Bespoke Luxury & Exceptional Experiences in Los Cabos, Mexico

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Finding the Ideal Villa for Your Next Trip to Cabo may become a little more difficult due to the abundance of available properties. Therefore, to help you through the initial phase of planning your next Cabo trip, here are five quick tips that will make it easier for you to find the best accommodation in Cabo San Lucas and be able to start narrowing down some options.

Let’s begin by defining the following:

  1. Group Size and Dynamic: It’s crucial to decide who will be staying with you and whether they’ll be okay with sharing a bed or bedroom, because it affects the number of bedrooms and beds required.
  2. Nightly Budget: Establishing a price range for each night that you’re looking to stay at will give you a few more possibilities. Setting your budget per night is key, so be sure to take into account all the extra amenities you want the villa to offer.
  3. Dates: While choosing your dates is obviously important, being flexible with them can lead to more options, especially if you already have a villa in mind. Consider being accommodating the weekend before or after your preferred dates.
  4. Purpose of the Trip: Is also very significant because some villas are better equipped or prepared for specific types of vacations, such as weddings, business retreats, golf getaways, bachelor and bachelorette parties, etc.
  5. Area: To start figuring out which places would be best for your party, it’s vital to have an idea of what you plan to accomplish while in Cabo. For instance, staying closer to Cabo San Lucas would be ideal if you were traveling there for a bachelor and bachelorette party.

Having defined the above, you now have a solid road map for locating the best accommodations for your next trip.

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you’d like me to provide you with some accommodation options. I look forward to helping you choose the ideal accommodation for your trip. I’m looking forward to guiding you through all the details of visiting Los Cabos!

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This article was written by RODRIGO GOMEZ, for informational purposes only and are not legal advice or a substitute for legal counsel. This information is not intended to create, and receipt of it does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship. You should not rely or act upon this information without seeking professional counsel.

Make the most of this season and enjoy Memorial Day in Cabo San Lucas – a sure way to captivate the mind and imagination and a plethora of events and activities for the whole family,  when you set your travel sights in the baja over Memorial Day! The following are a few of the many reasons you’ll want to hit the road or skies and head to beautiful Mexico for a Cabo Memorial Day Weekend this year.

Enjoy an Unforgettable Jazz, Wine, and Sunset Luxury Cruise

Those who are excited to spend a wonderful Memorial Day away in sunny Cabo San Lucas will find this area is packed with land-based fun to enjoy. That said, just as much adventure waits on the water for those looking to spend a luxurious day on the waves. While you’re here, consider booking an unforgettable jazz, wine, and sunset luxury cruise to top off your Memorial Day experiences in style. These two-hour tours give guests the opportunity to step onboard a pristine vessel and sail along the Los Cabos coastline along a route that offers up iconic views of natural rock formations, marine life, and of course, a stunning sunset too. During your time onboard, guests will enjoy live jazz music as well as a premium selection of gourmet appetizers, wine, and other beverages upon request. Typically, these tours enjoy a host that speaks both English and Spanish and upon request, pick-up and drop-off services can be included. Make it a small group tour when you’re traveling with a crew of family or friends this Memorial Day or opt for a fully private tour if that’s preferable. A jazz, wine, and sunset luxury cruise is filled with highlights for guests to savor including sailing past Lover’s Beach and Land’s End alike. The entire tour is an opportunity to take stunning photos to commemorate the trip and there’s a good chance you might even spot communities of sea lions out and about as you sail along. This is a Cabo Memorial weekend Day activity that you’re going to want to be sure to include on your itinerary this year.

Book a Private Cooking Class

Planning to enjoy well-deserved time in and around Cabo San Lucas over Memorial Day is a chance to take advantage of the plethora of world-class restaurants here that are just waiting to dazzle visitors with palate-pleasing moments. That said, it can be just as intriguing to take some time to learn from the pros for yourself in the comfort of a luxurious vacation rental. Dedicate yourself to learning a savory skill or two this Memorial Day when you book a private cooking class during your stay in Los Cabos, Mexico. The opportunity to learn alongside a professional when it comes to traditional and local cuisine is fun and unforgettable! While a private cooking class ends with an amazing meal to enjoy, it’s also a chance to dive into the many ingredients that are used in traditional dishes and why they’re important to the local history and culture.

