The real epitome of a luxurious vacation is to cruise crystal waters aboard a private yacht. Nothing but you, friends, family and if you’re lucky a pod of dolphins. It’s a resort experience where guests can live sumptuously with world-class dining from a private chef and excursions to far off lands — all while traveling the seas and exploring the world? And we have the perfect yacht in mind — the 252-foot Expedition Yacht from Cabo Platinum is a palatial, floating residence that spares no expense. Built by the famous designers Amels and Damen, the Expedition Yacht with six cabins is arguably the most incredible and eye-catching vessel in the water.

Featuring 25 crew members, two staff available at any time of the day or night, this yacht experience ensures a  vacation that excludes nothing. Our professional and reputable personnel can help with any questions or concerns from assisting with the scuba gear, extra linens or cleaning the marlin freshly reeled in. Our goal is to make sure that you want for nothing during your stay on our mega Cabo yacht rental.

Enjoy a Lavish Ocean-Faring Experience

Sitting deckside allows our guests to replenish from the digital world with this one-of-a-kind adventure. Unlike a resort, your captain can direct the Expedition to a hidden cove inside the Sea of Cortez far from the prying paparazzi. Relax in the observation lounge of the main saloon to take in the incredible views, read a book, play a game of cards, or take a nap.

The Expedition Yacht comes with a sauna, steam bath, and massage room, with onboard dedicated wellness staff to provide daily spa treatments to help find tranquility on the high-seas. We want to make sure that you can leave the stressors of your daily life behind and truly relax during your time with us.

If feeling good is your top priority, make use of the fully equipped gym. Pump some iron with the free weights, use the resistance machines to tone your muscles, or run your heart out on the cardio machines and treadmills to stay in tip top shape.

The Expedition provides a private chef, versed in any food allergies sensitivities as well any dietary restrictions.  Meals are provided throughout the journey.

We also have four SeaDoo jet skis for fun day trips off of the yacht, two expedition rigs for day trips, and two snowmobiles depending on the specific type of trip booked. If a planned disembarkation has been planned, the trained crew members can provide any assistance for a safe guided day trip.

You will never have to worry about swaying or seasickness aboard the Expedition. The yacht uses a high-tech and effective stabilization system that minimizes rocking and swaying. You can sit in your stateroom or out on the deck and read a book, go on your laptop, and have a few drinks without feeling any waves.

Plan Your Incredible Stay

We guarantee that your trip on the Expedition Yacht is going to be an unforgettable and amazing experience. We have all of our bases covered when it comes to having fun during your trip — we make sure that there you have all of the luxurious offerings that you would find on a mega yacht, with the customer service of a private ship.

In addition to spending significant time in Los Cabos and the Sea of Cortez, this yacht is also a world traveler.  It is built for any condition and has the ability to break through 15 meters of ice.  Choose what part of the world you want to see aboard this sensational floating vessel.  From the Gallapagos, to Antarctica, the Panama Canal, and every wide-body European waterway imaginable.  Book your excursion now as a variety of distant destinations are reserving fast.

Anything you need, our trained staff can get it for you. Our entire team is here to make sure you have an amazing trip filled with opulence and incredible memories. Book this upscale Cabo yacht rental for a minimum of 7 nights and begin your trip on the seas to experience breathtaking panoramic views from the boat, fun day trips with your friends, and unbeatable hospitality. Cabo Platinum is here to make sure that you have the best holiday of your entire life.

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