Do I Need a Passport to Travel to Cabo?

Mexico is indeed a cultural destination and also a very a popular holiday destination for many people from all over the world. Easy flights, luxurious beaches, and exciting experiences are just a few of the reasons to visit Mexico’s sun-drenched coast.

Cabo is also known for its lively nightlife, delicious cuisine, and a variety of adventure experiences! Rental villas with great ocean views are still very common in Cabo and you can find low-cost rentals on a variety of websites. At the end of the day a holiday in Cabo can be whatever you want it to be!

Flying to Cabo San Lucas?

While there are many ways to get to Cabo, the most adventurous are driving and boating.  However, most continue to use aircraft, both commercial and private. Many people have a common question in mind which is do I need a passport to go to Cabo San Lucas? If you are crossing an international border you will need to have a passport. So, whether your mode of transport is the car, boat or airplane; you need to have a passport. Many guests travel from USA and Canada and first pass through airports in Mexico other than Los Cabos.  If your flight connects through major airports such as Mexico City or Guadalajara, you will not need your passport to enter Cabo.  At the same time, it is still advised to keep it on you during travel.  If you’re a foreigner to Mexico then it is always a good thing to have. But make sure you keep it safe while you’re here in Cabo! You won’t need your passport around town for anything so our advice is to leave it in a safe and secure place in your villa rental, such as the safe or your suitcase.

Where to Stay?

The coastline is lined with five-star resorts with infinity pools and day spas. Scattered throughout are also incredible beachfront homes with steps onto the sand.  Many people like to travel in luxury, but if you bring a group of friends, travel with your family, or schedule a romantic getaway with other couples, you can save a lot of money. Prices always become easier to digest when you spread the cost amongst several people.

Nightlife in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Apart from villas and resorts and their attractions, Cabo’s central district is lined with well-known bars and restaurants. The Giggling Marlin, El Squid Roe, The Nowhere Bar, and Cabo Wabo are some of the most well-known bars.

Cabo San Lucas is renowned for its historic clubs and nightlife, in addition to its stunning white sand beaches, chic restaurants, and vibrant local culture. Cabo’s nightlife is alive and well, attracting visitors from all over the country, from spring breakers to foreign celebrities to Cabo residents. Wherever you end up, you are sure to experience an unforgettable Cabo nightlife.

Activities in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo has plenty of activities for people of all ages! To list a few activities, there is world-class golfing, sport fishing, ATV trips, Sea-Doo rentals, diving, horseback riding, and parasailing. You can book trips directly through your personal concierge or at a beach tour company. But before you think about any of this be sure to keep one question on the top of your mind: Do I need a passport to go to Cabo San Lucas?

Other than this Cabo San Lucas has the best restaurants as well with personal service if you need. It has the perfect sunrise and sunset views with the mountains and beaches around you making you feel refreshed and comfortable. That is exactly why people come to the tip of the Baja.

Cabo is a fantastic place to visit for a multitude of reasons and for all different walks of life.  When traveling to Cabo make sure you have everything organized and properly lined up.  If you book a villa with Cabo Platinum, your concierge will help with all of this.  And if you’re still asking yourself, “Do I need a passport to go to Cabo San Lucas?  The answer you should always default to is… YES!

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