Many cooking classes run for three hours at a time and kick off with a mouthwatering cocktail included. There are evening sessions so that guests can learn to dish up delightful combinations of Mexican fare and enjoy it as dinner as well. Guests will enjoy a tour of the restaurant’s on-site vegetable and herb garden to select items for the recipe that will be featured for the evening. Everything needed to cook is readily available and no matter what particular dish is being taught that evening, guests can count on enjoying dessert as a way to end it all on a sweet note.

Those who prefer to learn to cook up something savory in their own vacation rental can book a chef to come to them through our concierge services. This experience focuses on guided demonstrations and serves a base price will generally be quoted for four people at a time. The chef brings his or her own ingredients and cookware and there’s no need to worry about cleanup either. Depending on where the class is hosted, start times are flexible and classes generally last 2 – 4 hours in total.

Book a Luxurious Rental with Concierge Services Included

Elevate your Memorial Day stay in Cabo San Lucas by booking an amazing villa, estate, or residence through Cabo Platinum. Our property options come with spacious layouts and stunning views paired with options to enjoy features like infinity pools and in-home gyms to media rooms, game rooms, outdoor kitchens, gorgeous lounge areas with waterfront vistas, and beyond. At Cabo Platinum, our guests have access to top-notch concierge services and our team is on hand to help with everything from private yacht and jet bookings to restaurant reservations, in-home yoga sessions, and massage therapy options during your vacation days! Whether it’s a drive, butler, private chef, or something more that would make your stay complete, our team is here to help make it happen.

Reach Out and Book Your Cabo Memorial Day Weekend Rental

When you’re ready to turn travel plans into a reality, make more of every moment in Los Cabos by booking luxurious accommodations through Cabo Platinum. Make this Memorial Day in Cabo San Lucas a success. Reach out to learn more!

Are you looking for a spacious, beachfront Cabo vacation villa that is suitable for you and your entire group? If so, we have the place for you. Instead of staying in a crowded hotel room or renting an overpriced house that doesn’t have your required amenities, Casa Alcini is a grandious beach property that has everything you need — and more. Casa Alcini is an eight-bedroom, eight-bathroom house that can fit up to 16 guests. Featuring over 7,000 square feet of interior space, this amazing Cabo San Lucas luxury villa has ample outdoor space for you to sit, relax and soak-up the warm Cabo sun.

Outdoor Area

The outdoor space features a large pool with a hot tub that is perfect for relaxing and easing your aching muscles after a long day of walking, surfing, or exploring the Pedregal area. You can also lounge and lay down in one of the beach chairs under an umbrella to read a book or sip on a cocktail as you gaze out at the bright blue water. Once night falls, you can gather around the outdoor firepit on the cozy and plush couches to have a few drinks and share stories with your guests.

The outdoor aesthetic of this property is incredible. Especially when the sun starts to set, you can gaze out over the water and soak in the bird’s-eye views. Marvel at the intricacy of the architecture of the home, featuring lights on the adobe walls to brighten up the space during the nighttime, unique trees, large cactuses, and garden areas. Part of the allure of this jaw-dropping home is the attention to every detail. The outdoor space is perfectly manicured, always clean, and features high-end flowers, plants, trees, and decorations that look our over the Pedregal beach.

Interior Spaces

As soon as you enter the home from the large outdoor space, you will notice the intricacy of the decorations. The artwork is pristine, featuring well-known Mexican artists and adorned classically throughout the villa. The furnishings are plush and cozy, offering numerous comfortable places to sit in every room of the house. The kitchen features stainless steel amenities and ample counter space to make appetizers, cook a five-course meal, or serve drinks to your guests.

All of the bedrooms feature comfortable and cozy bedding, featuring plush pillows, cozy interior decorations, and access to the outdoor space. Some of the bedrooms even offer their own private glass doors that open out to the beach — you can literally get out of your bed and be on the white-sand beach in just seconds!

Some of the bedrooms open up right to the outdoor pool area, featuring a corner room with a sliding glass door and curtains that can block the light out so I can sleep at night. In the morning, simply open the door, open the curtains, and walk just a few steps to one of the outdoor chairs, umbrella tables, or outdoor couches to watch the sunrise with a fresh cup of coffee.

