When people buy a luxury villa in Cabo San Lucas, their first instinct is to go to a real estate agent. It would make sense, right?

We’re here to tell everyone that the best Cabo San Lucas real estate advice doesn’t come from agents. Instead, some services go beyond what a typical agent will offer and will help clients find the best luxury villa for them.

That solution is Cabo Platinum’s real estate services. These services include a free consultation and advice from experts to guide potential buyers through the process.

It is more comprehensive than what a real estate agent would offer. Potential buyers have a whole team behind them to support them.

Here are all the tools potential homebuyers can use to find incredible Cabo San Lucas homes for sale.

Real Estate in Cabo San Lucas Analysis

Navigating Cabo San Lucas real estate is challenging for those who are unfamiliar with the industry. However, Cabo Platinum has a team of real estate advisors who have experience with the local market. These advisors support buyers every step of the way.

Cabo Platinum experts have a pulse on the latest trends. They have a phenomenal track record of prospecting and finding the best properties for their clients. Not only can they assist with that aspect of real estate purchase, but they can also mitigate risk, unlock every opportunity, and find the best solutions.

Interested buyers can schedule a phone call with an accredited professional for a world-class real estate analysis.

Access and Opportunities

Another reason why getting advice from Cabo Platinum is better than working with an agent is that clients get access and opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t.

Cabo Platinum offers full-service attention with in-house professionals. Their goal is to eliminate barriers and expose clients to all the facets of having a successful operation.

Clients can feel assured that all hands are on deck to help their operation thrive.

Team of Accredited Professionals

Instead of having one real estate agent, clients get a team of accredited professionals with Cabo Platinum. Team members are fully Los Cabos MLS, CONOCER, and AMPI certified.


The team has direct connections with homeowners and rental communities. These connections give them insight and keep them on the cutting edge.

Cabo Platinum helps clients with investment analysis, lending, financing, renovations/remodels, and complete redesigns of investment properties. This service goes beyond what a typical real estate agent can do.

The team can assist clients beyond looking for Cabo San Lucas homes for sale.

Once buyers own the property, the team can help manage rental properties, activate global marketing campaigns, and train staff to assist with running their property’s operations.

The team makes every step of the process simple.

Real Estate in Cabo San Lucas Investment Services

So, what investment services does Cabo Platinum offer?

There are many unique offerings to help clients navigate real estate in Cabo San Lucas.

The real estate team can help clients determine what type of Cabo San Lucas home for sale they would like to purchase.

They can decide if they’re looking for:

  • luxury real estate in Cabo San Lucas
  • large parcel or resort development projects
  • home flipping
  • exclusive communities
  • fractional transaction and timeshare exit strategy consultations
  • multiple resident acquisitions for IRR investment portfolios
  • real estate financing and commercial lending

Since the Cabo Platinum team has experience in multiple areas of real estate in Cabo San Lucas, they can give you better advice than a real estate agent can.

Interested in getting started? Contact a Cabo Platinum representative!


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