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Best Cabo San Lucas Transportation Option: Taking a Private Jet to Cabo San Lucas

Traveling to Cabo San Lucas is an incredible experience. The city has world-class resorts, beaches, and entertainment to enjoy.

However, getting there can be a hassle, especially during COVID-19. So many issues can occur on a commercial flight, including booking issues, luggage mishandling, and crowded flights. Even passengers who book a first-class flight aren’t guaranteed a peaceful voyage.

Travelers who don’t want to lift a finger and have a stressful experience can take a private jet to Cabo. With Cabo Platinum, it’s easy to do.

Here is everything travelers need to know about the Cabo San Lucas private jet experience.

Why Charter a Private Jet to Cabo San Lucas?

Private jets are better than commercial flights in almost every way. Taking a private jet to Cabo is effortless and enjoyable. Travelers can start their vacations before they embark!

It is better to charter a private jet because passengers don’t have to worry about security and luggage check-ins. On a private jet, travelers can skip security lines and go directly to their plane.

During COVID-19 times, travelers don’t have to worry about other passengers and maintain social distances. Cabins are more secure and sanitary because it is only for the guests.

Finally, travelers can go directly to their luxury villas upon arrival because private flights include shuttle transfers.

Types of Private Jet Charters

Private jets are not a one-size-fits-all experience. Instead, there are many types of jets and experiences for travelers.

Private aircraft have four main categories: light cabin, mid-cabin, super mid-cabin, and large-cabin. Depending on the model, these jets can carry between two to twenty people.

Private jets can accommodate all groups – from couples and families to corporate groups.

A few types of private jets clients can choose from include:

No matter which jets travelers choose, they will have personalized attention and a one-of-a-kind experience.

Private Jet Experience

The experience of riding in a Cabo San Lucas private jet is effortless from booking to arrival.

All passengers have to do is decide what jet they would like to take and show up at the airport.

Private jets can travel non-stop for 2,200 nautical miles (or 5 hours). There is a 24-hour flight service any day of the week, allowing maximum flexibility.

While onboard, there are many amenities for guests. Airplanes come equipped with premium in-flight entertainment, snacks, mini-bars, and friendly flight attendants.

Once you arrive, a private shuttle service will take you right to your luxury villa’s doorstep. Clients can choose between a luxurious Cadillac Escalade SUV, stretch limousine, or Mercedes G Wagon.

How to Charter a Private Jet

Chartering a private jet couldn’t be easier.

The first step would be to contact Cabo Platinum to get started. They have 24/7 personal concierge services to guide clients through the entire process. There is no wrong time to call because travelers can book any time of year.

The personal concierge services will take care of everything behind the scenes. All travelers need to do is decide when they want to go and what type of aircraft and experience they want. Cabo Platinum will arrange the rest.

Ready to get started? Contact one of our representatives to start today.