And if you need to wash off after a long day of exploring nearby Los Cabos, all bedrooms come with an en suite bathroom that offers tons of sink space, modern showers, and tubs that will make you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day. We love the idea of getting into the bath before be to de-stress, or using the bathroom to get dressed, get ready in the morning, and have a relaxing morning.

Along with the common space, this large-scale mansion offers numerous rooms that are perfect for relaxing getaways, private time, and experiencing all that this house has to offer. One of the best common spaces is a basement TV room with chairs, DVD players, smart TV options, and access to an outdoor table for having a few drinks or playing cards.  Perfect for those with pilots, security or even a nanny, one-bedroom is detached and near the front entrance of the property.

You can also make use of the formal dining room table, perfectly positioned between the modern kitchen and the cozy living room on the main floor. We love sitting here to have a formal dinner, five-course meal, or play a board game with your guests. Up to 8 guests can sit at the intricate wooden table and the comfortable wooden chairs.

Book Casa Alcini for Your Next Cabo Vacation Today

This luxurious and pristine mansion is one for those who want to spare no expense. Coming in with over 7,000 of interior space and over 4,000 square feet of exterior space, including a pool, dining room tables, lounge areas, hot tub, and fireplace, you and your guests will want for nothing during your stay here.

If you need to relax and de-stress from your daily life, whether it be school, work, family, or friends, booking the Casa Alcini is a foolproof way for you to have an incredible local experience, become a part of the nearby culture, and experience a lavish lifestyle. Reach out today for more information!

Are you looking for something fun and unique to do on your upcoming vacation to Cabo San Lucas? If you are tired of drinking, going to the beach, and sitting around your apartment, we have a better idea. Why not get outside and try to see some of the local wildlife? You may never get a chance to come to Los Cabos for vacation again, so why not do something that is outside of your comfort zone?

If this sounds exciting, then we highly recommend going on a whale-watching and yachting tour in Cabo San Lucas! You can use one of the many local whale-watching tour operators to go out on the water and try to snap a few pics of these majestic creatures. Let’s check out the best tours in Los Cabos to choose from during your stay. Plus, after a long day of being out on the water, you can retire to one of the luxurious and spacious properties from Cabo Platinum to prop your feet up, pour a glass of wine, and take in the amazing coastal views.

Luxury Whale-Watching in Cabo

One of the main places you can use to go whale-watching in Los Cabos is your Cabo Platinum concierge. Our reputable concierges will connect you to a luxury whale-watching tour in Cabo San Lucas that will be an unforgettable experience. The main season to go whale watching in Cabo starts on December 15th, so make sure you book your spot ahead of time to get on one of the best tours on the entire island.

Our Cabo Platinum concierges can connect you to a catamaran whale-watching experience that is perfect for vacationers who want to get out on the water and maximize their chances of seeing whales jump in and out of the water! Take your spot on the double-deck catamaran to see the incredible marine life dotted around San Jose del Cabo. Listen to your knowledgeable guide tell you about the history of the animal, the biodiversity of the island, and interesting facts about the whales.

You can also use our Cabo Platinum concierges to book a luxury yacht whale-watching experience! If the catamaran is too casual for your needs, you can book a yacht cruising experience with a hydrophone system to listen to the whale calls, perfect vantage points to look at the incredible far-away landscape, and an open bar to enjoy a few drinks during your whale watching tour.

Make sure you keep a few things in mind before you book this unique trip. Make sure you book transportation to and from the boat when you book the ticket. If you want us to do the organization for you, you can book the round-trip transportation with our company in an air-conditioned van that is just $7 per person.

Plus, we make sure all of the tourists are safe and protected. Your children must be 5 years or older to book this trip to make sure they stay safe, and all of the older adults stay safe. Lastly, we tell all of our guests to bring sunscreen to protect against UV rays, wear non-slip shoes to avoid falls on the wet decks, and wear layers to stay warm during colder days on the water.

FAQs About Whale-Watching in Los Cabos

Are you concerned about your trip on the boat? Maybe you are a bit confused about the details of the whale-watching tour. Check out these frequently asked questions from users about the luxury whale tour experience in Los Cabos.

When Should I Book the Whale-Watching Tour in Los Cabos?

