Planning The Ultimate Cabo San Lucas Wedding

Cabo San Lucas is known for many things – sunshine, world-class resorts, and beautiful coastlines. People worldwide come to this destination to relax and enjoy everything it offers.

It’s no surprise that many people also come to get married. The area has outstanding accommodations, venues, and a unique charm ideal for tying the knot. Couples who get married in Cabo return home with a lifetime of memories and unique experiences.

Not sure where to get started? Cabo Platinum can help. Here is the ultimate guide for planning a Cabo San Lucas wedding.

Why Get Married in Cabo San Lucas?

There are many reasons why people should get married in Cabo. This exciting destination has everything couples need to host the ultimate wedding.

Cabo is ideal for tying the knot because it is easily accessible from worldwide destinations. Los Cabos International Airport (SJD) makes it straightforward for guests to attend the wedding. Cabo Platinum can also arrange transportation to make the process even simpler.

Another reason why couples should get married in Cabo is the weather. This location has pleasant weather most of the year, so it’s great for having an outdoor event.

Finally, Cabo Platinum makes it effortless to plan a Cabo San Lucas wedding because of its packages, personal concierge services, and first-hand knowledge of the area.


One thing couples don’t have to worry about in Cabo is finding a wedding venue. There are endless choices to fit every couples’ needs.

Cabo Platinum can arrange everything from intimate beach gatherings to private villa weddings. The entire wedding party could even stay at the venue together, steps away from the ceremony.

What makes it even easier is that Cabo Platinum offers a wide range of villa rentals for clients. There are venues on the Pacific side, Cabo San Lucas, The Corridor, San Jose, and East Cape.

Moreover, wedding planners and the concierge staff can take care of every detail setting up the venue to allow the couple and their guests to enjoy the special moment.


Cabo Platinum offers many services to help the couples’ big day come together.

The concierge team can help plan and make sure everything runs smoothly on the day of the event. They help set the itinerary, receive packages, answer guest questions, run errands, and take care of last-minute details.

The team can also find DJs and photographers to fit clients’ budgets. Additionally, the concierge team can help couples navigate wedding requirements to have an internationally-recognized marriage.

These services can significantly alleviate the stress of planning a wedding abroad.


Décor is another vital part of a wedding, but it can be stressful to take care of it when the venue is abroad.

Cabo Platinum can work with clients to set up everything so couples can get married without a hitch. They partner with the best florists and floral designers in the area to create the perfect setting for guests. The team is an expert on what arrangements are suitable for the time of year and different tastes.

Thinking about planning a Cabo San Lucas wedding? Contact our representatives to get started!


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