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5 Steps to Charter a Yacht in Breathtaking Los Cabos

Stunning Cabo

Cabo Getaway

Los Cabos, a breathtaking cluster of Mexican resort towns and villages, lies at the tip of the Baja California Sur, the second least populated state in the country is an ideal spot to charter a yacht. Its location separates the Gulf of California from the Pacific Ocean. Because it is a large peninsula jutting out into two bodies of water, sailing vessels such as catamarans, yachts, and superyachts provide luxury hotel-like accommodations. Onboard these floating escapades, the utmost privacy is considered. Multiple staterooms and amenities such as on-deck pools, while helipads offer access to land- On these occasions, the ability to charter a yacht in Cabo San Lucas can add to the adventure or be the entire vacation. A yacht rental combines the luxury of a five-star resort, and the utmost privacy of a villa rental while offering the opportunity of traveling at a leisurely pace. Think of it as a private cruise for you and your guests. 

Yacht excursions come in many forms, including hourly, day, and multiple-day, depending on your desired expeditions. Indeed, some Los Cabos yacht charters, particularly those in the off-season, maybe even be more affordable for a day or two or yachting. At the same time, larger vessels with more crew and longer trips can be expensive. Keep these points in mind before booking your trip.

Budget to Charter a Yacht

If you have an extensive budget, the duration or size of the vessel may not be a consideration. However, even the wealthiest like to consider the total amount, including any additional and potential costs, such as other crew or fuel. It is helpful to discuss this with your Cabo Platinum concierge. Prices vary depending on the size of the yacht and the duration of your trip. A smaller vessel or a catamaran may start at around $1400 for six hours, while a larger 100-foot yacht will likely be in the $50,000 to $80,000 range. Superyachts or megayachts may cost $150,000 or more for a week-long adventure. VAT taxes at 16 percent and gratuity, a customary 20 percent, are not included in the general quotes. Keep that in mind when pricing out your cruise. 


A Customized Experience and Amazing Amenities

Most Los Cabos yacht charters already have a hired crew, including a captain and staff who will clean the staterooms while providing service during meals. The onboard chef, or caterer, with proper notice, can plan and accommodate meals that fit the occasion and needs of all guests, such as those with food allergies or dietary restrictions. 

How Big Do You Go?

Bigger isn’t always better. While that may not be the case for everybody, something too large may waste space, fuel, and money. Instead, most charter clients are best served by putting money toward a comfortable luxury experience and having the right crew. A great captain and a well-trained chef exceed their value more than an extra few feet of metal cruising through the water. For an optimal expedition, prioritize creature comforts such as scuba diving or even massages. In general, 100 to 120 feet in length is an appropriate size for family trips. Larger parties, like family reunions or weddings, may consider a larger boat for the charter.

How do you choose a luxury yacht?


Booking the Yacht

Once those in your party have secured the travel dates, reach out to Cabo Platinum to charter a yacht and decide on the points of interest. In our opinion, an ideal vacation consists of two days on land, three days on seas, and two more days at a villa before returning home. Our concierges assist with the itinerary, confirming costs, yacht size, and determining other ports such as La Paz or Loreto.


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