Luckily for you, prime whale-watching time is here! The best time to see whales starts in the middle of December, so make sure you book your tour as soon as possible to avoid any sold-out trips. Whale-watching usually begins in December and ends in April, so you have a few-month window to see these incredible creatures in action.

What is the Type of Boat Used for the Tour?

Unlike other tour companies and areas in the islands that use tiny boats and unreliable speedboats, most companies in Los Cabos use a heavy-duty catamaran or yacht ship that provides you with perfect vantage points of the water, including amenities, and plenty of space for you and your group.

Will I See Whales During My Tour?

Although we do our best to make sure you see whales during your tours in Los Cabos, this is not a guarantee. However, if you come to Los Cabos during the winter, the chances of seeing whales are much higher!

Use Cabo Platinum to Book Your Accommodation Today

If you are coming to Los Cabos during the winter months, there are tons of accommodation options for you to choose from to make your vacation truly unforgettable.

Cabo Platinum offers tons of rental properties that can work for your unique needs. Whether you need a massive home for you and your 15 best friends, or you want a smaller two-bedroom modern home for you and your family, we have all that you need — and more!

Cabo San Lucas is one of the top travel destinations in Mexico. Such status is no surprise since the metropolis is full of unique attractions. Besides that, the area is close to many American cities and offers an ideal combination of spectacular scenery with excellent warm weather. Since the conditions are conducive, you can visit this city with your partner to enjoy the best Cabo romantic getaway during Valentine’s to explore its fascinating aspects romantically. Here’s why you should consider a romantic Valentine’s getaway to this resort city in Mexico.

Luxury Fishing Charters

This Los Cabos metropolis is famous for world-class fishing spots full of various fish species. Angling enthusiasts flock to this resort city to try their luck at catching the best inshore and offshore fish, from Spanish mackerel to black marlin. Cabo San Lucas adds an exquisite touch to this experience by offering luxury fishing charters steered by professional crews.

You can book one of these charters to experience extraordinary levels of luxury. This all-inclusive excursion takes you directly to the top fishing spots in the area. The charters specialize depending on where to fish, with some handling inshore fish species and others concentrating on onshore fish. Depending on your preference, you can take your partner on one of these fishing trips to catch snappers, small tuna, yellowtail amberjack, and more.

Sea of Cortez

The magnificent Sea of Cortez, also known as the Gulf of California, is an awe-inspiring sea between Mexico’s mainland and the Baja California Peninsula. The name of this water body pays homage to Hernán Cortés, a Spanish conquistador. The Mexican government later renamed it the Gulf of California.

This marginal sea features marine zones named World Heritage sites by UNESCO and more than 200 islands. Over 800 species of fish inhabit this area, with 90 being endemic. When visiting Cabo San Lucas, you can include a visit to this magnificent sea as part of your Valentine’s itinerary. The unique spots worth looking out for when exploring the attraction include Cabo San Lucas Reserve, Islands of the Gulf, and Bahía de Loreto National Park.

The Magnificent El Arco de Cabo San Lucas

Another unique section of the Sea of Cortez is the striking El Arco, a standalone attraction. El Arco strategically lies at the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean meeting point, which lies on the route leading to Lover’s Beach. This distinctive landmark located at the tip of the Baja California Peninsula is a striking rugged rock that protrudes from the sea.

Also known as Land’s End, El Arco is easily accessible through boat trips offered by water tour companies around Cabo San Lucas. You can head there directly through one of the tour services, such as Roger’s Glass-Bottom Boat Tours, or by stopping on your way to or from Lover’s Beach. This magnificent natural attraction offers you and your partner unique photo ops that’ll elevate your Valentine’s getaway to a memorable one. Besides providing a picture-perfect backdrop, the area’s waters are perfect for trying out activities like snorkeling and scuba diving.

Whale Watching and Baby Turtle Releases

Given that the Baja California Sur weather is often warm, thousands of humpback whales migrate from their cold feeding Alaska grounds to this area. The whales swim over 6,000 miles to Cabo San Lucas, where they mate.

The event occurs from mid-December to March or April, attracting tourists who flock to this Mexican resort city to marvel at these animals. Plenty of whale-watching operators, such as Cabo Private Tours, offer visitors tours to these breeding grounds. You can book a trip to enjoy these enormous animals with your loved one during your Valentine’s getaway to Cabo San Lucas.

