Villa Vegas Dave 1

Villa Vegas Dave 1 rolls the luxurious, spacious, and modern into a breathtaking property with views over the Cabo San Lucas and the marina below. It’s a high-end mansion with seven bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, and over 7,000 square feet, facing the incredible views of Cabo and the Sea of Cortez.

You can head outside your property and sit in the infinity pool, lounge on one of the pool chairs, and gaze out at the bright blue water, incredible buildings, and mountains in the background. 

Instead of booking an overcrowded hotel room, this high-end property is arguably the best choice for those who want a large home to kick back, relax, and chill out with their guests. Forget small hotel rooms or B&Bs — this fantastic waterfront property is one of a kind

Let’s check out the five main features of VillaVegas Dave 1 and why YOU should book this property as soon as possible for your upcoming Los Cabos vacation.

Exterior Space

Head outside towards the back of the home to the infinity pool, relax in the lounge chair, and take in the incredible views over the water, surrounding town, and mountains. There are plenty of seating areas, a bird’s-eye-view of the far-away mountains, and a bright blue pool for swimming, teaching your kids how to freestyle, and tanning in the hot summer weather.

Villa Vegas Dave 1

Select one of the many outdoor lounge chairs and pool chairs. You won’t have to share it. All the relaxing chairs have comfortable cushions and a sleek aesthetic that matches the home’s exterior.

Plus, once you are done getting a tan or reading your book on one of the lounge chairs, sit at the outside table with your friends to enjoy a nice meal, have a few drinks, or play a game of cards with your family.

Living Room

Head to the living room to sit on one of the leather couches or cozy chairs. Prop your feet up on the wooden coffee table, put your drinks on the couch table, and watch your favorite movie on the smart TV. You can spend time with your friends or family in this relaxing room, soaking in the unique artwork, admiring the stylish aesthetic, and having a few drinks with your guests.


The kitchen is arguably the focal point of the home! This incredible kitchen is vast, offering tons of counter space for preparing appetizers, cooking a Mexican dinner, or serving drinks to your friends. Your guests can sit at one of the many comfortable high-top bar stools and sip on a margarita, chat with you about your day, or munch on some snacks before dinner. Plus, you will have fun using the stainless-steel amenities and modern appliances!

Dining Room

Located just next to the kitchen are the dining room and dining room table, with tons of seating, a granite table, and bright lighting that makes it easy for all your friends or family to sit together and share a nice meal. Even though there are not enough tables for all 22 guests at the dining room table, the open floor plan with the kitchen and dining room makes it easy for everyone to converse, spend time together, and chat about the upcoming plans for the day.


Pool at dusk with blue lights underneath the water.

Villa Vegas Dave 1 looks down onto the Cabo San Lucas marina.

Lastly, we have incredible bedrooms with plush bedding, massive beds, outdoor balcony spaces, and sleek interior decor. You will never have to worry about getting a great night’s sleep in our comfortable bedrooms — we guarantee you will have the best night’s sleep in this cozy and relaxing bedroom!

Not only do our bedrooms have cozy and plush bedding, but there are attached ensuite bathrooms. You can easily walk into the en-suite bathroom, rinse the sand off your feet, and feel refreshed and relaxed as you get into bed at night.

Luxury Accommodation for Your Los Cabos Vacation

If you are interested in a Los Cabos vacation, then we don’t blame you! There are dozens of things to do here all year round, ranging from fun outdoor activities to mouthwatering restaurants to cool vintage shops. You can book a high-end luxury rental from Cabo Platinum that works for a party of any size.

We have the ideal property if you are heading here with a big group of friends or family. Villa Vegas Dave 1 offers high-end amenities, luxurious fittings, ample space, cozy furniture, and plush bedrooms that are perfect for those who want a vacation they will never forget.

Visit Cabo Platinum to check out all the perks of this fantastic 7,000-square-foot mansion in the heart of Los Cabos!

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