Pesos to Dollars: The Cost of Traveling in Cabo San Lucas versus the United States

Cabo San Lucas is a luxurious getaway with world-class resorts and beautiful coastlines. It attracts A-list celebrities and high-profile guests with its exciting attractions.

With so many spectacular accommodations and experiences, one might assume that Cabo San Lucas is pricey. Surely, a destination with so much to offer would cost an arm and a leg?

We’re here to see if that is true or not. Is Cabo San Lucas expensive once you convert the pesos to dollars? How does it stack up against other popular resort destinations like Miami or Maui?

Here is a breakdown of the average cost of traveling in Cabo San Lucas versus Miami and Maui.

Average Daily Cost

Cabo San Lucas has an average daily cost of $91 per person. However, the price per person goes down for group travelers or couples because they save on shared costs.

What a traveler might spend in Cabo San Lucas depends on the types of accommodations they’re staying at, the activities they do, and their dining habits.

Miami’s average daily cost is $165, and Maui’s is $220.

All three destinations provide similar experiences, but Cabo San Lucas offers its guests the most value.

Average Weekly Cost Per Person

How much does it cost most people to stay in each destination for a week?

A week-long trip typically costs around $639 per person in Cabo San Lucas.

The same trip would cost around $1,151-1,154 in Miami and Maui per person.

While these figures might be on the low end for a luxury trip to any of these destinations, it shows visitors can have the same trip for significantly less in Cabo.

Traveling with others can increase the value even more.


Average Accommodation Costs

Cabo San Lucas, Miami, and Maui have spectacular resorts and luxury villas.

No matter which destination travelers visit, they will have a top-notch experience.

In Cabo, each person typically spends around M$845 on accommodations. When you convert the pesos to dollars, that is only $41.

A similar accommodation would cost $106 in Miami and $113 in Maui.

Cabo San Lucas has fantastic luxury resorts and villas to choose from at every price point. Travelers can get more for what they pay for there than most US tourist destinations.

Average Meal Costs

All three destinations are well-known for having exceptional local cuisine and fine dining experiences.

What does it cost to dine in each location?

Cabo San Lucas and Miami have similar dining costs at around $33-35 per day. However, Maui is more expensive, at approximately $75 per day.

In Cabo, great food is everywhere. Whether it’s a private dining experience at a seaside resort or a street vendor, something tasty is always around.

Overall Cost Comparison

Overall, when you convert the peso to dollars and compare it to other top US oceanside resort destinations, Cabo San Lucas offers the best value.

This value doesn’t mean that it sacrifices any quality.

Cabo has world-class resorts, exciting entertainment, and some of the best food around.

It is well worth visiting to see why so many people love vacationing at this Southern Baja California retreat.

If you’re ready to book your flight to Cabo and get away, speak to one of our representatives!



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