Lujo a medida y experiencias excepcionales en Los Cabos, México

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When planning a family vacation, finding the perfect destination that caters to adults and kids can be a challenge. However, Los Cabos, a stunning resort destination at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, offers many family-friendly activities and attractions that will make your vacation unforgettable. Cabo Platinum, a premier luxury vacation rental and concierge service provider, is here to guide you through the best family vacation ideas in Los Cabos. From thrilling adventures to relaxing beach days, Los Cabos has it all.

Family-Friendly Activities in Los Cabos

Not all vacation activities are equally enjoyable for children, so planning a family vacation focusing on kid-friendly experiences is essential. Los Cabos offers a plethora of options that are sure to keep the whole family entertained.

1. Sailing Tour

Embark on a thrilling family sailing adventure in Los Cabos, where the turquoise waters of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean promise an adrenaline-pumping experience. 

Feel the rush of the wind as you navigate along the breathtaking coastline. It’s not just sailing; it’s an exhilarating escapade into the heart of Los Cabos’ marine wonders, creating unforgettable family memories.

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2. Snorkeling Tour

Turn your family beach escape into a wild marine adventure in the crystal-clear waters of the Sea of Cortez. Guided for safety and enjoyment, it’s a top family-friendly activity in Los Cabos. Dive in for an unforgettable underwater exploration, revealing vibrant wonders with your adventurous crew.

3. Zipline Adventure

For the thrill-seekers in your family, a zipline adventure is a must-do activity. Soar through the lush canyons and enjoy breathtaking views of Los Cabos. Most zipline parks offer options for children, making it an exciting family outing.

Chileno Beach, Baja California Sur

4. Pirate Ship Show

Embark on a swashbuckling adventure with your little ones as they witness thrilling pirate battles, acrobatic performances, and a delicious dinner aboard a pirate-themed ship. It’s a fun and interactive way to engage the whole family in the spirit of adventure.

5. Wagoona Splash Island

This inflatable water park is anchored off the coast of Cabo San Lucas and offers an array of exciting water activities, including slides, trampolines, and obstacles. Kids of all ages will have a blast here, making it a perfect spot for a family outing.

Los Cabos Marina

6. Tarzan Boat

It’s the ultimate floating playground for kids and adults, featuring water slides, trampolines, and a Tarzan swing against the stunning backdrop of the Sea of Cortez.

7. Camel Ride

Add a unique twist to your family fun in Los Cabos with a camel ride through the Baja California desert. Whether it’s a serene sunset trek or an adventurous ride, camel rides offer an unparalleled blend of nature and culture for the best family beach vacations.

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8. Cabo Submarine

Riding on the Cabo Submarine, explore the ocean’s depths without getting wet. This unique experience allows you and your family to witness the incredible marine life of Los Cabos through large, clear windows. Watch for colorful fish, rays, and maybe even a friendly sea turtle!

9. Whale Watching

Elevate your family beach vacation in Los Cabos with an educational and mesmerizing whale watching experience. 

Witness humpback and gray whales in their natural habitat, creating lasting memories for kids in one of the most fun places.

whale watching in Cabo San Lucas
Sunset landscape

10. Razor Adventure Tour

If you have older kids (7 years and up), they can join the adventure by driving their own off-road vehicle on a Razor Adventure Tour. 

With safety measures in place, these tours offer a thrilling and controlled environment for kids to get behind the wheel (with a minimum age requirement of 10 for the driver). 

It’s an unforgettable experience that will make your family vacation even more memorable.

Where to Go on Vacation

Los Cabos is a top choice for family vacations because it combines natural beauty with abundant activities for all ages. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day at the beach, thrilling adventures, or cultural experiences, this destination has it covered. Don’t forget to pack your water-resistant sunscreen – the essential companion for your radiant and carefree adventure!

