What to Know When Visiting Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas- a resort city that is the essence of all things luxurious and exotic. Many of our guests ask, What should I keep in mind when visiting Cabo San Lucas? And what they are trying to understand is that to truly experience the Cabo life, staying in a villa is a must. Doing so will leave you loving the Cabo life and never wanting to leave! Many travelers and people in general appreciate privacy. Most of our villas are the essence of privacy. It has been proven that villas provide more privacy than a 5-star hotel ever can. For many of our homes, guests can easily go skinny dipping in the villa pool without any privacy concerns. That is the level of privacy that guests can expect when renting a villa; which is especially needed now more than ever before, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Who wouldn’t want that?

Opting to stay in a hotel will limit you to just one room; however, with a villa you are not confined to just a room. You will have an entire house to yourself, to do what you want, when you want. This not only ensures tranquillity and freedom, but also removes the probability of loud neighbors. Let’s be honest, most neighbors and travelers are loud. If you consider yourself a loud neighbor, then a villa would be the ideal option for you, to have fun in peace. Essentially, a villa is the ideal option for couples, families and large groups. Also, what you should keep in mind when visiting Cabo San Lucas are the rates. You may think that booking a room in a hotel will save you some extra cash. This cannot be more false. If you actually compare the rates of any villa to that of a luxury hotel, you will discover that the majority of hotel rates cannot compare to the rates of a villa, considering the multitude of exquisite services offered. Many of our luxury villas in Cabo San Lucas are inclusive of a private property, private pool, separate pavilions, beach access, a full kitchen, a private gym, chefs and butlers. Have you ever come across a luxury hotel that offers these kinds of private amenities, and services at an affordable rate?  Neither have we….

Additionally, what you should keep in mind when visiting Cabo San Lucas is personalizing your stay, to ensure true comfortability and a much more vibrant atmosphere. This is achieved by booking one of our luxury villas. Mike Jerrard, the professional travel blogger, once said that a villa is like your very own hotel, that you can tweak and customize to your desires. This quote couldn’t hold any more truth. With our villas, you can set your own schedule. You never have to worry about what time breakfast ends, or whether the pools are open. Everything is determined by you. Have you ever noticed that the food served at a hotel become repetitive after a few days? With a villa, you will have a full kitchen where you can cook to your desires, or better yet, have a professional chef to customize your meals. You get your very own butler too! Indulgence and luxury-living at its finest. Our villas are the epitome of social distancing during the Covid pandemic. This is what you and your loved ones deserve.

Each of our villas includes a personal concierge that will help with your entire trip.  Stick with our team and you won’t have to spend your time thinking, What should I keep in mind when visiting Cabo San Lucas?

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