What To Pack For Your Trip to Cabo

So you pulled the trigger on your Cabo vacation and now it’s time pack… But what exactly do you pack? Sure, you will need your swim suit and flip flops, but there might be a scenario where you will want some additional clothes. Keep reading to find out how you can bring the perfect outfit to Cabo. In this article, we are going to explain when and why you’d want to wear the following outfits.
Alright let’s begin with the two items that I mentioned in the previous paragraph: swim suit and flip flops. Yes, you will need more clothes, but also yes, you will MOST DEFINITELY need these two items as well. We would highly suggest bringing a couple different pairs of swim trunks (if you have them). Depending on where you live, you might not get to display your impressive collection of board shorts and bikinis as much as you’d like… Cabo is the place to change that! More than likely, these two items will be your most-used pieces of clothing. Especially if you’re planning on taking a ride on a boat or hanging by the pool and/or beach.
Besides those two essentials, let’s start with the other basics. You will need to bring a few pairs of underwear and possibly a few pairs of socks. Underwear will most likely be needed and even if it isn’t, it’s always nice to have… enough said? Okay cool. Socks will depend on what you’re planning on wearing for shoes. Are you only packing sandals or some Sperry’s? If so, you might not need socks. However, if you plan on wearing shoes at any time, we’d highly suggest bringing some socks. If you plan on doing any type of activity here in Cabo such as ATV or RZR tours, bungee jumping, camel rides, etc. closed-toe shoes will be necessary.
Now that we’ve covered your four basics, let’s get into what you should wear and when, in Cabo. Los Cabos has over 300 days of warm sunshine per year. This means that you have at least an 85% chance to experience beautiful weather during your Cabo vacation and you must pack accordingly. Make sure you have enough lightweight and breathable clothing. This includes light shorts, tee-shirts and tank tops, coverups, and sundresses. These items are perfect for days around the villa or resort, walking on the beach, boutique shopping downtown, enjoying a beer on the marina, and more.
Going out for dinner or a night on the town? Prepare to get a little fancier! Cabo is certainly not a predominantly fancy town and most places don’t require any type of dress code. However, when you experience some of the more upscale restaurants and nightclubs, it’s not only recommended, but also fun to get a little dressed up after a long day in the water. For this, we’d recommend beach business casual. For guys, this might include some nice dress shorts with a lightweight white collared shirt. Or a nice pair of pants and an open collar polo. For ladies, this can include sandals and a light, flowy dress. Or maybe some heels and a romper.
Depending on the time of the year that you come to Cabo, it might get a little chilly first thing in the morning as well as at night (October – April). If you come between December and May, we’d recommend that you bring a light sweatshirt, flannel, or something else to keep you warm while you’re sitting outside and listening to the crashing waves in the evenings. While most people would never call Cabo “cold,” after being in the sun all day, the ocean breeze can pretty effectively cool you off in the evenings. At the end of the day, if you never end up using the sweatshirt, it can be an extra airline pillow for the flight back.
ProTip:  Bring a hat and sunblock! We’d highly recommend a sun hat as it will protect your neck and shoulders from getting hit by the sun all day. If a sun hat isn’t possible for your luggage, no need to fear! There are plenty of different stores and/or vendors where you can by a cheap hat near the beach.
As an added benefit to our villa rental service, each villa comes complete with a personal concierge.  In addition to helping with grocery pre-stock, restaurant reservations, chef menu planning, etc; your vacation specialist will be able to tell you what to wear and when.  During your initial call with your concierge, be sure to ask, “What Should I Wear in Cabo?”

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