Another exciting water spectacle worth checking out in Cabo San Lucas is the release and conservation of baby sea turtles. As much as it may sound unrealistic or absurd, watching baby turtles get released is one thing that happens in the area. You don’t want to miss out on this amazing site. It’s sure to bring you and your partner closer together!

Dining and Shopping

Cabo San Lucas crowns its exciting attractions by offering visitors delectable cuisines and a delightful shopping experience. This resort city’s diverse restaurants offer a wide selection of palatable cuisines from all over the world. You and your lover can enjoy the options available, from alfresco dining on the beach to fine dining. You can also explore the stores close to these establishments for souvenirs highlighting your visit to this Mexican coastal gem.

Book Your Cabo Romantic Getaway Today

Cabo San Lucas promises an all-out fun getaway regardless of the time of visit. However, such an adventure can only be memorable if you stay in one of our unique vacation rentals. Reach out to us today to book one of these comfortable accommodation rentals.

Are you considering going on a Cabo vacation for your upcoming holiday? If so, we don’t blame you! Not only are you positioned perfectly right on the southern tip of the Baja California Sur, but there is perfect proximity to all that this pristine area has to offer. Gaze out at the Gulf of California in the morning, walk to one of the nearby beaches, and stroll along the coastline to get a bit of exercise in the morning.

We can’t think of anywhere better to have a winter holiday or a summer getaway than this amazing area. Plus, we have a high-end and luxurious property that is calling your name!

Check out Palmilla Estate 46, a sprawling estate with tons of outdoor space, a modern interior, spacious floorplans, incredible amenities, and the world at your fingertips.

If you are sick and tired of spending hours and hours online looking at crowded hotels, overpriced hostels, and Airbnbs that are too far out of your way, then check out Cabo Platinum.

We have the perfect spot for you and your group of friends to book during your upcoming stay in Cabo. Palmilla Estate 46 is a 4-bedroom and 4.5-bathroom Palmilla villa that can fit 10 guests comfortably.

Outdoor Space

This paradise contains a private outdoor space that is complete with Adirondack chairs, a foosball table, a dining table, and an architecturally-amazing pool and hot tub that is perfect for any time of the day. Do you want to get in some exercise in the morning with aerobics and aquatics? Hop in the pool! Are your muscles tired of walking all day long? Head to the hot tub to soak and chat with your friends over a glass of wine.

The aesthetic and functional outdoor space is not only sleek and stylish, but it means everyone can sit outside in a lounge chair, sit at the table with some snacks, or hop in the pool at one time. You will never feel crowded or cramped in our manicured back garden, featuring towering palm trees, a large pool, and relaxing lounge chairs in the sun or the shade.

Not to mention, we offer ample outdoor seating under the cover of shade for having a few drinks, eating your dinner, or playing board games. There is no better view than from the second story of our luxury mansion, gazing out at the incredible hills and the sunset in the distance.

Living Room

Plus, as soon as you head inside the house, you will be taken aback by the modern interior, spacious design, incredible architecture, and cozy furnishings. The living room features a comfortable and huge L-shaped couch that can fit all of your guests, featuring a footrest and a smart TV that can play your favorite show or movie at night.


You can then meander into the kitchen and serve your guests some appetizers or drinks at the high bar seating area, with unique stools and ample counter space that is perfect for cutting up fresh vegetables, serving appetizers, and making drinks for your guests.

Dining Room

If you are in the mood for a formal dinner, head to the dining room table with nearby floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a main view of the surrounding countryside and water. There is no better place to sit and chat with your friends about what to do for the upcoming days.

Lounge Room

Did you know we also have a secret lounge room? That’s right! This is the coolest spot for teens to hang out and get away from adults. Lounge on one of the cozy chairs or spread out on the L-shaped comfortable couch.

Choose the Best Villa for Your Cabo Vacation

If you are a fan of views right from your bedroom, then look no further. Our bedroom offers a comfortable couch that looks directly out onto the outdoor pool, two lounge chairs, and a comfortable bed that is ideal for relaxing and chilling out after a long day of exploring.

