5 Reasons to Visit Cabo San Lucas During the “Shoulder” Season

Cabo San Lucas is an exciting destination to visit year-round. People worldwide love traveling here because of its endless sunshine, entertaining water activities, and stunning villas.

So, when is the best time to visit Cabo San Lucas? Many people might think the best times would be during the summer, winter, or spring break because they are most popular.

However, May and June are part of Cabo’s “shoulder” season. That is when Los Cabos has the fewest crowds and excellent weather. It isn’t the most popular time of year, but it is one of the most enjoyable.

Here are five reasons to visit Cabo San Lucas during the “shoulder” season:

#1 Best weather

The “shoulder” season months fall during an ideal time of year in Cabo San Lucas. The climate is warmer than the winter months but not yet affected by the hurricane season.

During that time, the temperatures range from the high 70s to the low 80s.

It is also one of the driest times of the year so that guests can enjoy all of Cabo’s outdoor activities without the weather raining on their parade (literally).

Better yet, visitors can enjoy all the al-fresco warm-weather activities without hordes of tourists.

#2 Fewer crowds

The most popular seasons to visit Cabo San Lucas are summer, winter, and spring break. Those are the seasons when most families and students have school breaks, so it’s a convenient time to visit.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s the most enjoyable time to appreciate Cabo San Lucas real estate.

The shoulder season is an “off” time, so there are fewer crowds.

It’s a win-win because travelers can enjoy Cabo San Lucas without worrying about having too many people around them.

#3 Great deals

The shoulder season is a great time to get deals on Cabo San Lucas villas and real estate with advanced planning.

Rates at luxury villas tend to be lower because it is off-season. However, this doesn’t mean the value has decreased. It just means that visitors are more likely to get more for the price they’re paying. It’s the perfect sweet spot between the winter season and stormy summer.

A good time to start looking for deals is before the end of the winter season.

#4 Beach and water-Sports friendly

Visitors who travel to Cabo San Lucas during the shoulder season will find it’s perfect for enjoying all of Cabo’s offerings.

Since the weather is ideal during this time of year, travelers can take full advantage of all the beach and watersport activities Cabo offers.

This destination is world-famous for its coastal entertainment. Travelers can choose from yacht and fishing trips, sunbathing, snorkeling, jet-skiing, and other fun activities. Additionally, Cabo has outstanding oceanside dining guests can take advantage of during the shoulder season.

#5 Outstanding places to stay

Cabo San Lucas also has fantastic places to stay during the shoulder season.

There are beachfront rentals and properties for all types of interests.

Travelers can rent them out for their vacation or invest in their own Cabo San Lucas real estate properties to enjoy year-round. In addition, guests have access to the best beaches, restaurants, and services at these places.

Interested in booking a luxury villa during the shoulder season or investing in Cabo San Lucas real estate? Book with one of our villa specialists!


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