Cabo Platinum Concierge Services

When planning your family vacation in Los Cabos, consider enlisting the help of Cabo Platinum’s Concierge Services. They can assist in arranging activities and transportation. With their local expertise, you’ll be able to make the most of your time in Los Cabos and enjoy a seamless, stress-free vacation.

It’s hard to imagine anything more beautiful, refreshing, or inviting than a Christmas enjoyed alongside family and friends in sunny Cabo San Lucas. Whether you’re one for the sand, the waves, or more traditional holiday experiences, you’ll find the best of it all and more when you head this way. The following are just a few of the many reasons to plan your Cabo Christmas vacation this year!

Participate in Las Posadas Celebrations

Christmas time travelers making their way to Cabo San Lucas will be just in time to celebrate Las Posadas. This event lasts for not one, but nine days in total between December 16 and December 24 each year. 

Las Posadas commemorates the journey of Mary and Joseph as they traveled from Nazareth to Bethlehem. To honor that passage, you’ll likely see candlelit processions throughout Los Cabos each evening as groups make their way towards various house parties that represent arrival at an inn. The largest celebrations are hosted on Christmas Eve and include music, dancing, and delicious feasts as well.

Christmas Vacation in Cabo San Lucas

Spend Quality Time on the Sand​

Children spending Christmas Vacation in Cabo San Lucas

When you make time to enjoy a trip to sunny Cabo San Lucas over Christmas, you can confidently leave all thoughts of cold, snow, and plummeting temperatures behind. Instead, these wintery concepts are easy to replace with warm-weather fun in December! There’s absolutely no reason to leave a beach day or two off the list when you plan your Christmas vacation to Cabo San Lucas this year. Visitors can count on enjoyable temperatures that are ideal for digging their toes into the sand.

Whether you’re looking forward to a day of soaking up the sun, building sandcastles with the kids, shelling, or jumping in the waves and snorkeling, basking in the beauty of a beach-focused getaway is easier than ever when Christmas travel plans bring you this way.

Add the Cabo San Lucas Nautical Christmas Parade to Your Itinerary

Each year, travelers who find themselves in Cabo San Lucas over Christmas can enjoy watching the annual and beloved Cabo San Lucas Nautical Christmas Parade. This event invites participants to decorate their yachts, sailboats, and other vessels in eye-catching lights and holiday décor.
As a group, these impressively decorated boats will sail by in the evening hours, much to the delight of those watching from shore. It’s a festive and family-friendly fun event you simply won’t want to miss out on this year.
los cabos nautical christmas parade

Enjoy Whale Watching Experiences

December marks a pinnacle of whale migration season in Los Cabos which makes a Christmas trip to Cabo San Lucas a prime time to hop onboard an exciting whale-watching tour. This unique and endlessly thrilling activity is great for everyone in your traveling crew and puts you well within reach of giant marine mammals that are sure to fascinate. Whales that make their way toward Cabo San Lucas have traveled thousands of miles from frigid arctic waters to feed and give birth to their calves in a warmer setting. A Cabo San Lucas whale-watching tour offers up opportunities to see these fascinating creatures thriving in prime habitats and breaching the surface of the water in impressive style. If you sign up for a tour that’s led by a naturalist or local biologist, you’ll learn even more about the migration patterns of whales and there is typically an option to listen to whale songs below the waves using an onboard hydrophone too.

December is also a great time of year to make the most of spotting stunning whale sharks which are closest to the coastline between October and April. The team at Cabo Adventures provides incredible whale shark encounters for those who are looking to snorkel alongside these mesmerizing marine creatures. While the name can be confusing, whale sharks aren’t dangerous and in fact only eat plankton that they consume through filter feeding. They’re often referred to as the gentle giants of the sea and can grow as large as 33 feet!

Camel ride Los Cabos

Reserve a Private Yacht with Cabo Sailing

Travelers who can’t wait to infuse luxury and style into their Christmas stay can do so with ease when they book a beautiful Cabo yacht charter through the team at Cabo Sailing. 