Plus, the ensuite bathroom leaves little to be desired. Featuring dark-stained wood cabinets, white countertops, and bright lighting, this modern bathroom is THE ideal spot to have a nice hot shower before crawling into bed and watching your favorite show on the flat-screen TV.

Last but not least, the “kid’s” bedroom is ideal for those who want to give their teenagers some freedom of their own. This spacious bedroom features a twin-sized bed, queen bed, and two bunk beds that make it easy for up to 6 kids to relax in here! We love this space for teens, young adults, or couples who want to have a little slumber party with one another. Even though six can fit in this room, the ample floor space, big beds, and sleek design will never make you feel cramped.

Book Palmilla Estate 46 with Cabo Platinum today! Experience a luxury Cabo vacation with Cabo Platinum!

Maybe you are in need of some sand, sun, and good vibes in your life. It has been a long few months at work, school, or with your family, and you need a respite. But where should you go? If you are sick and tired of going to the same old places over and over again — which are usually overrun with tourists and overpriced — you need to find somewhere new to explore during your trip!

Let’s see. The perfect place that has incredible weather, and friendly people. Spacious rental properties and bright blue waters make it the perfect place to wake up in the morning. Yes, you are right — we are thinking of Los Cabos!

Los Cabos is one of the most popular destination spots in the entire world — and for good reason! The friendly locals, incredible cuisine, dozens of outdoor things to do, bright blue water, golden sand beaches, and pristine weather makes it the best spot to go on vacation as a solo traveler, with your partner, with your family, or with a big group of friends.

Fortunately for you, there is the ideal rental property for a large-scale family get-together, friend reunion, or corporate retreat for your stay in Cabo. The Casa De Karma is a sprawling home that features six bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms, providing ample space for up to 14 guests to kick back, relax, and soak up the sun. With over 11,000 square feet, you will never feel crowded or cramped in this luxurious rental property.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? We think so too! This Pedregal villa in Cabo San Lucas is really the lap of luxury, and you will feel like royalty when you stay here.

Outdoor Space

One of the main perks of this property is the extensive outdoor spaces. There’s a huge pool, featuring a little island with a chair and umbrella in the middle. You can sit back, relax, and put your feet in the water as you feel like you’re in the middle of the ocean. Or you can meander over to the spacious hot tub and sit in there in the evening with a glass of wine as you recuperate from a day of swimming, sailing, or surfing.

If you would rather just relax outside, you can lie down on one of the many recliner chairs, beach chairs, or plush chairs under an umbrella. This way, you can read, sip on some drinks, and chat with your friends without the sun beating down on your face.

Not to mention, the outdoor space has incredible views of the surrounding hills, palm trees, bright blue waters, and golden sand beaches. As soon as you step foot outside, you will see the incredible architecture of the home, the surrounding houses on the hillside, and the never-ending water.

Plus, once it gets dark, you and your guests can cozy up around the outdoor fireplace, pour yourself a drink from the outdoor bar, and sit and talk about your favorite part of the day with your guests. There is no better place to relax!

Dining Areas

Of course, the dining areas are just as spectacular. The dining room table is positioned just on the outside patio. With the retractable doors that provide easy access to the pool area and outside patio, you can walk through the open floor plan from the kitchen, through the living room, to the outdoor dining room table in just seconds.

If you would rather eat “inside,” you can sit at the lengthy dining room table, complete with enough chairs, interesting light fixtures, and cozy seating. If you leave the sprawling retractable doors open, you can sit at the table and gaze outside the incredible views from the back of your house.

Living Room

The living room features an L-shaped plush and cozy white couch that is perfect for all of your guests to sit, watch something on TV, or converse with one another. The living room is directly connected to the kitchen and living room, making it easy for you to chat with your guests sitting at the long table in the dining room or the granite counter in the kitchen.


The kitchen offers ample counter space, modern appliances, and a square island granite table that is perfect for just a few of your friends to sit, have some snacks, or share a drink before dinner is served.

Bar Area

Plus, there is a super-cool bar area that features an indoor mini bar, a small couch, and a TV that is perfect for you and a few friends to sit back, chill out, and de-stress in the middle of the day.

