Why Should You Go to Cabo San Lucas

The fishing town that dates back to the 1960s is situated in Mexico at the tip of the Baja California Peninsula. It’s one of the best tourist destinations both in Mexico and the world. Although many travelers visit Cabo for the pristine beaches and magnificent weather, there are so many more reasons that makes Cabo a popular destination.

Safety. You might be afraid if it’s your first time visiting any country. However, you shouldn’t worry when planning to visit this lovely city. Violence in this part of Mexico isn’t prevalent, hence your safety during your stay is not much of a concern. Travel warnings and travel advisories are released by the United States in the case of any possible threats. Certainly take common (and sometimes necessary) precautions you normally would during travel, keep your eyes on your loved ones, yourself and your luggage.

Weather. Travelers planning a vacation in a hot and sunny place will always have Cabo at the top of their list. You can plan your trip any time of the year and it will still be sunny since it’s warm all year round. Cold weather isn’t a concern when traveling to Cabo. 78°F is the annual average temperature, and between October to April, it’s between 60°F and 91°F. That’s during peak tourist season. Rainfall occurs between September and October, with the temperature ranging from 65°F to 100°F.

The water temperature is usually between 62°F to 72°F at its lowest and can go as high as 80°F during summer.

White sandy beaches. Millions of tourists flood the city to sunbathe on the beautiful white sandy beaches. You’ll find the world-famous Mango Deck restaurant at Medano Beach, which is the city’s most popular beach. There are a lot of resorts, hotels, and restaurants that provide accommodation and delicacies for visitors. Many return guests find themselves frequenting location they fell in love with and have to visit time-and-time again.

Snorkeling is another great activity that’s available at most swimming beaches. Spend time playing on Lover’s Beach and you’ll have a spectacular view of all the beautiful fish species available there. Another spectacular scenery is the Solmar Beach, different activities can be enjoyed here by tourists including jogging, walking, enjoying sunsets, etc.

Other great beaches worth visiting while on a trip here include Playa Chileno, Costa Azul Beach, Playa Acapulquito, and Bahia. Both snorkeling and scuba diving are activities available in all the beaches. Your safety is also insured.

Mouth-watering cuisines. Your trip to this amazing city would be incomplete if you don’t get the chance to try the amazing local cuisine. Some of the local delicacies offered are famous dishes, such as tamales de guemes, fish tacos, tamales fajados, and lobster sauteed with vegetables and local sauces.

Many of our villa guests agree they visit Cabo San Lucas because it’s luxurious and offers some of the finer services that are difficult to access in many beach destinations outside of 1st and 2nd world countries. Not finding creature comforts along with restaurants with strict hygiene standards normally deters people from trusting their vacations in a location they don’t know very well. Cabo gives these travelrs comfort and provides hi-class and luxurious experiences.

Beyond the beaches, the food, the safey and the weather, Cabo San Lucas is visited by millions of travelers because it has something for everyone. From Deep Sea Fishing, to golf, to baja racecar riding, scuba diving, snorkeling, yachting, surfing, horseback riding on the beach and just sitting around and drinking. If you want it, Cabo will have it. Indulge a little and trust an experience in the gem of Mexico; trust that your Cabo travel will ensure that you’ll never ask the same question again: Why Visit Cabo San Lucas?

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