Bespoke Luxury & Exceptional Experiences in Los Cabos, Mexico

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Cabo San Lucas is one of the top travel destinations in Mexico. Such status is no surprise since the metropolis is full of unique attractions. Besides that, the area is close to many American cities and offers an ideal combination of spectacular scenery with excellent warm weather. Since the conditions are conducive, you can visit this city with your partner to enjoy the best Cabo romantic getaway during Valentine’s to explore its fascinating aspects romantically. Here’s why you should consider a romantic Valentine’s getaway to this resort city in Mexico.

Luxury Fishing Charters

This Los Cabos metropolis is famous for world-class fishing spots full of various fish species. Angling enthusiasts flock to this resort city to try their luck at catching the best inshore and offshore fish, from Spanish mackerel to black marlin. Cabo San Lucas adds an exquisite touch to this experience by offering luxury fishing charters steered by professional crews.

You can book one of these charters to experience extraordinary levels of luxury. This all-inclusive excursion takes you directly to the top fishing spots in the area. The charters specialize depending on where to fish, with some handling inshore fish species and others concentrating on onshore fish. Depending on your preference, you can take your partner on one of these fishing trips to catch snappers, small tuna, yellowtail amberjack, and more.

Sea of Cortez

The magnificent Sea of Cortez, also known as the Gulf of California, is an awe-inspiring sea between Mexico’s mainland and the Baja California Peninsula. The name of this water body pays homage to Hernán Cortés, a Spanish conquistador. The Mexican government later renamed it the Gulf of California.

This marginal sea features marine zones named World Heritage sites by UNESCO and more than 200 islands. Over 800 species of fish inhabit this area, with 90 being endemic. When visiting Cabo San Lucas, you can include a visit to this magnificent sea as part of your Valentine’s itinerary. The unique spots worth looking out for when exploring the attraction include Cabo San Lucas Reserve, Islands of the Gulf, and Bahía de Loreto National Park.

The Magnificent El Arco de Cabo San Lucas

Another unique section of the Sea of Cortez is the striking El Arco, a standalone attraction. El Arco strategically lies at the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean meeting point, which lies on the route leading to Lover’s Beach. This distinctive landmark located at the tip of the Baja California Peninsula is a striking rugged rock that protrudes from the sea.

Also known as Land’s End, El Arco is easily accessible through boat trips offered by water tour companies around Cabo San Lucas. You can head there directly through one of the tour services, such as Roger’s Glass-Bottom Boat Tours, or by stopping on your way to or from Lover’s Beach. This magnificent natural attraction offers you and your partner unique photo ops that’ll elevate your Valentine’s getaway to a memorable one. Besides providing a picture-perfect backdrop, the area’s waters are perfect for trying out activities like snorkeling and scuba diving.

Whale Watching and Baby Turtle Releases

Given that the Baja California Sur weather is often warm, thousands of humpback whales migrate from their cold feeding Alaska grounds to this area. The whales swim over 6,000 miles to Cabo San Lucas, where they mate.

The event occurs from mid-December to March or April, attracting tourists who flock to this Mexican resort city to marvel at these animals. Plenty of whale-watching operators, such as Cabo Private Tours, offer visitors tours to these breeding grounds. You can book a trip to enjoy these enormous animals with your loved one during your Valentine’s getaway to Cabo San Lucas.

Another exciting water spectacle worth checking out in Cabo San Lucas is the release and conservation of baby sea turtles. As much as it may sound unrealistic or absurd, watching baby turtles get released is one thing that happens in the area. You don’t want to miss out on this amazing site. It’s sure to bring you and your partner closer together!

Dining and Shopping

Cabo San Lucas crowns its exciting attractions by offering visitors delectable cuisines and a delightful shopping experience. This resort city’s diverse restaurants offer a wide selection of palatable cuisines from all over the world. You and your lover can enjoy the options available, from alfresco dining on the beach to fine dining. You can also explore the stores close to these establishments for souvenirs highlighting your visit to this Mexican coastal gem.

Book Your Cabo Romantic Getaway Today

Cabo San Lucas promises an all-out fun getaway regardless of the time of visit. However, such an adventure can only be memorable if you stay in one of our unique vacation rentals. Reach out to us today to book one of these comfortable accommodation rentals.