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Ultimate Summer Vacation in Cabo

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Summer is a sensational time of year to pack your bags and make your way to stunning Los Cabos, Mexico. No matter what your travel interests may be, or what your idyllic itinerary entails, Cabo is a captivating destination to enjoy. The following guide is a great start when it comes to planning your ultimate getaway to Cabo in summer!

Benefits of Booking a Getaway to Cabo in Summer

For travelers that find warm weather vacations endlessly enticing and are looking to embrace the best of fun under the sun year-round, a trip in the summer in Cabo promises to inspire! This time of year, temperatures are definitely on the rise, and those who prefer a hot weather experience will find everything they’re looking for and more right here. The summer scenery across Los Cabos is lovely while the temperatures lean towards a decidedly Caribbean feel. The daytime hours are sunny and hot with a touch of humidity that tends to linger most noticeably in August. If you’re looking to balance out those summer vacation temperatures, making your way here towards the end of the summer season offers up a chance to offset humidity with the arrival of the rainy season. June travelers will find daily highs in the 80s with lows in the mid-60s. July travelers can count on highs in the upper 90s with lows in the mid-70s. August sees daily high temperatures in the low 90s with nighttime temperatures dropping to the mid-70s.

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Bask in Beach Fun During Your Summertime Adventure

One of the absolute best ways to spend your time in Los Cabos during a summer getaway is on the sand. This vacation destination is known and loved for its spectacular stretches of shoreline that endlessly beckon to those who are looking to settle in and soak up the sun or go for a dip in the waves alike! Cabo is packed with pristine beaches to choose from, and water temperatures are at their best this time of year as well. In June, water temperatures average in the mid-70s, while July and August see those average temperatures jump into the 80s!

Visitors over summer in Cabo who are looking to pair incredible sightseeing with beach hopping will want to be sure to add a stop at Lover’s Beach to their itinerary. This iconic beach is reachable by water taxi or pontoon rental and offers up amazing views of the Cabo San Lucas Arch. Spend some time admiring the vistas before working on your tan or taking a dip in the blue surrounding waters. Water taxis to Lover’s Beach are readily available from the Cabo San Lucas Marina. If you include a paddleboard into your Lover’s Beach adventure, you can also take time to paddle your way to Medano Beach. This vibrant stretch of shoreline is a great place to check out a beach bar, make time for jet skiing and parasailing, or start up a game of beach volleyball too!

If snorkeling is a priority on your summer itinerary, there’s no better place to find yourself than Santa Maria Beach. Tropical fish, sea turtles, and incredible underwater plants are yours for the admiring when you snorkel here. For visitors who are looking to relax and unwind in style, time at Cabo’s Chileno Beach is another must when you’re looking to make the most of beach time fun.

A woman with a surfboard in the water A group of people at the beach

Celebrate Sea Turtle Season

Wildlife enthusiasts heading to Cabo over the summer will be just in time to begin celebrating the start of the sea turtle season. Summer marks the arrival of thousands of sea turtles on the sands around Los Cabos with the vast majority making their way onto land around late August. Species that head this direction include green turtles, leatherback, hawksbill, olive ridley, and loggerhead, just to name a few. August sees nests being dug in the sand as females lay eggs before returning to the water. It takes about 45 days for eggs to hatch before the shorelines are welcome little ones! This time of year, there are plenty of guided tours available focused specifically on helping to release baby turtles into the sea. It’s an activity that’s equal parts inspiring and educational no matter when you sign up.

Take Time to Surf Your Way to Fun

Whether you’re an expert on a surfboard, or you’re new to the sport entirely, Cabo is a captivating place to surf your way to fun in the summer. The months of June, July, and August are typically considered the best times to hit the waves thanks to the Southern Hemisphere swells that roll in. Novice surf enthusiasts will find there are plenty of opportunities for booking lessons across Cabo with talented instructors. These are individuals who can provide clear teachings on water safety, how to maneuver on a board, as well as foster an appreciation for the waves. If you’re looking to put your skills to the test, or simply admire the skills of talented surfers, destinations like La Roca and Zippers host competitions for professionals throughout the summertime.

Make the Most of Epic Fishing While You’re Here

Getting out on the water in the name of angling is another popular summer activity across the waves that surround Los Cabos. While fishing here is something to enjoy year-round, summer sees the arrival of tuna and snapper in abundance, making it an exciting season to cast a line! Marlin begins arriving in late August while giant billfish are also likely to be reeled in during the summer season. Whether your rent a boat and head out independently or choose to book a place on a fishing charter, angling is worth adding to your summer Cabo itinerary.

Take a Hike Up Pedregal

Those summer visitors to Cabo who are excited to lace up their boots, take a hike, and enjoy the view, will want to set their sights on a trek up Pedregal. This route runs up the rocky hill that rises behind Cabo San Lucas and the effort is definitely worth a hiker’s while once they reach the top. The route is filled with switchback roads, but the summit offers up a sweeping view of the Pacific Ocean, Sea of Cortez and Cabo sprinkled between it all. The entrance to the trail sits within a gated community, so you’ll have to pass the security gate before you begin. If you’re planning to make the most of this trail in the summer, set out early in the morning in order to avoid sweltering mid-day temperatures and truly be able to enjoy the journey. It’s also important to pack plenty of water for the experience!

Find Time to Infuse Flavor into Your Trip

Los Cabos is adored for its incredible dining scene and when you travel this way in the summer, it’s a great chance to make the most of savory moments along the way. Places like Flora Farms near San Jose del Cabo provide guests with incredible farm-to-table dining experiences as well as opportunities to pair a summer meal with a tour of the farm. El Marinero Borracho in San Jose del Cabo is a wonderful stop when you’re in the mood for Baja seafood selections in a space that showcases fun nautical-themed style! Head over to Tacos Gardenias in Cabo San Lucas when you’re excited to try one of the region’s most notorious food selections around.

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