If you are coming to Cabo San Lucas, chances are you want to go out, party, and have fun. And we don’t blame you! This is one of the best places in the entire country to let loose, kick back, and have the time of your life. Invite your best friends here and get ready to have a few beers, sip on some ice-cold margaritas, go dancing until the early hours of the morning, hit the beach, and learn how to surf. What more could you want for a tropical vacation?

For those who are nodding along “yes” to this, we have a few things for you to keep in mind. First, we are so excited for you. And secondly, check out our list of the best bars and breweries in Cabo San Lucas. Although the list was seemingly never-ending, we narrowed it down to our all-time favorites so you can spend less time weeding out the bad ones (there aren’t any) and only spend your drinking budget on the good ones (which we have here).

Let’s see the must-go bars and breweries in Cabo San Lucas during your upcoming holiday!

Uno Mas

If you want to go to one of the most popular breweries on the entire island, start here. Not only is this place popular among tourists for its upbeat vibes and great beer, but locals love it here too! We LOVE the drink specials at this bar. You won’t find super high-end drink specials, but you can get frozen margaritas for $1, buckets of beer for low prices, and 2-for-1 specials that are going to knock your socks off. Head here to start the weekend night off right and then stay out until the early morning going to one of the nearby clubs in Cabo!

El Squid Roe

Forget the strange name — you are going to have a blast here at El Squid Roe!  This multi-floor spot is busy all day long, but it really comes alive at night when you can dance, rub shoulders with famous singers and actors, and sip on some strong cocktails.

Monkey’s Cave Bar

Do you like to sing and dance after a few beers? Head here! This cheap and laid-back dive bar is the best place to come to if you are in the mood for karaoke, a no-frills atmosphere, and pool tables for playing a game against your friends or your date for the night.

Mango Deck Beach Club

For the party-goers who want to be outside all day long, Mango Deck is where it’s at! Plus, we would do the same. Cabo has pristine weather no matter the time of day — in the mornings, it is cool and breezy. In the afternoon, it is perfect for tanning weather. And in the evening, when it is time to go out for the nightlife, you can go out in a shirt and shorts and be perfectly comfortable. Head to Mango Deck to get amazing views, drink outside, and try your best dance moves at house music.

Giggling Marlin Bar

Head here to start your night in the downtown area that is bustling and lively at all times of the day! We think this is one of the best bars for those who want to enjoy a frozen or ice-cold margarita with some appetizers and then stay for a few more drinks and beers. Come here during happy hour for half-priced drinks and $3 beers!

Sand Bar

For those who want a lovely place that is the perfect spot for dancing, talking to friendly bartenders, meeting other tourists, and having drinks that are going to make you forget there is alcohol in them, head to Sand Bar! We love this as a starting-off point for a night filled with fun and drinking. The best times to come here are on Saturday nights for the live music and the large crowds.

Nikki Beach

If you are interested in booking a private cabana, paying for bottle service, and having a high-end and swanky day or night out in Cabo, then look no further! Nikki Beach is the ideal place to start the part yearly in the day and keep it going all night long. Plus, you can book a private spot at the club and get a tan, sip on a strong cocktail, share a bucket of beers with your pals, or lounge in one of the rentable bungalows with your new friends.

Please note that the beach bars are suggested for younger and wilder crowds and the atmosphere is very casual and can be loud.

Accommodation near the Best Breweries in Cabo San Lucas

If Cabo sounds like THE best place to party during the day, night, or any time in between, you are RIGHT! Cabo is known for being a lively and hip party spot, featuring cool beach sites to have a few beers, upscale restaurants to have a glass of wine, and bars that have great drink deals. But the best part about Cabo is the ice-cold beer! We love the dozens of bars and breweries in Cabo San Lucas that are great for a night out or a day of trying some of the tastiest IPAs on the island.

For those who like a taste of the good life, use Cabo Platinum to book a high-end and luxurious place to stay during your time in Los Cabos!

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