This is a great way to surround yourself with on-the-water elegance while savoring the best December shoreline sights from a vantage point on the waves. 

Yacht charters can be booked on anywhere from 42- to 46-foot vessels and maximum comfort, luxury, and style are always a part of this smooth cruising experience.

Book Your Christmas Getaway Today

A captivating Christmas vacation to Cabo San Lucas is yours to enjoy in style when you book your luxury accommodations through the team at Cabo Platinum. Reach out today to learn more about our stunning, high-end property options available throughout Los Cabos as well as our world-class concierge service options to elevate your holiday away even further.

Su pareja finalmente le ha propuesto matrimonio y ahora está lista para planificar la boda. Si ambos son amantes de los viajes, ¿por qué no optar por una boda de lujo en un destino exótico? Y, ¿qué destino podría ser mejor que Los Cabos, México, cuando se trata de lugares para bodas? 

Con sus extensas playas y vistas pintorescas, Los Cabos reúne todos los ingredientes para una boda perfecta en la playa. Pero antes de sumergirse en la planificación de su boda en la playa en México, aquí tiene algunas cosas a considerar:

Bodas destino en Los Cabos

1.Elija su destino perfecto: Los Cabos, México

Si gusta de destinos exóticos y de lujo, Los Cabos, México, se posiciona como una de las mejores opciones. 

Abundante en paisajes hermosos y playas impecables, este destino elevará su boda soñada a un estándar completamente nuevo. 

La mejor parte: al optar por una boda destino en la playa, el evento se transforma en un lujoso recorrido. 

Este se convierte en un viaje encantador, cuyos recuerdos atesorará toda la vida.

2. Contrate los servicios de un experto.

Una vez que haya decidido que Los Cabos, México, sea el destino de su boda, es el momento de asociarse con un experto. Solicite presupuestos para su paquete de boda destino en Los Cabos y asegúrese de elegir servicios de planificadores de bodas con sólida reputación. El organizador adecuado considerará todas sus inquietudes y personalizará su boda en la playa como siempre la imaginó.

3. Requisitos legales y documentación

Si está planeando viajar a México desde otro país para su boda, es crucial verificar los requisitos legales y la documentación con antelación. Al completar estos trámites con anticipación, se librará de preocupaciones en su día especial.

Por lo general, los planificadores de bodas se encargan de toda la documentación, asegurándose de que se cumplan todos los requisitos legales antes del evento.

Boda Destino Los Cabos

En la mayoría de los casos, se requerirán pruebas de identidad, comprobante de domicilio y documentos similares como parte de los trámites legales.

4. Hospedaje y viaje para sus invitados

Al planificar una boda destino, es crucial organizar un alojamiento adecuado para sus invitados. Puede considerar la opción de villas de lujo como las de Cabo Platinum. Estas villas vienen con servicios de mayordomo y conserjería, asegurando que todas las necesidades de sus invitados siempre sean atendidas. Ofrecer un alojamiento de calidad también le proporciona tranquilidad en su día especial. 

Saber que sus invitados se hospedan en una villa de lujo le permite disfrutar de su boda sin preocuparse por nada más.

5. Consideraciones culturales y experiencia memorables

Las bodas en Los Cabos son experiencias soñadoras, mágicas y auténticamente hermosas. Las playas, exóticas e ideales para eventos especiales, brindan el escenario perfecto. 

Cabo Platinum eleva esta experiencia al siguiente nivel, ofreciendo una variedad de villas costeras que pueden ser alquiladas y personalizadas según sus deseos.

Estas villas garantizan acceso exclusivo a servicios de mayordomo y conserjería, asegurando su felicidad, relajación y éxtasis en ese día tan especial. Si lo desea, puede también alquilar jets y yates para duplicar la diversión en su jornada nupcial. Con Cabo Platinum, su boda en México se convierte en un recuerdo imperecedero que atesorará toda la vida.

¡Inicie hoy el viaje hacia la boda de sus sueños! Creemos juntos su día perfecto. ¡Contáctenos ahora para comenzar!


