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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 6 months with no TV, cell phone, or computer, you are probably familiar with the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has affected world travel. Europe, Canada, and many other areas are completely closed to Americans. Hawaii is just now starting to allow some tourism, but at very controlled levels. Cancun is a questionably safe place right now. So that begs the question… Where can people go right now to enjoy a warm, sunny, beachfront vacation? You guessed it, Cabo San Lucas!

Los Cabos is one of the few areas in the entire world that has never 100% shut its doors to outside travelers. Now I know what some of you might be thinking… that’s incredibly reckless and the cases here must be high. The fact of the matter is, that is actually quite untrue. Los Cabos implemented very strict health measures and guidelines for the residents, visitors, and businesses here. In fact, many of our guests have said there are more restrictions, more people wearing masks, and more care given to preventing the spread of COVID-19 here in Cabo than back in the States. Due to the efficiency of keeping low virus numbers in Los Cabos, we have been able to remain open and welcome our beloved guests to our white sandy beaches, warm ocean water, delicious cuisine, and free-flowing tequila.

As of recent, the United States Board of Health downgraded the travel warning for Mexico from “advisory against travel” to “reconsider traveling again.” Since this has happened, Los Cabos has gone from a Warning Level 4 “Orange” to a Warning Level 3 “Yellow.” This means gyms, movie theaters, and almost all other non-essential businesses are open. Restaurants have been open and taking reservations for months, beaches have remained open, and more bars are starting to come back to life (nightclubs are still mostly closed, with some opening for limited hours). Resorts are up to 50% capacity and flights are arriving more and more every day. Many travelers are not only eager and ready to get here, but many are already doing so!

The caveat to all of this is there are restrictions at the border for those passing on land.  Although air travel has never ceased, ground travel has been strict at the borders.  The latest report states that ground travel is only open to Mexican Citizens and foreigners who own property in Mexico. If you are looking to travel by vehicle or walking, contact The Mexico Border Control Office for up-to-date details.

The energy, excitement, and optimism of not only the residents, but also the travelers who are coming here is a very welcome sight to see. There’s no question that it has been a tough time for everyone over the last 6 months. Many people were worried that they might never be able to travel to the places they love again. To experience the joy and the rush of traveling to a new area, new culture, learning new things, and being free. Well, we are thrilled to report that here in Cabo, many of those worries seem to fade. Our guests have been able to come here and forget the troubles and hardships of everything that’s been happening. They get to come to Cabo, throw their bathing suit on, grab a margarita, and hit the beach! They’ve been experiencing their favorite restaurants and activities for months, all while still feeling safe.

The Los Cabos economy is mostly dependent on tourism. And because of this, everyone here is dedicated to keeping Cabo safe and out of harm’s way. Cabo is not only open and accepting travelers, but we are also doing everything we can to ensure it remains that way so you can finally enjoy that beach vacation you’ve been dreaming of for months.  So hopefully it’s an easy answer when someone asks, “Can You Travel to Cabo San Lucas Right Now?”


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