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Private Jet Charters in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

You are long overdue for a luxurious vacation to Cabo San Lucas. So what's stopping you? The Los Cabos landscape is strikingly beautiful. The fantastic views of the Sea of Cortez from Baja California Sur are unforgettable. With endless attractions like parasailing, water sports, and fishing, you're bound to have a great experience. You owe it to yourself to charter a private jet to Cabo.


After a long day of sunbathing or exploring the downtown area, enjoy mouth-watering cuisine and excellent service at a restaurant overlooking one of Cabo's most pristine beaches. Whether you are on holiday with family or taking a romantic trip to Lover's Beach, Los Cabos has something special for everyone.

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Why travel to Los Cabos by private jet?

When arriving in Los Cabos, you'll want to be refreshed and ready for your vacation. Taking a luxurious getaway to anywhere is exciting, but Los Cabos is exceptionally extraordinary. The complimentary cities of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo have too much to offer for you to be jet-lagged for the beginning portion of your vacation! Cabo San Lucas is known for being the thrilling adventure capital of Los Cabos. Conversely, San Jose del Cabo balances the scales with serenity and untouched mountainous glory. The best way to arrive ready to explore these gorgeous gems is to travel there by charter flight.

The hassle of commercial flights can be a drag, leaving you frustrated and fatigued upon arrival. The most significant upside to chartering a jet is that you can have the entire plane to yourself. Make the experience yours by ordering some fine wine or simply enjoy the scenery with a few snacks while enjoying the peace. With optional service from our friendly staff, you're guaranteed to have a great experience! If you plan on traveling with a group of friends, imagine partying it up on your private jet as you head to your destination in style.

Benefits of Jet Charters to Los Cabos

The possibilities are endless when you jet off to paradise in a private charter. A few elements of elegance that you can expect to enjoy:

  • Ditch the hassle of commercial flights. Zero booking issues with your airline tickets, no stuffing your carry-on in the overhead bin, no waiting in lines, and no searching for your suitcase upon landing. Just you, your party, and a private plane with amazing views!
  • Commercial airline amenities are no match for those on a private charter. Say goodbye to lousy flight entertainment, stale pretzels, and inattentive flight attendants. Instead, you'll have the opportunity to book your very own friendly staff, who will be dedicated to providing excellent service.
  • Start making memories early and get the vacation started before the airplane even lands.
  • Use the complimentary charter wifi (available on most flights) to seal the deal on any important work business, so once you touch down in Cabo, it's strictly R&R!
  • Imagine taking a nap after a long day and waking up in Cabo. The peace and quiet of a private charter allow you some time to unwind before beginning your exploration. With a charter flight, you can drive up to your private jet and fly off. It's that simple!
  • Chartering a jet allows you to skip the hassle of the security lines. Commercial flights can be irritating between removing your shoes, boxing up your belongings, having your suitcase searched, and dumping out your drinks.
  • Bulky or fragile luggage? No problem! Just be sure to let us know what you'll be packing other than a suitcase ahead of time. This flexibility and accommodation allow you to charter your flight to land as close to the private villa as possible. You can then use a shuttle service to get to your destination, eliminating the need to wait around for a taxi or Uber.
  • Select the travel dates, flight times, and even the destination airport. View the specs and understand the luxury and comfort features for your Citation 650 Cabo Private Jet HERE

Save yourself from the hassle of Airport Traffic

It can be challenging to social distance when staying in anything besides a luxury villa. Thankfully, Cabo Platinum only offers solitary private villas. However, many are still likely to use public transportation to get to Los Cabos in the first place. Even a first-class flight with extra legroom can feel like a basic economy when sharing the space with many passengers and flight attendants.

Kick American Airlines and United Airlines to the curb and treat yourself to a more solitary experience. A private jet allows you to enjoy the luxury of direct flights from smaller airports without the hassle of social distancing. Kicking off your vacation with a luxury charter jet will set the tone for an extravagant and unforgettable trip. When it comes to top-of-the-line vacationing, you can trust the experts at Cabo Platinum to deliver.

Cabo Airports

For international flights, Los Cabos has two international airports. Private flights to Cabo typically fly into the SJD Los Cabos International Airport, or Los Cabos International Airport in San Jose del Cabo. But the Cabo San Lucas International Airport is also available for arrival, in Baja California Sur. Each of these locations is just 30 minutes from each other, so either one will be suitable for access to your private villa. However, one may allow for a shorter shuttle service ride, which can be appealing after a long day of international travel, or when you’re itching to get to your villa after an early morning flight.

