Top 10 Beaches in Los Cabos

When our guests think about Cabo, they are usually thinking about the Cabo San Lucas beaches. Whether it’s walking along the water, fishing in the deep, or surfing the coast, the beach offers something for everyone. 

We put together a comprehensive description of the Top 10 Best Beaches in Los Cabos for your reference. As the ocean is constantly changing, let us know if we should add any details.

Cabo San Lucas

Medano Beach (Playa el Medano)

Medano Beach is without a doubt the most popular and swimmable beach in Los Cabos. Located along the coastline of downtown San Lucas and providing incredible views of the world-famous Lands End, this beach is a great place to spend a day.

You can enjoy a wide variety of both motorized or non-motorized water-based rentals. 

From kayaks and standup paddleboards to wave runners and motorized hang-gliding excursions, Medano has you covered. 

Being located in the heart of San Lucas and bordering several resorts, there are plenty of delightful restaurants where you can enjoy beachside food and drinks.

Cabo San Lucas beach

Whether you’re in the mood for fresh seafood, traditional Mexican cuisine, or a good old-fashioned cheeseburger and fries, you’ll be able to find it here.

There is no shortage of party activity located along this several-mile stretch of beach. There are a wide variety of bars and restaurants that offer well-priced buckets of beer, delicious margaritas, and fresh seafood. Mango Deck, known for its Spring Break extravaganzas, is the most famous and well-known among these establishments. 

El Medano cabo

Medano Beach also has the largest selection of vendors among any beach in the area, allowing you to get hats, T-shirts, jewelry, snow cones, fresh fruit, and much more. 

Just a heads up, the vendors here are the most persistent in Cabo and will not hesitate to ask you time and time again if you would like to buy their merchandise.

Some of our guests say they love this feature as they can lay in one place while the shopping comes to them.

There are several different points of access to Medano Beach. For optimum access, many people park at the downtown Puerto Paraiso mall and walk along Cachet Beach Club (there is a fee for the parking garage so bring pesos). Since it is located near the marina and downtown. 

Most people/vendors will speak good English so we recommend asking someone the quickest way to get there. Maybe even use this opportunity to test out some of your Spanish!

Hacienda Beach Club Villas Cabo San Lucas

Our Concierge always recommends SUR Beach Club as a great beach spot. They offer valet service, great food/drinks, good music, comfortable seating, and great service. 

If you’d prefer to stay on this beach and forego the parking and driving, our favorite rental option is Hacienda Beach Club, Villa Suenos.

Lovers & Divorce Beach (Playa del Amor)

Located among the peninsula’s southern-most point, Lands End, these two beaches provide unparalleled views and exclusivity. In order to access these beaches, it is necessary to take a water taxi, rent a kayak, or use another form of water-based transportation.

If you decide to take a water taxi, you can usually find a glass-bottomed boat for around $15 US per person that will take you on a tour around Lands End, drop you off, and bring you back. It’s a fun excursion and worth the money.

Lovers Beach is on the Sea of Cortez side of Lands End and provides excellent conditions for swimming and snorkeling. It is a popular place for people to enjoy romantic meals, take wedding photos, or simply enjoy a relaxing day without the distractions of vendors.

Just on the other side of the large rock formations, resting on the Pacific-side of Lands End, lies Divorce Beach. This beach is more known for its strong currents and crashing waves, making it unsafe for swimming and anyone meandering should exercise extreme caution.

If you decide to stay on the beach until evening, Divorce Beach provides you with unforgettable sunsets.

The easiest place to get a water taxi is on the marina. You will be able to purchase the roundtrip excursion on-site and specify a time for the driver to return and pick you up when you are ready.

lovers beach cabo san lucas

Always make sure to negotiate a price at the beginning and don’t pay until the end.

You can also rent a kayak at Medano Beach and paddle down to Lovers Beach, but make sure you stay pretty close to the shoreline if you are an inexperienced kayaker.

While it is not possible to stay on this beach, we recommend a Villa La Roca or Villa Lands End as the premium luxury villa that looks out over this beach.

