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Cabo SportfishingOne of the greatest storytellers of all time, Zane Grey, described Cabo Sportfishing as being an unparalleled experience. His description sketches a sport-fishing endeavor from centuries ago, of nine tunas, the yellowfin variety.

Four of those nine fish weighed above a hundred and fifty pounds, while the remaining tunas weighed around a hundred. This is an average catch for every pair of anglers fishing within a radius of two miles around the shore. If this is what local sport fishing was like a century ago, one can only imagine how much more thrilling it would be now, thanks to various advancements.

The waters of the Sea of Cortez will leave you breathless with the variety of fish it contains, regardless of how seasoned you are as an angler. However, the region’s layout has undergone several alterations since Zane Grey’s frenzy of yellowfin from a century ago.

At the time, one could only reach the fishing grounds of Baja by getting aboard one’s own vessel, setting sail, and venturing south. Now, there is a complete network that includes airports, a maze of proper roads, and hotels as well. Mexico is today, one of the hottest vacation spots in the world, and for a good reason.

If one tries to compare Mexico of today to that of the 1920s, one will find very few similarities. However, if there is only one thing that remains unaltered today, it is the area fishing grounds.

Fishing is a timeless activity. The waters seem to promise that no matter how many schools of anglers gather to fish in the welcoming shores, they will never leave empty-handed. So what makes the Sea of Cortez an unparalleled fishing region? Read on to find out.

cabo sport fishingCabo San Lucas enjoys an unbeatable international reputation of being a fishing haven. It sits at the meeting point of the sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. A few miles down the shore lay deep, magical waters, with multiple banks one can access during a day trip and several seamounts. Warm waters all through the year ensure that this area remains a hub for the most sought-after, giant game fish.

Whenever one thinks about Cabo Sportfishing, the image that instantly pops into mind is of grand Marlins leaping gracefully out of the water. This is not a surprising fact, considering that the city hosts a world tournament for the highest paying Marlin every year. Even today, this is perhaps the only place that has seen the most broken records for Billfish than anywhere else in the world.

The Sea of Cortez is not merely limited to Permit and Bonefish. It is home to much more than the humungous Billfish. A lot of reasons account for why people regard this area as among the all-rounder fishing destinations of the Pacific.


Cabo Sport Fishing Seasons

Cabo San Lucas sportfishing has no high or low seasons. So whether one is into offshore fishing or inshore fishing, the local waters always make sure there is something for everyone on the other side of the line.

There cannot be a better choice for every traveling angler. It not only offers quality but quantity, along with a breathtaking experience.


Deep Sea Cabo Sport-Fishing for Striped Marlin & Sailfish

Cabo Sport-FishingFor ages, people have referred to Cabo San Lucas as the world’s capital of the Striped Marlin, and one does not have to wonder why. The area really has the numbers to prove why it serves as the Marlin Capital.

Striped Marlin is among the most active fishing experiences one can ever experience. The peak season for striped Marlin is from November till March. However, there are fair chances of catching them through the rest of the year as well.

The best method for trapping some Striped Marlin is through live bait trolling. Most experienced guides also mandate using circle hooks. Circle hooks reduce the likelihood of damaging the fish and increase their chances of survival once those fishing release them.


Best Fish Species to Catch in Cabo San Lucas

From the month of October to December, the weather cools down to a certain extent, with the temperatures ranging between high 80’s to low 90’s and humidity in the high 60’s. The most important fact is that water temperatures are the most optimal for big fish during these months. However, anglers and fishers can catch one of at least five species of fish at almost any time of the year.


Dorado Fishing

These colorful species jump and fight hard if someone hooks them, but have an exquisite taste. One can find them in large numbers because of their fast growth. These species live to a maximum of six years of age and do not gain more than 90lbs of weight.

Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin tuna fish resembles a torpedo, with a silver belly, yellow sides, and bluebacks in dark metallic hues. This fish species can live up to seven years. Yellowfin tuna have a highly migratory nature, and one can find them in plentiful numbers throughout the Indian Oceans, Atlantic, and Pacific.

Striped Marlin

Striped Marlin

As already described in length, Striped Marlin is the signature catch of Cabo San Lucas. This species is in the super-fast category and can weigh anywhere between fifty to three hundred pounds. Fishers from all over the world consider reeling an IGFA-legal Marlin on a hook as a world-class achievement.

