Why Cabo San Lucas is a Favorite Spring Break Destination

It is often said that May to June is the best time to visit Cabo San Lucas just before summer break, but there are reasons why you should visit it earlier. There are many natural and man-made attractions that families can enjoy in Cabo during spring vacation and it gives you a chance to get away from the cold weather for a while.

With that being said, we are going to take a look at some reasons why you should choose Cabo for spring vacation…

Cooler And Clear Weather

If you can’t bear the overly hot sunny days during summer, you should visit Cabo San Lucas during spring. In fact, the area is particularly dry in April and May, so you will get plenty of sunny days. The hottest temperature is between July and October, which can be uncomfortable if you are not used to it.

Good Deals

Because many people don’t visit Cabo in May and early June, you may find some good deals just before Summer break. April and May offer great weather, so you should be able to enjoy your time in the area.

Abundant Marine Life

church in caboFebruary and March are a great time to see whale sharks and migrating humpback whales. While, most operators of whale shark tours are located in La Paz, about two-hour drive from Cabo San Lucas, there are great options for whale watching in Cabo San Lucas. When participating in a whale shark tour, you can enjoy snorkeling and free-diving opportunities. However, you are not allowed to wear scuba tanks to prevent unnecessary accidents when interacting with whale sharks. The best time to see humpback whales around Cabo San Lucas is between January and April. Grey whales are also present in February and March, although less common than humpback whales. If you’ve never experienced the magic of being up close and personal with whales, we highly recommend it!


April and May are the best months for surfing on the Sea of Cortez side of Los Cabos. The best beaches to surf during spring are The Rock, Zippers and Old Man’s.

Outdoor Excursions

church in caboSpring is the best time for outdoor exploration around Los Cabos with temperatures just under 27 degrees Celsius. Because April and May are the driest months, rain is unlikely to happen. Consider going to Sierra de la Laguna for camping and hiking.

Festivals And Events

There are many spring festivals in and around Los Cabos. In March, you can participate in Gala de Danza, Festival de Cine de Todos Santos, and Festival of San Jose. Dia de los Ninos and the Paws n’ Claws Open Golf Tournament are in April. The Gastrovino Food and Wine Festival and Cinco de Mayo are in May.

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