Diamante Beach (Playa Diamante)

About 10-15 minutes northwest of downtown San Lucas lies the illustrious resort community of Diamante Cabo San Lucas. Here, you will find a 1.5 mile stretch of beach that provides plenty of privacy. 

The waves here can get pretty large, which provides for an incredible setting where you can listen to crashing waves and enjoy the ocean’s natural beauty, but is not recommended for swimming. From the winter months up until March, Diamante Beach is a prime place to see breaching whales as they migrate south.

The most alluring feature about this stunning stretch of beach is the sunsets. Being northwest of Cabo and having nothing obstructing your view, Diamante provides you with a breathtaking experience to end your day. You will be able to watch the sun set directly into the Pacific Ocean, leaving behind an orange and pink sky to marvel over. Just a heads up, this beach gets very windy so if you come to see a sunset, it is highly recommended to bring a sweatshirt or jacket just in case.

Take a look at a lovely Diamante Beach Estate on our website.

Head Northwest on Hwy 19 like you are going to Todos Santos and turn left on “Camino de Acceso a Diamante.” It will be very shortly after you pass the Policia Municipal & Transito. Look for the street signs that say “Diamante CSL” and “Playa Publica.”

The Tourist Corridor

Chileno Beach (Playa Chileno)

One of the most beautiful beaches in the Cabo area, Chileno Beach, is a spot that we highly recommended you visit. 

It provides some of calmest water in Cabo, great for snorkeling and swimming with kids. 

You can also find shaded palapa rentals and other non-motorized water rentals.

Chileno beach is clean, beautiful, and free of vendors and loud music.

With a large parking lot, bathrooms, showers, a boardwalk that leads down to the beach area, and beach-parking areas for wheelchairs, every amenity is available. This is the perfect beach for people of all ages and swimming capabilities. If you are looking for a fun and relaxing day on the beach, with no worries or distractions, Chileno is the place to be.

Chileno Beach is recognized as a Blue Flag beach by the Foundation for Environmental Education, meaning that it meets the strict standards for quality, safety, and general environmental and quality standards. As of the time this was written, the beach officials ask you to not bring BBQs or any other cooking devices that will leak food juice or leave behind cooked food. This new regulation is put in place to protect the Blue Flag certification. Respect!

Located around KM 14 on the Los Cabos Highway. (Tourist Corridor)

Santa Maria Beach (Playa Santa Maria)

Another Blue Flag beach along the Cabo Corridor, Santa Maria Beach is a stunning place to enjoy a relaxing day by the beautiful Sea of Cortez. This marine sanctuary is blessed with a horseshoe-shaped beach and calm water.

Situated just below the new beachfront resort, Montage Los Cabos, you will not have access to many rentals unless you are a guest of the resort. However, if you bring your own snorkel gear, you will not be disappointed. 

Underwater visibility is best in the morning before the ocean starts to get stirred up. Playa Santa Maria is recognized for its rich and diverse gathering of wildlife, both marine and terrestrial. This is the destination of many of the guided snorkel and scuba trips in Cabo because of its wide variety of animal wildlife.

There aren’t many facilities or vendors on Santa Maria Beach so if you plan on spending a whole day here, we recommend that you bring everything you think you could need.

Located at KM 12 on the Los Cabos Highway. (Tourist Corridor)

El Tule Beach (Playa El Tule)

This stretch of beach is best known for being one of the premier surf spots in Cabo. Rarely crowded and often providing strong waves, El Tule Beach is a perfect spot for people who want to relax or expert surfers wanting catch some waves throughout the day.

Surf in Los Cabos

There is oftentimes a strong break in the waves, which is why local surfers congregate here for regular surfing. La Playa El Tule is not recognized as a great beach for snorkeling even though the water is most often calm enough to swim in. 

Being a long stretch of beach and rarely crowded, this beach is perfect for running. We recommend bringing running shoes on the beach because in most places, the sand has small rock pebbles and twigs, making it uncomfortable for bare feet. 

You can drive your 4-wheel vehicles out to the water’s edge, although we do not recommend it as it endangers sea turtles and marine life.