Sierra Spanish Mackerel

Sierra Spanish Mackerel

The area also refers to this fish species like the Pacific Sierra. People give great importance to this fish throughout the range. Sierra always makes a great catch on Cabo sport fishing trips. These fish splash on the surface using bait to make fishers aware of their presence.


Cabo San Lucas Fishing Fleet

Sport Fishing CharterAs far as the Sportfishing fleet is concerned, an angler can avail of many options. Many anglers opt to trail their own boats to the local area, while others cruise all the way from San Diego. The most common preference among visiting anglers seems to be flying down and fishing from the local charters.

There is a fleet available to choose from, in the marina’s northwest corner, Picante. The options range from a Shamrock worth 24 feet tall to a Cabo Express worth 45 feet tall. If someone happens to visit Picante, they will find two custom yachts worth 68 feet tall, which are also available for parties or extending fishing ventures.


Fishing Grounds in Cabo San Lucas

The local area is blessed by nature with an ideal location in terms of fishing. On the left of the town, one has the gorgeous Sea of Cortez, ripe with teeming fish and warm waters. On the right lies the Pacific Ocean, which serves as a terrific venue for an exuberating angling experience. All in all, It’s a hot spot for fishing enthusiasts of the world.

There is hardly any other spot in the world where anglers can avail such perfect locations from one point. Although there is no physical line to differentiate between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, the disparities are glaringly obvious between both fisheries.

Each major hotspot features its own seasonality and species, which is why one must know where to go when heading out to wet their line.


Gordo Banks

People dub Gordo banks as “Wahoo Banks,” which is quite an appropriate reference. As per tradition, this has been Baja California’s most popular fishery. Gordo Banks is a fishing gem that lies a mere five miles away from the coastline. It sits on the southeast of Cabo San Lucas and is a combination of two fishing joints: the Outer and Inner Gordo Banks.

The Inner Gordo Bank lies within close proximity of the local pangas, which are the cheap and sturdy open skiffs, varying between 20 to 28 feet.

The most productive spots of the area are the Outer Gordo Banks. One can have their fill of Grouper, Pargo, Dorado, Yellowtail, Jacks, and Wahoo over here. Anglers with a taste for big game can also get their hands on some superb Marlin, Sailfish, and Tuna here.


Sea of Cortez

If one wonders where they can find the most diverse ecosystem in the world, the answer would be the Sea of Cortez. An alluring collection of baitfish, along with more than five thousand invertebrate species, lives in the temperate Cortez sea waters. Present in millions over here are herring, mackerel, sardines, squid, and shrimp.

Close to the shore, one can find plenty of Amberjack, Snapper, and Roosterfish. Further down, offshore stars like Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Tuna, and Dorado are available.


Santa Maria Canyon

Santa Maria Canyon lies close to home territory, just nine miles away from the south of the town. The Canyon is where Billfish, Tuna, and Dorado commonly gather. Owing to the closeness of San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, Santa Maria Canyon is the perfect option for anglers and fishers when the tide gets rough.


1150 Bank

For anglers who come looking for great stories to take back home, along with wonderful fishing experience, 1150 Bank is just the place. One can find this bank around twenty-five miles offshore, with a winning combination of baitfish and underwater structures. 1150 Bank is not only a hotspot for Tuna and Marlin, but one can also see several Shark species frequently visiting this bank. One popular visitor from the shark family is the Mako.


Places to Stay While Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

When one plans a local area sportfishing trip, they can choose from a host of fine villas and resorts. The villas hand-selected by Cabo Platinum’s team are among the best options available. Our villas are utterly luxurious and high-end, which ensures that an angler’s fishing trip doubles as a vacation as well.

All of our villas are in great shape, thoroughly inspected daily, with unparalleled hospitality and luxury amenities. Furthermore, we offer luxurious villas in all the prime locations.

Visiting anglers and fishers may also choose from private properties with a beach view for rentals. This also includes spaces such as spas, pools, tropical gardens, and other attractions for large family gatherings and other similar events. A fulfilling fishing trip with comfort and luxury is just what everyone needs, and this is where people can get it.


Final Thoughts

For every angling enthusiast, Los Cabos is a destination that tops their bucket list. Very few fisheries around the world provide such a wholesome fishing experience. With an abundance of inshore fighters and offshore monsters, no angler will ever have to make a choice between quantity and quality here. In Los Cabos, the local waters give you sufficient opportunities for open exploration and dreamlike fishing experience.

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