Advantages of Staying in Cabo San Lucas Villas

Whether you’re looking for an escape from the cold winter months or your dream vacation is a day spent at Lover’s Beach followed by an evening in the hot tub, there are plenty of reasons why Cabo San Lucas is most likely at the top of your destination wish list. After all, Cabo plays host to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, luxury villas, and high-class amenities that global travelers crave.

Now that you’ve decided to visit Cabo, you’ll need to choose somewhere to stay. While it’s tempting to consider your average hotel or even a direct rental, a private villa can help you make the most of your visit. Between enjoying luxury resort amenities and immersing yourself in the local nightlife, a villa rental offers a myriad of advantages that some other accommodations don’t. So before you consider a hotel, take a look at a few surprising advantages of staying in a villa in Cabo.

You can make your own schedule in a villa in Cabo

Many hotels offer limited concierge services, and some vacation packages come with restricted schedules. Whether you want to visit the white sandy beaches and ride jet skis or go to a golf course close to your resort, you must be able to build your own schedule. Otherwise, you might find yourself trying to plan around your rental’s touring packages and dining options, putting a damper on any family vacation or travel experience. An important part of any Cabo San Lucas vacation is the ability to choose your own stories and experiences.

Staying in a villa offers you much more freedom to build your dream vacation. Most luxury villa rentals come with spa access, private pools, and private chef dinners available at your fingertips. Likewise, if your idea of the perfect vacation includes watersports, boat tours, or afternoons spent exploring the pristine beaches at the very tip of the peninsula, you’re not limited to specific activities or timeslots. Spend one afternoon at the Sea of Cortez Aquarium or enjoy a plunge pool near your villa. Rely on your Cabo Platinum Concierge to arrange everything, while you sip cocktails poolside, spend time with your family and check your text messages for confirmations from your Concierge.

The concierge services are better when staying in a villa in Cabo

While it’s great for some travelers to have plenty of free time, others want help picking out activities and building their ideal vacation itineraries. Though a hotel might be able to point out a nearby live music event in a local neighborhood or can tell you where to go surfing, they often can’t help you schedule these events or arrange transportation unless it’s a business that partners with the hotel. If you’re the type of travele who likes to learn about local hotspots or favorite nightlife events around Cabo, it’s better to rely on luxury travel concierge services that also have access to security and child care services.

Whether you’re staying in a four-bedroom villa with a full kitchen or a two-bedroom villa with easy access to a plunge pool, the concierge services at high-end Cabo San Lucas vacation rentals are more thorough. When you book Cabo vacation rentals, you can notify the resort ahead of time and tell them what kind of concierge services you prefer. For example, if you want someone with experience helping vacationers book trips to Cabo Pulmo National Park or scuba diving, let the resort know. Similarly, if you’re interested in a concierge who’s more hands-off when you want to spend an afternoon with a margarita by the pool, that’s OK, too. The right Cabo San Lucas vacation rental will cater their services to meet your unique Cabo vacation needs.

It can be more affordable renting a villa in Cabo

When you’re trying to book your entire vacation by yourself, it can often feel hectic. If you’re the sole vacation planner, it’s also harder to browse every discount site, travel agency, or online booking page for the best deals and promotions. Think of how you traditionally budget for a vacation. Many people tend to account for lodging expenses first and then save up for extra activities. While this makes sense from a financial standpoint, a luxury villa rental may actually be the more affordable option, though it can seem like it presents a higher upfront cost.  Don’t forget about all those resort fees and unexpected a la carte services that some resorts require as mandatory part of your stay.

Villas are popular vacation rentals, particularly because they can accommodate so many people. Unlike staying in a single condo or a spread of hotel rooms, villa vacation rentals make it easier to host a larger group and split the costs accordingly. So whether you’re planning a family reunion or a destination wedding, the right vacation rentals can help you save money.

Ask your Cabo Platinum personal concierge to split-up your costs per person.  You’ll quickly see the value of the villa option, when comparing elsewhere.

Plus, many luxury villas have connections to local tourism spots, restaurants, and nightlife locations. Your vacation coordinator can help you save on popular activities, whether you’re going to scuba dive with local marine life or spend an evening watching a sunset from the marina.

You have added privacy in a Cabo Villa

Have you ever checked into a hotel only to find that your room is sidled next to a particularly noisy guest? Or, have you gone to open up your room’s window to a less-than-stunning view of the parking lot? For some travelers, privacy is harder to come by. But, especially if you’re used to staying in condos or getting hotel rooms right in the center of a long corridor, villas offer added privacy and relaxation.

When you’re done with a busy day at Land’s End or El Arco, it’s important to be able to head back to your bedroom and unwind. With some added peace, it’s much easier to enjoy your surroundings, feel secure, and relax while you’re on your vacation. Compared to many vacation lodging options or luxury rentals, Cabo San Lucas villas offer greater privacy that most spots can’t match.

Cabo Platinum can help you book the perfect Cabo villa rental

Whether you’re looking for a four-bedroom with a full kitchen close to Cabo’s bustling nightlife or you want to spend your afternoons lounging on pristine beaches, Cabo Platinum can help you book your perfect vacation. With a portfolio of high-quality properties, our villa rentals meet our rigorous quality standards. When you book with Cabo Platinum, you’re booking a luxury vacation experience. To learn more about Cabo San Lucas villas and what Cabo Platinum offers to travelers and vacationers from around the world, contact us today.

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