We recommend this beach early in the morning as you get a great sunrise and not a ton of traffic. 

Hosting some of the largest resorts in the tourist corridor, Playa El Bledito is home to Solaz, Le Blanc Spa Resort, Grand Velas All-Inclusive, Villa La Valencia, Dreams Los Cabos and more. 

For an exceptional beachfront villa experience on El Tule, we recommend the best beachfront residence in Cabo, Villa Serena. 

Located at KM 16.2 on the Los Cabos Highway (Tourist Corridor.) Turn at Puente Los Tules at the bridge.

El Bledito Beach (Playa El Bledito)

One of our favorite beaches for running and exercising, Playa El Bledito trails the water’s edge for miles. The stretch of sand runs along the ocean’s crashing waves with a profound drop-off, which is carved into the sand by the strong wave activity. 

Full of sea life, the sound of crashing waves and craggly rock formations, this beach offers a myriad of romantic photo spots to capture that perfect shot.

San José del Cabo

Palmilla Beach (Playa Palmilla)

Known for being one of the best swimming beaches in the area, Playa Palmilla is a great beach to visit on a hot day when you want to spend some time in the water. 

Being home to the swimming portion of Ironman Los Cabos, this Blue Flag beach is swimmable year-round.

This spot is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, or relaxing on the beach under a shaded palapa. If you plan on getting a palapa on the weekend, it is recommended to arrive early as they fill up fast.

During whale season, this is a prime spot to relax and see breaching whales. Whether you choose to take a chartered fishing trip, try your luck at surf fishing, or just buy some fresh-caught fish from the local fishermen in the parking lot, Palmilla Beach provides access to the freshest fish at all times.

Luxury seafront villa in Cabo. Casa Edwards

Located at KM 27 on the Los Cabos Highway (Tourist Corridor) and follow the signs. 

Make sure to turn into the beach parking lot before you hit the One&Only Palmilla Resort.

This beach commands exclusive homes with a large presence. 

Our favorite of them all is Casa Edwards.

Costa Azul Beach (Playa Costa Azul)

Playa Costa Azul is the perfect beach if you are looking for the total package: sand, sun, surf, snorkel, and food. This beach is one of the most prominent and popular in the lovely town of San Jose del Cabo.

If you are looking for a beach where you can get great surf, look no further. Playa Costa Azul is home to the annual Los Cabos Open Surf hosted by the World Surf League. What makes this beach so perfect for surfing is that it offers different sections of breaks for beginners, intermediates, and experts.

Costa Azul also offers a perfect place to enjoy a relaxing day on the beach with some light swimming. 

Even though the swimming and snorkeling are great here, this is still a surfing beach so it is recommended to be alert while in the water. The famous 7Seas Bar and Grill offers great food and drinks and is located directly on this stretch of beach. 

They have TV’s going at all times where you can catch the big game while indulging in a cheeseburger and fries, traditional Mexican cuisine, shrimp cocktail, and much more.

Hotel Beach (Playa Hotelera)

This mile-long stretch of beach is named for its primary features: being the site of several hotels and resorts. 

While it is perfect to visit if you are staying at one of these adjacent resorts, it is still a nice beach if you aren’t staying in one of these establishments. If you aren’t a hotel or resort guest, you can even buy a day pass to use their pools and other facilities.

Hotel Beach is not ideal for swimming because it features a strong undertow and a high summer surf. While swimming isn’t great here, there are a number of different activities for you to experience.


Enjoy the public palapas (below Plaza Garuffi, & Caracol), surf fishing, horse-back riding, (in front of Presidente and Solaris Hotels) ATV riding, jet-ski’s, and more. 

If you are traveling with kids, they will be happy to find the lush park at the end of the beach that contains play structures and a soccer field.

This beach is perfect for those who like to have relaxing, nature-filled experiences. There is an asphalt path that starts in downtown San Jose Del Cabo and travels along the water, which is perfect for bird watchers. There is also a baby turtle release held each year. This historical site contains over 300 different species, was home to Indian tribes and used as water re-supply for pirate ships.

Accessible through a path next to the Presidente and in public access pathways in between hotels.

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