Make the most of this season and enjoy Memorial Day in Cabo San Lucas – a sure way to captivate the mind and imagination and a plethora of events and activities for the whole family,  when you set your travel sights in the baja over Memorial Day! The following are a few of the many reasons you’ll want to hit the road or skies and head to beautiful Mexico for a Cabo Memorial Day Weekend this year.

Enjoy an Unforgettable Jazz, Wine, and Sunset Luxury Cruise

Those who are excited to spend a wonderful Memorial Day away in sunny Cabo San Lucas will find this area is packed with land-based fun to enjoy. That said, just as much adventure waits on the water for those looking to spend a luxurious day on the waves. While you’re here, consider booking an unforgettable jazz, wine, and sunset luxury cruise to top off your Memorial Day experiences in style. These two-hour tours give guests the opportunity to step onboard a pristine vessel and sail along the Los Cabos coastline along a route that offers up iconic views of natural rock formations, marine life, and of course, a stunning sunset too. During your time onboard, guests will enjoy live jazz music as well as a premium selection of gourmet appetizers, wine, and other beverages upon request. Typically, these tours enjoy a host that speaks both English and Spanish and upon request, pick-up and drop-off services can be included. Make it a small group tour when you’re traveling with a crew of family or friends this Memorial Day or opt for a fully private tour if that’s preferable. A jazz, wine, and sunset luxury cruise is filled with highlights for guests to savor including sailing past Lover’s Beach and Land’s End alike. The entire tour is an opportunity to take stunning photos to commemorate the trip and there’s a good chance you might even spot communities of sea lions out and about as you sail along. This is a Cabo Memorial weekend Day activity that you’re going to want to be sure to include on your itinerary this year.

Book a Private Cooking Class

Planning to enjoy well-deserved time in and around Cabo San Lucas over Memorial Day is a chance to take advantage of the plethora of world-class restaurants here that are just waiting to dazzle visitors with palate-pleasing moments. That said, it can be just as intriguing to take some time to learn from the pros for yourself in the comfort of a luxurious vacation rental. Dedicate yourself to learning a savory skill or two this Memorial Day when you book a private cooking class during your stay in Los Cabos, Mexico. The opportunity to learn alongside a professional when it comes to traditional and local cuisine is fun and unforgettable! While a private cooking class ends with an amazing meal to enjoy, it’s also a chance to dive into the many ingredients that are used in traditional dishes and why they’re important to the local history and culture.

Many cooking classes run for three hours at a time and kick off with a mouthwatering cocktail included. There are evening sessions so that guests can learn to dish up delightful combinations of Mexican fare and enjoy it as dinner as well. Guests will enjoy a tour of the restaurant’s on-site vegetable and herb garden to select items for the recipe that will be featured for the evening. Everything needed to cook is readily available and no matter what particular dish is being taught that evening, guests can count on enjoying dessert as a way to end it all on a sweet note.

Those who prefer to learn to cook up something savory in their own vacation rental can book a chef to come to them through our concierge services. This experience focuses on guided demonstrations and serves a base price will generally be quoted for four people at a time. The chef brings his or her own ingredients and cookware and there’s no need to worry about cleanup either. Depending on where the class is hosted, start times are flexible and classes generally last 2 – 4 hours in total.

Book a Luxurious Rental with Concierge Services Included

Elevate your Memorial Day stay in Cabo San Lucas by booking an amazing villa, estate, or residence through Cabo Platinum. Our property options come with spacious layouts and stunning views paired with options to enjoy features like infinity pools and in-home gyms to media rooms, game rooms, outdoor kitchens, gorgeous lounge areas with waterfront vistas, and beyond. At Cabo Platinum, our guests have access to top-notch concierge services and our team is on hand to help with everything from private yacht and jet bookings to restaurant reservations, in-home yoga sessions, and massage therapy options during your vacation days! Whether it’s a drive, butler, private chef, or something more that would make your stay complete, our team is here to help make it happen.

