To Bring Pesos or To Not Bring Pesos…
That is the Question

Whenever our guests hear their friends talking about Mexico, they always think of tequila, white sandy beaches, sizzling spices and reflective cultures. North America’s bottleneck nation is quite popular for its unusual facts like death celebration (Cancun), listlessly inundating Mexico City, death carnivals, local soap operas, and a smattering of unique taco recipes. So you better be ready to pack your luggage already and catch up with a 5-star residential dwelling rather than a “rule-abiding” hotel. Stick to your rules, and enjoy one of Mexico’s greatest getaways – Cabo San Lucas. Who doesn’t love to travel freely?  Everyone, exactly! 

The ultimate truth is, renting a luxury villa beside the seashore or a cozy cottage nestling inside fairytale-inspired timberland gives you an upper hand over B&B suites. The sweet natural smells in the morning aren’t something you could expect in a hotel room, so it’s better to never give up your addiction for a conservative lodging. Excel at life in a Cabo San Lucas villa as if it’s your second home. Enjoy it to the fullest! However, you’ll be surprised to know that luxury villas are usually far more expensive than 5-star hotels, but locals offer their private spaces for very modest rates 

If you’re getting ready to travel to the beachside city, then you’re probably asking yourself: “Do I need to bring pesos to Cabo?”  The easy answer is, No.  Everyone in Cabo takes US Dollars and will transact as Cabo is usually known as “California South.”  The city is Americanized enough so that everyone is very committed to serving guests from the USA.  But to prepare you for your vacation properly, the question is also twofold – yes and NO!

The locals in Cabo offer traditional shopping and delicious cuisine with payment in dollars. However, there are certain places where you’ll benefit by having pesos, as not every resident is fond of negotiating with foreign currency.  They are also known to offer very poor exchange rates.  Assume that locals want pesos and as long as you secured a great exchange rate where you changed your US dollars, you’ll be in a very advantageous position.  With that in mind, we recommend you do not change money at the airport.  From our experience, this has been one of the worst exchange rates with high fees.   

So if this is confusing and you’re still curious, “Do I need to bring pesos to Cabo?”  The answer is NO, unless you want to be in a power position.  Then of course if can only help.  Remember, U.S. dollars are widely accepted in Mexico, but have always haggled with terrible exchange rates, thus, it’s better to keep Mexican currency as a backup. 

In Cabo San Lucas you can easily find a private rental house that is far better and more affordable than hotel. With a villa you’ll enjoy chefs serving you the best fresh breakfast of your life followed by light brunch, appetizing lunch, and a delightful dinner. In additionour butlers never fail to impress when you stay in villas – greeting you with courteous, helping hands, arranging celebrations, making coffee in the morning, keeping your drinks around the pool full, and attending calls with a smile.  

This double ‘T’ (tortilla + tequila) fond nation has plenty of courteous spots hidden for the holidaymakers. Especially, when it comes to enjoying a coastal experience. “Do I need to bring pesos to Cabo?” is something you need to ask your personal concierge if you want to enjoy every beachside bustle. So if you’re looking to stir up for a secluded escapade with your partner (or family), holiday homes offer you the best “home sweet home” accommodation. 


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