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You may not immediately think of Cabo San Lucas for your upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, but there are tons of reasons why going somewhere warm, near the beach, and picturesque will be the ideal getaway for you and your family. Instead of going to a crowded city or cold weather location where you will have to be around thousands of other tourists and overpay for a tiny hotel room, you can book a luxurious and spacious apartment in paradise. Sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? Although many college students and parents visit for spring break, Christmas, or the summer, we think that the fall is THE best time to head to Los Cabos for an upbeat and exciting time with your family.

You can relax by the pool, head to area restaurants with your guests, or just chill out in your luxury villa rental. Here are a few activity recommendations during your Thanksgiving in Cabo San Lucas and why is arguably the best holiday to spend in this romantic and fun-filled getaway spot.

Thanksgiving in Cabo San Lucas

Put away the cold and inclement weather gear — you are heading to Cabo San Lucas. Let’s see the best things to do during your Thanksgiving getaway in this spectacular location. Not only can you still head to the beach, experience outdoor activities, and see all that Cabo has to offer, but you can enjoy the peace and solitude.

Head to the Arch

The Arch of Cabo SanLucas (Los Arcos) is one of the most photographed spots in the world. So, if you come here during the summer, you can expect a lot of visitors in boats and tourists in kayaks. Many may sail or bob in front of your camera trying to get an ideal picture. However, in the fall, there are much fewer tourists, so you can take a half-day or full-day boat trip to this incredible rock formation, snap a pic, and go swimming in the bright blue water.

Chill Out on Lover’s Beach

Lover’s Beach is one of the most spectacular and picturesque beaches in Los Cabos but the only access is by water taxi ($10 approximately) or glass bottom boat. The best thing about this beach is that it is paradise — so tons of tourists will go to other places instead. This means you will have tons of space for yourself and your family for a relaxing Thanksgiving picnic.

Walk Along the Marina

It is good to get some variety of exercise during your vacation. Burn off some of that Thanksgiving turkey and walk along the Marina in Cabo San Lucas to get in your 10,000 steps, take a few photos, admire the sunset over the water, and perhaps charter a luxury yacht from Cabo Platinum.

Go Fishing

Cabo San Lucas is an ideal place for sport fishing, watching the local fishermen at work, and learning the ropes. We recommend taking a fishing tour or going to one of the piers to try your luck at catching one of the big yellowfin tunas!

Head to the Bird Sanctuary

Another unique and outdoor-centric thing to do during your time in beautiful Los Cabos is to go to the Estuary and Bird Sanctuary. Head here to admire the incredible wildlife, soak in the laid-back vibe, and take in an amazing atmosphere.

Accommodation in Los Cabos, Mexico

As you know, Los Cabos is one of the most beautiful places in the entire country of Mexico. Featuring incredible outdoor things to do, cool restaurants, coffee-filled cafes, friendly people, and amazing nature, there are endless activities to do during your Thanksgiving holiday in this cool town.

Not only can you do all of the above-mentioned activities, but you can wander around the town and check out Santuario de Guadalupe, challenge your friends to a round of golf at the Diamante Cabo San Lucas, take photos at the Centro Comercial Puerto Paraiso, and walk along the Playa El Medano to watch the sunset.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? We think so too! The only thing that could make this better is a modern and spacious place to stay that is right in the heart of the town. Fortunately for you, we’ve got that covered.

Cabo Platinum offers luxury villas across Los Cabos. Find your ideal villa, browsing from beach escape houses to family vacation homes, destination wedding venues, all-inclusive resorts, corporate retreats, and bachelor parties. We have tons of Thanksgiving rentals that are perfect for groups of all sizes! Browse the top options on our website today to get started.