The Complete Guide to Cabo Deep Sea Fishing Trips


Cabo Deep Sea Fishing – What You Must Know Before Booking

cabo fishing chartersFrom stunning beaches to migrating whales, challenging surf to luxury beachside condos, Cabo San Lucas is an incredible destination. Travelers from all over the world come here for many reasons, but a common thread is to take advantage of the incomparable fishing in the crystalline waters of the Pacific and Sea of Cortez. Travelers interested in planning a memorable Fishing Charter must be sure to begin by selecting the right vessel from a variety of sportfishing boats.

However, in order to maximize the value of your sportfishing charters, anglers need to know a few things. In this guide, we will explore some of the most critical considerations to make prior to booking a berth on any of the sport fishing boats.


Cabo San Lucas Fishing Charter Ground Rules

cabo san lucas fishing chartersThe time of year plays a central role in the success of all fishing trips. It will dictate what species are available, and exactly how productive an angler’s trip might be. To secure an epic journey—no matter what time of year you are on the water—it is essential to secure several elements for the best success.

  • There are a lot of boats to choose from so be sure you’ve done your research to ensure you’ve secured the best of the sportfishing boats.  This will depend upon how many people in your group, the fish you are aiming to catch, the area you plan to target and the array of provisioning you are bringing along.  The budget will also play a role, so be sure to know your limits as more money will buy more power and a better-equipped charter.
  • Find a great captain with deep sea fishing experience.  The right operator will know the right place to find the best fish.  Always rely on your Captain to study the charts, keep an ear out around the marina, and know the best areas that are providing the most reward.  Although fishing is a hard sport to target, a good Captain will know how to find your prized catch.
  • Be aware of your group and the timing of your charter.  Although your vessel should be equipped with everything you need, it’s always best to bring items for your group.  As an example, if you have kids, be sure to bring suntan lotion and seasickness tablets.  Mineral water is also a good item in case kids get an upset stomach.  If you’re with ‘the guys’ then be sure the boat has plenty of beer and snacks to keep everyone comfortable.


Is a Cabo San Lucas Deep Sea Fishing License Required?

Yes, anyone hoping to catch anything with Cabo fishing charters is required to have a license. In most cases, these can be purchased from the company itself. Anglers will need to pay cash and to present a valid ID. Some stores in the area, particularly in and around the marina, also sell licenses. The cost varies depending on how long the license is issued for but is under $60 USD for an entire year. Anyone 16 or over is required to have a valid license, and random inspections are conducted on the water. Don’t buy one without speaking with your trip organizer first – sometimes the boat will include them in your charter price.

What About Fishing Gear?

In most cases, any fishing gear required will be provided by the boat. Cabo San Lucas fishing charters offer everything from rods and reels to bait and guides with expert knowledge of the area’s waters, the richest fishing spots, and the places to avoid due to crowds. Note that the charter company captain will only provide fishing and safety gear, though. It’s recommended that all anglers bring some gear of their own, including:

  • Sunscreen
  • A hat with a brim or bill
  • Sunglasses
  • Gloves
  • Camera
  • Ice chest to take fish home
  • Gunny sack
  • Motion sickness medication
  • Cash to pay for any necessary services, such as fish cleaning, and for tipping
  • Fishing license (if not purchased through the boat at the time)
  • Comfortable clothing that can get wet (dress in layers that can be removed/added with changes in the weather)


How to Choose Cabo Fishing Charters

Prior to choosing a company from the sportfishing fleet, anglers should do some preliminary research into key considerations. These include the following:

    • Boat Type and Size: One of the most critical considerations with the fishing fleet is the type and size of the boat in question. The sport fishing fleet is vast, with companies ranging from one-boat/one-skipper operations to companies with multiple boats. Two factors will affect a decision about the size of the boat – fish species/location and group size.


    • Gear Types: Anglers should look for boat captains that offer high-quality gear. For instance, Seeker is a recognized name in the rod industry, while Avet is recognized for their reels. These are more just two options, of course, but it is important for anglers to ensure that the company they choose offers quality gear to support catching the desired type of sportfish.


  • No Hawkers: A quick trip to the marina will expose visitors to hawkers – salespeople – that try to convince them to purchase a berth with a particular operation. It is important to realize that none of the reputable fleets use hawkers. These are almost always employed by timeshare companies and low-quality boats that lack experience or knowledge or attempt to save money by limiting fuel usage (and not getting their customers out to the best fishing areas). Anglers are recommended to book their charter direct with their concierge, rather than a hawker.
  • Areas Fished: Anglers should understand that there are three large areas where sportfishing takes place. One is directly around Cabo San Lucas itself. Many charter companies operate in these waters. Following the coast, northeast brings anglers to San Jose del Cabo, and there are many companies here, as well. Farther northeast is East Cape, a wilder, more rugged area with bigger fish, but more challenging waters. Fewer deep sea captains take their customers here, but it can be well worth the travel time and expense.
  • Experience and History: While there is technically nothing wrong with hiring a new captain and crew, visitors are recommended to consider fishing captains with a significant history in the area and lots of experience on the water. Some companies have been in operation 10, 20, and even 30 years, and have in-depth experience with the waters around Los Cabos, the many species of sport fish, and the changes that each month of the year brings not just to fish species, but currents, weather, and more.


Accommodations For Offshore Cabo Fishing Charters

For anyone interested in booking a fishing trip, it will also be important to arrange for accommodations during a stay. Things to consider go far beyond proximity to the Marina, though. For instance, would it be preferable to stay in town? Would a beachfront villa be a better fit? Ultra-high-end luxury accommodations are available, as are villas well suited to weddings, bachelor parties, and even corporate trips. From the Pacific-side to Cabo San Lucas itself, the Corridor, San Jose, and East Cape, luxury villas deliver delightful comfort and easy access to charter companies and the area’s most productive waters.

For those who are visiting specifically for a sportfishing experience, our team recommends accommodations close to the marina.  The following are the most accessible private housing developments near each marina. Give us a call and we will help you make these arrangements.

Fishing Charter Accomodations

Cabo San Lucas Villas

  • Hacienda Beach Club & Residences
  • Pedregal Cabo San Lucas

San Jose del Cabo Villas

  • Puerto Los Cabos
  • Villas del Mar in Palmilla

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