Stay in Cabo and Choose the Best Villa

Last but not least, there are six spacious bedrooms with cozy beds, plush bedding, and amazing views of the surrounding areas. All of the bedrooms come with an ensuite bathroom, ensuring all of your guests have privacy during their stay in this home.

There are luxurious and spacious properties that are truly unbelievable. Don’t believe us? Check out Cabo Platinum today and rent Casa de Karma for your next stay in Cabo. We guarantee you will have the best vacation of your entire life!

A Magical Cabo Retreat: Villa Sebastian in Pedregal, Waldorf Astoria

The resort destination, Baja California Sur, is an ideal destination for group trips offering a wide selection of activities and excellent accommodations, which includes Villa Sebastian, Cabo at the Waldorf Astoria. Travelers worldwide choose Cabo San Lucas and Cabo Platinum’s villas here to disconnect from their daily lives and reset.

When traveling with a group, it is easier to book a luxury villa than several rooms at a resort. There are many options available, but one of the best is Villa Sebastian Cabo. This Cabo vacation rental has it all – spacious rooms, one-of-a-kind views, and outstanding amenities.

Within the Pedregal Community, Villa Sebastian simultaneously feels exclusive and well-connected to everything Cabo offers.

Here is everything you need to know about this exciting accommodation.

About Villa Sebastian Cabo and Pedregal

Villa Sebastian Cabo is a three-bedroom, 6,500-square-foot villa located within the Pedregal Resort. This space is only a few years old and is a perfect blend of comfort and style.

Up to ten guests can comfortably fit into this space. Each of the three bedrooms has an ensuite bathroom, a private terrace, and uninterrupted ocean views.

The villa is part of the Waldorf Astoria Pedregal Resort, a private, gated oceanside property with 24/7 security nestled into the hills of Cabo San Lucas. Guests can find some of Cabo’s best dining at El Farallon, spas, and a beach club at the resort.


The villa and Pedregal have outstanding amenities.

Villa Sebastian Cabo is well-equipped with a dining room for eight, state-of-the-art entertainment systems, and a water purification system. Additionally, cooking enthusiasts will enjoy preparing meals in the property’s gourmet kitchen.

There is a private heated infinity pool, jacuzzi, and deck loungers outside the villa. Guests can use the gas BBQ and palapa with seating for six to enjoy the great outdoors and the famous Cabo sunshine.

After swimming and spending time in the jacuzzi, guests can rinse off in the outdoor shower before reentering the villa.

These amenities make it easy for travelers to immerse themselves in the Cabo San Lucas experience immediately.


The Cabo Platinum team works with guests to turn an enjoyable stay into a once-in-a-lifetime one. Many services will enhance the experience and make it even more memorable.

Cabo Platinum’s concierge service works with clients before they set out on their journey to curate the trip. They can arrange transportation options like private jets and ground transport to make travel a breeze.

When guests arrive at Villa Sebastian, Cabo Platinum can provide butler, grocery delivery, and private chef services.

Additionally, travelers can further personalize their trip with private yacht and fishing charters and all-inclusive packages.

Who Would Love the Cabo Vacation Villa Experience?

Groups of people walk along a stretch of beach not far from Villa Sebastian, Cabo.

Villa Sebastian, Cabo is ideally located in the luxury community of Pedregal.

Who would enjoy the Villa Sebastian Cabo experience the most?

This accommodation’s intimate size is perfect for small groups of friends or couples looking for a retreat in Cabo San Lucas.

It is ideal for people who want to be near all of downtown Cabo San Lucas’s action without being in the middle of all the hustle and bustle.

The property feels like a private home but with all the exciting amenities of a resort.

Contact our representatives if Villa Sebastian Cabo sounds like a dream vacation. We can help plan the ultimate Cabo San Lucas getaway.



Chartering a Jet to Cabo has Never Been Easier

A luxurious vacation should be full of rest and relaxation from the start. Flying on a commercial airline tends to be chaotic, overwhelming, and exhausting; It’s definitely not the right way to start out your Cabo San Lucas vacation. Here at Cabo Platinum, we can help! We specialize in ensuring our guests have the best travel experience of their lives, from the moment they leave their homes to the moment they return to them after vacation. Our experienced concierge and staff can not only help make your vacation dreams come true, but we can also make your travel experience an enjoyable part of your trip by setting up a private jet charter for you and your family.