For those who prefer smaller airports, the Cabo San Lucas International Airport is a perfect fit. It's just over four miles northwest of Cabo San Lucas. Don't let the small size worry you. It has 7,000 feet of runway for private jets to enjoy safe arrivals and departures. Those traveling to San Jose del Cabo may benefit from landing at the Los Cabos International Airport. The Los Cabos International Airport is just 8 miles from the downtown area of San Jose del Cabo. This airport accepts both private jets and commercial flights. Its convenience makes it a bit busier, as it receives most of all the air traffic in the Baja.

Here's a pro tip from a seasoned private pilot...

30-year private pilot Chuck Chambers offers these words of advice to prospective passengers: "If you have the choice, the Cabo San Lucas International Airport (CSL) is the best place to drop your bird into paradise." The Cabo San Lucas International Airport (CSL) is the prime airport for smaller charter flights or private jets. For those traveling to their private villa in Cabo San Lucas, they'll also find it to be the closest and most convenient. Below you'll find a list of need-to-know information regarding the Cabo San Lucas International Airport (CSL):

  • ICAO Airport Designator: MMSL
  • Hours: 6am - 7pm
  • Fuel: 100LL, Jet-A, Prist
  • Phone: +52 (624) 122-4227
  • Phone: +52 (624) 124-5500
  • Inquiries:
  • Reservations:

Is Los Cabos International in San Jose a better fit? Both round trip or one-way flights to SJD, ICAO designator MMSD are available, too. Can’t decide? A quality charter service like Cabo Platinum is a great option for ensuring any enthusiastic traveler can make the right choice, whether that’s MMSL or MMSD. Either way, these San José del Cabo or Cabo San Lucas flights will be trips to remember for a lifetime.

Traveling to Cabo

When a group of travelers chooses a private jet charter Cabo service or uses their own discretion to find the right flight, there’s more to the decision than finding cheap flights or a great deal on the trip as a whole. For instance, what aircraft type best fits their needs? Depending on the groups plans en route to Cabo, certain aircraft types will offer different benefits, particularly within four primary categories of private aircraft: large cabin, super mid cabin, mid cabin, or light cabin.

As the category names suggest, these classifications depend on the aircraft’s cabin size. A single couple, for example, might stick to a light jet, like a Phenom 300E, leaving plenty of room for the two of them and plenty of extra space to spare. Are two or three couples following safety protocols and additional terms of contemporary travel to visit Los Cabos? They may opt for chartering a mid-size jet, like a Citation Latitude or Excel. Are there larger groups taking the trip, with a few different couples and their children? Look for a super-mid size or larger, like a Hawker 4000 or Gulfstream GV.

Of course, specifics will depend on the exact model you opt to charter, but you can learn quite a bit about your jet by turning to those same classifications. For instance, a light-size aircraft will accommodate between four and eight people, while a mid-size jet will carry between seven and twelve. A large jet may even accommodate nearly 20 individuals!

These insights are crucial in finding the best aircraft type for a trip. For instance, say there are two families–two parents and two children in each—who want to book a private jet charter to Cabo San Lucas. They’ll most likely want to choose a mid-size jet, especially for traveling a rather long distance with kids—all eight passengers will be perfectly comfortable.

Your Cabo Citation 650 Jet

Cabo Platinum has procured exclusive access to a Los Cabos-parked private jet. This charter named the “Citation 650 Jet” is the ideal option for those who prefer to travel in luxurious style. There are so many perks that come with private flights—for instance, no long TSA or customs lines. You will swap crowded commercial flight airports for serenity and solitude. The Citation 650 is the epitome of comfort and luxury, boasting the following accommodations:

  • A gorgeous main cabin that fits up to 8 passengers comfortably.
  • Equipped with a flight entertainment system, air show, power outlets, premium mini-bar, and snacks.
  • 24-hour private flights every day of the week from Los Cabos International to every airport in North America.
  • The nonstop range is 2,200 nautical miles or 5 flight hours (example: Los Cabos, Mexico-New York, United States).
  • Experienced, professional flight crew with over 17 years of experience, trained to the highest standards at FlightSafety USA.
The Citation 650 Jet is the most frequently requested private aircraft. It is a well-loved favorite for travelers with refined taste, a modest budget, and a preference for avoiding the COVID-19 saturated crowds that commercial airlines make inevitable.


