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Cabo San Lucas is in Baja California Sur, or B.C.S. for short.  Baja California Sur is 1 of 32 federal states in Mexico and was inducted as the 31st state in 1974.  The capitol of Baja California Sur is La Paz.  The state is bordered by both the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean.

Los Cabos is only one of the many magical cities located within Baja California Sur.  Although it can be difficult to travel to, Loreto is also a popular destination for those that enjoy golf, spa and beautiful views in every direction.  Many locals in Cabo enjoy a 5-hr car ride north to a small town called Magdalena Bay, which is also in B.C.S.  Here, you can ride a panga into the bay and boat next to whales teaching their calves how to breach (when in season).  It is a beautiful location rich with sandy beaches and fresh seafood.

While many ask the question, what state is Cabo San Lucas in Mexico?  The important question is, what are the attributes of the state that make it so special?

  • Baja California Sur has a land mass that is almost 4% of Mexico
  • The region is known to anglers as some of the best fishing in the world
  • It includes Cabo Pulmo, which Jack Cousteau named “The Aquarium of the World”
  • The tip of the Baja is 1,000 miles from the Tijuana border
  • C.S. is the lowest density state in all of Mexico

There are many unique elements that the Baja maintains by being on the peninsula.  First off, many residents of Baja California Sur feel safe because there is “one road in and one road out.” This means that if there is a crime committed, there is no way for the criminals to run back into Mainland Mexico.  In addition, we become a self-sustained microcosm with goods that are grown in the region.  Although many are produced to ship to the USA, there is plenty to sustain the population of the Baja and has a guarantee that business will sustain, even during extreme conditions, such as a pandemic.  Some of those goods produced are garbanzo beans, sorghum, tomatoes, alfalfa, wheat, corn and green chili peppers.

For travelers, there are so many activities to indulge in B.C.S.  Some of our clients that enjoy more leisurely events will take a day trip to see art and experience great culinary fare in Todos Santos.  On the way back to Cabo, they stop in Pescadero and meander through farms and ranches where they can purchase fresh produce and garden blended cocktails.  Other guests that are a bit more adventurous will try the Baja racecar riding experience in San Jose del Cabo.  If they choose, they can pick a trip that will allow them to drive a $100K USD Baja racecar vehicle all the way to Tijuana.

The beauty of the Baja is that it is a mix of culture and thrilling activity that is built on top of a region that is rich with history.  There are so many parts of Baja California Sur that create wonder and amazement, the opportunities for visitors abound.  Once you’re here and experience the rich lifestyle, you’ll never again ask the question “What state is Cabo San Lucas in Mexico?”


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