What Makes Cabo Such a Popular Tourist Destination?

Cabo San Lucas is known as the crown jewel of Mexico.  It has been reported in several top-rated magazines as one of the most beautiful resort destinations in the world.  It is also home to a myriad of high-end, luxurious developments and operated by some of the sweetest people on the planet.  So, when considering all of this, the question really becomes, Why is Cabo San Lucas so popular….. to you?!?

For many of our visitors, Cabo is at the top of their vacation destination list because of the beaches.  The southern region of the Baja has a plethora of beaches; each more spectacular and inviting than the next.  Although not all are swimmable, the rest can be swam-in at different times of the year, but can also be viewed, cherished, and heard 365 days a year.  Our guests love whale watching (when in-season) and walking along the shore of the crashing waves.  Our team has helped guests arrange beach weddings, sunset dinners, horse rides, family photos and more.  And for the select few that has no interest in the list above, Cabo is a year-round surfing destination.  No matter where you are in Cabo, there is always a surf spot that is less than a 25-min drive.

For foodies and restauranteurs, Cabo is the place to be!  Between San Jose del Cabo and San Lucas there are more than 30 restaurants that have international acclaim.  From traditional Mexican food to French-Asian cuisine with a flair, Cabo will have a dining experience that will amaze, surprise and delight you.  One resort has a Michelin-rated chef at the helm of 1 of their 5 on-site restaurants.  And if busy restaurants and fancy décor are not to your liking, our team will set you up with a private chef in your villa.  Each of our Cabo Platinum chefs are personally vetted and ensure an exquisite in-home dining experience.

For all of the active adventurers and thrill-seekers, Cabo has almost everything you need.  From Baja racecar driving, to sky diving, to swimming with sharks, there is no shortage of activities.  Cabo is also home to 14 golf courses, of which 5 have received international awards and recognition.  Names such as Norman, Nicklaus, Tiger Woods…. And these are just a few that should help understand why Cabo is so popular.

Cabo is also home to the largest purse for a fishing tournament.  In the 1990s, the winner of the Bisbee’s Black and Blue took home a whopping $5.5M USD.  This event creates a lot of popularity every year and anglers travel from all over the world to attend.  Even if it is your first time, Cabo is so rich with fish, you are almost guaranteed to get a catch.  And once you do, re-visit the paragraph above about having your own private chef in your villa!

If all of those reasons are not enough to convince you why Cabo is so popular, then run a google search on 3 of your favorite celebrities.  I can almost guarantee they have been or are planning to go to Cabo.  Our own personal RSS feed erupts daily with celebrity sightings in and around the area.  Several of them own homes here and then invite their other celebrity friends to join them, who then end up purchasing their own homes.  If you are looking to purchase a home within a celebrity-studded community, speak with one of our Real Estate professionals and he/she will ensure you see the reasons why Cabo San Lucas is so popular.


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