Fly in Style

Our team will help you find the perfect aircraft for your needs, set personalized travel itineraries, and stock your flight with gourmet food, a flight crew that takes care of all your needs, and any other amenity you could want. Our guests love chartering a private jet to arrive in Cabo feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready for vacation; here are some of their favorite aspects of flying private with Cabo Platinum:

Ditch the long security lines, tedious boarding process, and lack of legroom for an effortless experience. All you have to do is show up, step into the oasis of a private jet, sit back, and relax! Our team will handle everything, and you won’t have to lift a finger – no more taking your shoes off and unpacking half your luggage to get on a flight.

With the entire plane to yourself, your travel experience revolves around you. If you want to sleep on your flight, we can set you up with a plane that has a cabin with premium bedding. If you’d rather have a few pre-vacation drinks and get the party started early, we can accommodate that, too!

You’ll no longer have to worry about packing or timing restrictions. If you want to bring more than one suitcase or bulky luggage with you, just let us know beforehand! You can also pick the time and date that works best for you because 4 AM airport wake-up calls are so last year.

You deserve so much more than old chip bags and warm apple juice on your flight. With Cabo Platinum, you’ll have access to premium drinks and snacks your entire flight. Take some room to stretch your legs, lounge in our world-class seats, or use the complimentary wi-fi access to wrap up your final work emails before landing.

The Best Flight of Your Life is One Call Away

Once you fly private, it’s hard to go back! The difference in experiences is stark and so much value is added to both sides of your glamorous vacation. Not only does flying private allow you to relax and slip into vacation mode before the wheels touch down, but you’ll love it on the way home, too. With a private jet, you won’t feel like you need a vacation from your vacation once you get back to reality. Call our team at Cabo Platinum to take a different travel approach for your next Cabo San Lucas vacation.


Why Hold an Event in Cabo?

Filled with world-class restaurants, stunning beaches, a plethora of memorable activities, and top-of-the-line accommodations, Cabo San Lucas is a vacation spot that draws visitors from all over the globe. However, Cabo is more than just a vacation location, it’s one of the best places to hold large events and gatherings. Whether you are in the market for a wedding location, corporate event, family reunion, or more, Cabo San Lucas is the perfect spot. 

Characteristics of Cabo San Lucas

The main reason Cabo is a great location for events with many people involved is that it offers such a wide array of activities, restaurants, and accommodations! It truly is a place that can please everyone in attendance, and that’s difficult to do with large events. By planning your next event in Cabo San Lucas, you open up a range of opportunities and ways to make your event unique. Here are some of our favorite characteristics of Cabo San Lucas that make it the best place for your next event:

The weather in Cabo San Lucas is ideal nearly every day. Your guests can bask in the sun, enjoy the warm water of the beaches, and explore the nightlife without worrying about being cold or uncomfortable. Every event needs a little sunshine, and Cabo has endless amounts of it!

Pleasing a large group of people can be difficult, but Cabo San Lucas is a place that makes just about everyone happy. Whether you’re trying to “wow” foodies, adventure lovers, or relaxation champions, Cabo can do it all at the same time. It’s also a great place to host group expeditions such as sunset dinner cruises, sportfishing excursions, snorkeling, or even cooking classes!

You won’t find better dining options anywhere else. Cabo San Lucas is a place teeming with the best street food you’ll ever have while offering exclusive dining experiences you can’t get anywhere else. You don’t have to give up eating in 5-star restaurants or exploring local cuisine at small food stalls; it’s the best of both worlds.

Cabo Platinum Villas will be a highlight for all of your guests. Our ability to accommodate any need, make any desire a reality, and help curate the perfect event will impress all event-goers. We have villas ranging in size and style, so accommodating large groups is no problem, in fact, we love it!

Planning is a Breeze

Whether you need help solely with accommodations or want our team to help plan excursions and book group events, we’re here. We are serious about guaranteeing our guests have a flawless experience in Cabo San Lucas, and that means ensuring your event is flawless too. Work with Cabo Platinum Villas to create the best corporate retreat your company has ever seen or the wedding that people will be talking about for a decade. Whatever your event is, leave your guests speechless by hosting it in Cabo San Lucas.



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