condos for sale for comparatively lower prices. As a majority of Los Cabos real estate is modestly priced, relative to other Mexico destinations, you should still expect seven figures on luxury villas and houses if you want to be close to the beach.

To find Cabo San Lucas real estate for sale and locate competitive prices, look for properties away from the town center and farther from the beach. The more affordable properties farther from the sea also offer attractive options, such as mountain views and easy access to Baja trails, for equestrian enthusiasts and some of our clients passionate about Baja racing and mountain-biking. If you are interested in beachfront homes for sale in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, then you are in for a treat as there are many incredible beachfront options with some of the most spectacular views.


Medano Beach Real Estate

For those that love the action of Cabo and want to be on the beach, we recommend being in the heart of the city. Medano Beach is, without a doubt, the most popular beach in Cabo San Lucas. Medano beach is the place of your dreams with golden sand glistening in the sun and calm, clear water. It is the perfect place to get a glowing tan while relaxing and sipping on a margarita.

Cabo San Lucas real estate for sale on Medano Beach is in high demand. There are many houses and villas directly on Medano beach to provide you with a cozy, accessible, and luxurious accommodation. From luxury villas to houses and Cabo condos for sale at reasonable prices, there is a wide range of types of Cabo San Lucas homes for sale. Some of the most popular is the beachfront Villas at Hacienda Beach Club & Residences. These villas are best for families who want to spend an unforgettable time together and relax on Medano Beach. They come complete with outdoor terraces that host BBQ, dining areas, plunge pools, hot tubs, private gated entry with steps to the beach, and more. They are some of the most alluring options that Cabo has to offer.

When comparing beachfront properties in Mexico to most other places in the world, price tags in Cabo are laughable. Have you ever heard of someone owning 10 meters of luxurious beach frontage with concierge and valet services for less than $10m USD in Malibu? You’ll be happy to know this can be obtained in Cabo for half the price AND also is located steps off of a safe, swimmable beach.

The community of Hacienda was created to provide the most seamless Cabo Homeownership experience. Full property management, along with luxurious concierge and valet service, makes the beachfront community world-class. Add a 24-guard gated compound, along with an on-site restaurant, gym, and spa, you find yourself in the middle of the most alluring beachfront homes for sale in Cabo San Lucas Mexico.


Pedregal Cabo Real Estate

Many Cabo Real Estate MLS seekers also search diligently in Pedregal. Located directly next to downtown Cabo San Lucas, Pedregal Cabo Real Estate is a Cabo Homeowners dream come true. Known for low operating costs and high mountainous ocean views, Pedregal Cabo is a unique community that offers something for everyone.

Great for those that love authentic Mexican-living, Pedregal provides old-world cobblestone streets and a myriad of homes that retain their Spanish luster. The style is reminiscent of a movie scene that focuses on the beauty of Mexico. Although some of the newest homeowners have built beautifully modern facades, a majority of the homes still retain their original appeal.

Also great as an investment, many people purchase Pedregal Cabo real estate to support their nightly rental business. Popular with travelers on Airbnb and HomeAway, the most common review states they loved where they rented because it was so easy to get to town. Although many homes are walking distance, none are more than a 5-min cab ride to restaurants, the marina, the beach and Cabo’s nightlife.


Cabo Properties for Sale

Although many new homebuyers require a turn-key option, some of our clients ask specifically for Cabo San Lucas Property For Sale. They desire a project and an opportunity to build exactly what they want. With so many options and inexpensive labor (compared to the USA), projects are easier than they are in most other parts of the world. Since 2015, Cabo has been in a boom and new home builders are able to take advantage of the opportunity.

Due to the hotel and resort development boom that occurred after Hurricane Odile, there are a plethora of builders, contractors and handymen available to develop new homes. Many of our clients have had a great experience locating a Cabo San Lucas Property For Sale and building the home of their dreams. Always be sure to secure a great Real Estate advisement team and work with them to procure your personal Mexican dream villa.

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