Booking your Private Jet to Cabo

Ready to ditch baggage fees and begin booking your private jet? Cabo Platinum is here to help. Comfort and convenience are what a private jet charter is all about. We know that planning your next flight can be stressful, so we offer 24-hour concierge service every day of the week. Stressing about airline tickets, late departure, and baggage claims is a thing of the past when you book a private aircraft with Cabo Platinum.

You can sit back and enjoy the fantastic views, free snacks, and beverage cart. At the same time, our talented concierge service orchestrates all the details behind the scenes. We'll make sure you don't get stuck flagging down a taxi, hassling with a car rental, or ordering an Uber. The concierge will arrange all your logistics, like shuttle service from Los Cabos International Airport to your private villa.

When is the best time to take a luxurious private jet to Los Cabos?

There is never a wrong time to take a private air charter to paradise. However, a traveler may enjoy certain times of the year more than others, so Cabo Platinum is here to provide a few helpful tips for selecting your travel dates. If wonderful weather is your main selling point, you will be pleased to know that Los Cabos offers it in every season.

Fall and Winter

The sun shines near-constantly in the Baja California Sur. To escape the biting cold of winter, many tourists flock to Los Cabos. Throughout the months of November, December, and January, you are likely to find Los Cabos in its most lively state. Tourists from the United States and world wide flock to the sunny shores of Cabo for excitement and relaxation. For a traveler headed to San Jose del Cabo for the nightlife, the winter months may be the best time of year to visit. Conversely, a traveler looking for serenity and solitude may do well to avoid these busier months.

Speaking of cuisine, foodies would do well to book their charter flight in December, when the Sabor a Cabo food festival takes place. This culinary event is a full-on celebration of local staples like fish, fresh produce, fine wine, and Cerveza. This December festival of food hosts professional chefs and fare from local restaurants and wineries. Nearly 3,000 people attend the annual Sabor a Cabo. Accordingly, opting for a direct air carrier rather than a commercial flight will save you the hassle of crowded public transportation.


Visiting Los Cabos in the early summer months provides the perfect climate for those seeking outdoor adventures. Summer storms typically don't hit until July. For this reason, visitors planning on parasailing, hiking, and horseback or camel riding may find early summer to be the best time for a private jet to Los Cabos.


Many tourists come to Los Cabos to experience the rich culture. For a truly immersive Los Cabos experience, try visiting mid-March. During this time, you will be able to take part in Fiesta de San Jose del Cabo. Fiesta de San Jose del Cabo is 11 blissful days of food, fun, and fire shows! You can dance to live local music, enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine, and revel in awe of fire arts at a moment's notice with one of Cabo Platinum's private jet charter flights. Marine enthusiasts traveling to Los Cabos may want to clear their calendars for April. Every year in Cabo, the annual boat and marine show attract everyone with an affinity for impressive watercraft.

Other Aerial Transportation Services

Our team has a fleet of aerial options available upon special request, just waiting to escort you around the sky. For instance, you can experience Cabo in a unique and luxurious style with one of Cabo Platinum's helicopters! Use a helicopter to take you to an unforgettable mountaintop lunch or to see panoramic, breathtaking sights of the Baja California Sur.

Helicopters provide a bird's eye view, making them an interesting and memorable way to tour Los Cabos. Some of our guests even use helicopters to be dropped off on their yachts or taken to La Paz airport. Of course, each of our helicopter reservations comes complete with trained professionals to ensure safe air travel.

Private Transportation to Compliment Your Charter Flight

When visiting Los Cabos, you are likely to find yourself needing transportation more often than not. Between the nightlife of San Jose del Cabo, the history of Todo Santos, and the boundless beaches, you'll need reliable inter-island transportation that doesn't cramp your style. Thankfully, Cabo Platinum has anticipated all of our private villa guests' needs.

First, you'll establish a loosely-based itinerary. Vacation planning is tricky, and we understand! That's why Cabo Platinum offers 24 hours, seven days a week concierge services. Once your party decides which activities and events to attend, we'll assist you in coordinating transportation to and from each fun-filled experience. A few gems from our transportation fleet include:

  • The luxurious Cadillac Escalade SUV: The Cabo Cadillac is the perfect private transportation option for large groups with or without a driver.
  • Mercedes G Wagon: The Mercedes G-550 Squared is one of Cabo Platinum's favorite ultra-luxurious rentals. Take the nightlife by storm when you pull up to San Jose del Cabo's hottest nightclubs in the Cabo G Wagon.
  • Stretch Limousine: this high-end transportation option comes complete with a professional chauffeur. Most limousines accommodate up to six passengers. However, our super-stretch limousines have the ability to take on parties of up to 14! These limousines are a popular choice among bachelor and bachelorette parties.