Reach Out and Book Your Cabo Memorial Day Weekend Rental

When you’re ready to turn travel plans into a reality, make more of every moment in Los Cabos by booking luxurious accommodations through Cabo Platinum. Make this Memorial Day in Cabo San Lucas a success. Reach out to learn more!

If you are spending Halloween in Cabo San Lucas with the entire family, then you need to find kid-friendly activities to keep your little ones entertained!

Kid-friendly Things to do in Cabo!

If you are headed to Los Cabos with your kids, then you need to find family-friendly and kid-friendly activities that are suitable for people of all ages. Just because your kids are toddlers, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find anything to do during your vacation. Instead of going drinking and just hanging out at the beach, there are tons of family-friendly and kid-friendly activities that are fun for the entire family!

Catch Cabo

We love going to Catch Cabo when we visit Los Cabos, taking in the pristine waters, white beaches, incredible landscapes, and outdoor watersports activities that are ever so popular in Cabo San Lucas. Book a trip with Catch Cabo to learn how to catch fish, learn more about the local wildlife, and teach your kids how to fish, appreciate nature, and get outside in the water! Plus, Catch Cabo even customize and personalize tours that make them suitable and entertaining for kids.

Whale Watching Tours

You can’t go to Los Cabos without checking out the local wildlife and nature. Whale-watching is no different! Head to the water and book one of the many whale-watching tours in Cabo San Lucas to enjoy taking photos of the whales, getting up close and personal with the marine wildlife, and watching the whales jump out of the water!

High Tide Los Cabos

Located in San Jose Del Cabo, High Tide in Los Cabos is the ideal spot for active kids who want to learn how to surf, kayak, or paddleboard in the bright blue waters. You don’t need to be an expert to do this! There are beginner-friendly lessons that are tailored to kids who have never been in the water before or who need more confidence. Book a surfing lesson with High Tide to get your kid outside and enjoy the great weather!

Cabo San Lucas Halloween Events

Along with kid-friendly activities that are suitable all year round, you can also enjoy some of the more fall-centric and Halloween special events in Cabo San Lucas.

San Jose del Cabo Art Walk

The Art Walk on the Day of the Dead Festival is one of the best ways that you can teach your kids about the local Mexican culture, view the local artist, and check out those who have died in centuries past. Educating your kids is a great way to pay homage to this beautiful vacation spot.

Day of the Dead Festival

Bring your kids to the infamous Day of the Dead Festival in Los Cabos to enjoy dressing up as your favorite chargers, meeting other locals, and enjoying the festivities, like dancing, singing, and collecting candy! Although the Day of the Dead differs from traditional Halloween in Cabo San Lucas, we love this way of paying respect to the local Mexican culture AND having a fun time as a whole family!

Accommodation for Halloween in Cabo San Lucas

If you are looking for high-end, luxurious, and spacious accommodation rentals that are perfect for families of all sizes, you can book your dream vacation by staying in a high-end and modern home in Cabo San Lucas Villas. We offer amazing property rentals right in the heart of Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Vallarta, Punta Mita, and Cabo San Lucas!

Not to mention, our rentals have even been featured on TV for our modern furnishings, spacious interiors, architecturally interesting designs, personal touches, and pristine locations. We offer luxurious rentals and amazing customer service that keeps people coming back year after year.

Check out our rentals today if you are interested in finding Cabo San Lucas villas in the best locations with high-end service that is always available to help you with your needs. We offer 24/7 customer service and support that provides you with everything you could ever want — and more!

Choose your unique types of escape, like a beach escape, family vacation, destination wedding, all-inclusive package, corporate retreat, or bachelor party, and then get started with the booking process! We guarantee that Cabo Platinum is going to make your vacation unforgettable. Get in touch today to choose the house of your dreams for your upcoming holiday — we provide all our customers with a 100% guarantee that your vacation will be spectacular.