Chartering a Jet to Cabo has Never Been Easier

A luxurious vacation should be full of rest and relaxation from the start. Flying on a commercial airline tends to be chaotic, overwhelming, and exhausting; It’s definitely not the right way to start out your Cabo San Lucas vacation. Here at Cabo Platinum, we can help! We specialize in ensuring our guests have the best travel experience of their lives, from the moment they leave their homes to the moment they return to them after vacation. Our experienced concierge and staff can not only help make your vacation dreams come true, but we can also make your travel experience an enjoyable part of your trip by setting up a private jet charter for you and your family.

Fly in Style

Our team will help you find the perfect aircraft for your needs, set personalized travel itineraries, and stock your flight with gourmet food, a flight crew that takes care of all your needs, and any other amenity you could want. Our guests love chartering a private jet to arrive in Cabo feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready for vacation; here are some of their favorite aspects of flying private with Cabo Platinum:

  • Enjoy a Hassle-free Experience

Ditch the long security lines, tedious boarding process, and lack of legroom for an effortless experience. All you have to do is show up, step into the oasis of a private jet, sit back, and relax! Our team will handle everything, and you won’t have to lift a finger – no more taking your shoes off and unpacking half your luggage to get on a flight.

  • Soak in the Serene Environment and Experience

With the entire plane to yourself, your travel experience revolves around you. If you want to sleep on your flight, we can set you up with a plane that has a cabin with premium bedding. If you’d rather have a few pre-vacation drinks and get the party started early, we can accommodate that, too!

  • Customize Your Trip

You’ll no longer have to worry about packing or timing restrictions. If you want to bring more than one suitcase or bulky luggage with you, just let us know beforehand! You can also pick the time and date that works best for you because 4 AM airport wake-up calls are so last year.

  • Treat Yourself with the Amenities

You deserve so much more than old chip bags and warm apple juice on your flight. With Cabo Platinum, you’ll have access to premium drinks and snacks your entire flight. Take some room to stretch your legs, lounge in our world-class seats, or use the complimentary wi-fi access to wrap up your final work emails before landing.

The Best Flight of Your Life is One Call Away

Once you fly private, it’s hard to go back! The difference in experiences is stark and so much value is added to both sides of your glamorous vacation. Not only does flying private allow you to relax and slip into vacation mode before the wheels touch down, but you’ll love it on the way home, too. With a private jet, you won’t feel like you need a vacation from your vacation once you get back to reality. Call our team at Cabo Platinum to take a different travel approach for your next Cabo San Lucas vacation.


Why Hold an Event in Cabo?

Filled with world-class restaurants, stunning beaches, a plethora of memorable activities, and top-of-the-line accommodations, Cabo San Lucas is a vacation spot that draws visitors from all over the globe. However, Cabo is more than just a vacation location, it’s one of the best places to hold large events and gatherings. Whether you are in the market for a wedding location, corporate event, family reunion, or more, Cabo San Lucas is the perfect spot. 

Characteristics of Cabo San Lucas

The main reason Cabo is a great location for events with many people involved is that it offers such a wide array of activities, restaurants, and accommodations! It truly is a place that can please everyone in attendance, and that’s difficult to do with large events. By planning your next event in Cabo San Lucas, you open up a range of opportunities and ways to make your event unique. Here are some of our favorite characteristics of Cabo San Lucas that make it the best place for your next event:

  • Great Weather

The weather in Cabo San Lucas is ideal nearly every day. Your guests can bask in the sun, enjoy the warm water of the beaches, and explore the nightlife without worrying about being cold or uncomfortable. Every event needs a little sunshine, and Cabo has endless amounts of it!

  • Activities Galore

Pleasing a large group of people can be difficult, but Cabo San Lucas is a place that makes just about everyone happy. Whether you’re trying to “wow” foodies, adventure lovers, or relaxation champions, Cabo can do it all at the same time. It’s also a great place to host group expeditions such as sunset dinner cruises, sportfishing excursions, snorkeling, or even cooking classes!

  • Incredible Dining Options

You won’t find better dining options anywhere else. Cabo San Lucas is a place teeming with the best street food you’ll ever have while offering exclusive dining experiences you can’t get anywhere else. You don’t have to give up eating in 5-star restaurants or exploring local cuisine at small food stalls; it’s the best of both worlds.

  • Quality Accommodations

Cabo Platinum Villas will be a highlight for all of your guests. Our ability to accommodate any need, make any desire a reality, and help curate the perfect event will impress all event-goers. We have villas ranging in size and style, so accommodating large groups is no problem, in fact, we love it!

Planning is a Breeze

Whether you need help solely with accommodations or want our team to help plan excursions and book group events, we’re here. We are serious about guaranteeing our guests have a flawless experience in Cabo San Lucas, and that means ensuring your event is flawless too. Work with Cabo Platinum Villas to create the best corporate retreat your company has ever seen or the wedding that people will be talking about for a decade. Whatever your event is, leave your guests speechless by hosting it in Cabo San Lucas.


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