A complete list of transportation options is available on the Cabo Platinum website.

Private Jet Charter Alternatives

Suppose you are interested in an inexpensive alternative to private jet travel, like commercial air travel. In that case, Cabo Platinum is standing by to make your commercial airline flight go as smoothly as possible. We partner with premier travel agencies to ensure we can offer all our private villa guests lower fares. To find the best prices on commercial air travel to Los Cabos, contact us to book your charter flight.

What to Do After Chartering a Private Jet to Los Cabos

We often say that Los Cabos has something for everyone. Cabo Platinum’s private villas are frequented by people of many different interests, ranging from marine life to shopping. If you plan on traveling with a diverse group of friends and family, Los Cabos may be an excellent option for your upcoming getaway. The variety of activities and entertainment in Los Cabos ensures that each member of your party will have an incredible time. Outdoor adventures like watersports, snorkeling, and ATV rides through the dunes spark joy in even the most daring adventurer’s heart.

On the flip side, visitors looking for a restful recharge can enjoy a relaxing swim by their private pool or spend the evening whale watching at the land’s end. Swimming, kayaking, and other low-profile water sports are perfect for everyone to enjoy. Conversely, the all-hours excitement of San Jose del Cabo’s nightlife may be best suited for adults-only parties. Even if you don’t have anything specific planned, Los Cabos will wow you with mountainous terrain, topaz waters, and one-of-a-kind wildlife.

Among the many things Cabo is known for, it is famous for its legendary golf courses. Spending a day out on the links takes on new meaning when playing on professional-quality courses with sweeping views of Los Cabos. If shopping and fine dining is more your forte, the Tourist Corridor will be a source of endless entertainment. Avid shoppers, make sure to bring an extra empty suitcase. There is no shortage of shops to spree, so you may end up spending the day treating yourself! Many Los Cabos visitors enjoy perusing the many shops at the Paraiso Shopping Mall.

When you’ve worked up an appetite, dine on seafood staples like fresh wahoo and mahi-mahi while you gaze at the stars under the perfect Los Cabos weather. Returning to your luxury private villa after a day in paradise is perhaps the greatest part of all. Take advantage of Cabo Platinum’s complimentary concierge service if you have trouble deciding where to go and what to see. Our trusted concierge team is dedicated to making sure your stay is the time of your life. They will be at the private villa, ready to receive you upon arrival. Ask them to help you craft your itinerary or book luxury services like massages and meals prepared by private chefs.

There’s no way to have a bad experience when traveling by private air charter service. So why not make sure smooth sailing to Los Cabos is guaranteed? Give us a call or chat with us on the web to get started on planning your best vacation yet. Cabo Platinum’s private villas are truly the height of luxury. Set the tone for the getaway of a lifetime by getting pampered before even touching down in the Baja.


FAQs About Private Jets

Yes, private jet charters can be booked for both one-way and round-trip flights, providing flexibility to meet your travel needs, whether it's a quick business trip or a leisurely vacation.
It is recommended to book your private jet charter as far in advance as possible to secure your preferred aircraft and schedule. However, last-minute charters may also be available depending on aircraft availability and scheduling flexibility. Contact our reservation team to discuss your booking options.
There are many attractions nearby perfect for mom, dad, and the kids. Cabo Submarine is one of the top choices for young children. Surf lessons at High Tide Sea Expeditions or Sea Trek, and Scuba adventures with Cabo Expeditions may appeal to the older kids. Everyone loves Wild Wet Fun Water Park, just north of San José del Cabo. Take a camel ride along the beach, or swim, snorkel, and play in the sand at the many local beaches. Our concierge will help you arrange these and more activities while you are in Los Cabos.
You certainly can, but it’s not completely necessary. Having some pesos on hand is typically useful for your time out and about exploring and enjoying local eateries and shops, but you’ll find U.S. dollars are readily accepted across Los Cabos as well.
The San Jose Del Cabo International Airport is about 28 miles from Cabo San Lucas. This is the airport many visitors choose to fly into and extremely convenient in terms of access to the inland toll road.
Yes. At Cabo Platinum, we’re more than happy to help our guests organize private transportation to make their stay as easy as possible in Los Cabos. From driver services to luxurious yacht charters, we can help make it happen.