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How to get married in Mexico?

Once upon a time, a couple dreamt of exchanging vows under the Mexican sun, surrounded by azure waters and swaying palms in enchanting Mexico wedding destinations. They embarked on a journey to make their dream a reality, asking themselves: How to get married in Mexico as a U.S. Citizen? What Documents do I need to get married in Mexico? Their adventur led them to discover the intricacies of legally tying the knot in this vibrant country.

For those seeking Mexico wedding venues, there are two popular avenues, and in Cabo San Lucas you can make this dream come true:

  • Symbolic weddings, and
  • Legal weddings

Symbolic weddings are the preferred ones, offering couples a chance to celebrate their love without legal ramifications. These flexible ceremonies allow the couple to choose any officiant, incorporate meaningful traditions, and bask in the beauty of Mexico. However, it’s crucial to note that symbolic weddings are not legally binding and won’t be recognized in your country of origin.

How to Legally Get Married in Mexico

On the other hand, Legal weddings in Mexico are internationally recognized and legally binding. They are officiated by a Justice of the Peace, adding a layer of official recognition to the union. To embark on this journey, you’ll need to obtain a permit from your nearest Mexican consulate before arriving in the country.

Depending on where you choose to get married in Mexico, additional documents may be necessary to complete the legal process. With the right documentation and payment of relevant fees, any wedding ceremony can be legalized in Mexico.

Requirements for Legal Weddings in Mexico

  • Day of arrival: The wedding couple must arrive 4 full business days in advance of the wedding (arrival day, Mexican holidays and weekends do not count).
  • Minimum age: Both individuals must be 18 years or older. Four witnesses over 18 years old: two per person.
  • Official Identification and a copy: A valid passport (with 6 months validity).
  • Visitor’s permit: Couple and witness tourist cards provided by customs when you arrive in Mexico.
  • Resident permit: if you’re resident in Mexico.
  • About the witnesses: If you don’t provide witnesses, ask to get them for a fee. Mexican witnesses require an official ID
  • Get the medical tests: All states require bloodwork before you get married. These tests check for HIV and syphilis, and you must pass the tests to get married in Mexico. Additionally, the tests can only be done in Mexico for the results to be acceptable to the authorities. In some states, you must also get a chest X-ray done at a local clinic.
  • Birth Certificate: Official long form certificate, certified and translated by an approved translator.
  • Proof of payment: Payment receipt of the marriage license. You can now apply for a license which should be ready within a few days or up to two weeks.
  • Paperwork from previous marriage: If widowed, a Death Certificate will be required. If divorced, the final divorce decree will be required and you must be divorced for over 1 year.
  • Adoption Papers: Anyone planning to hold a civil ceremony must have adoption paperwork if they have been adopted.
  • Marriage license form: This can be downloaded and printed from the local registry office in Mexico. You must present apostilled and translated documents as you embark on this process.
  • Single status certificate: In case of marriage to a Mexican national, a Single status certificate/affidavit will be required.
  • Completion of pre-nuptial course: The Marriage Certificate that you receive on the ceremony day by the Justice of the Peace is only valid in Mexico. Once you have legalized your marriage in Mexico through the ceremony, you must legalize your marriage in your country of birth/residence if you want it to be recognized once you return home.
  • Translate and apostille the documents: Mexican authorities require the above documents to be apostilled and translated. Ensure you do this to avoid any delays

Get married! Getting married in Mexico for foreigners can be this easy!

Is Gay Marriage Legal in Mexico?

YES! For LGBTQ+ couples, Mexico offers a welcoming environment, with same-sex civil unions legal throughout the country. This inclusivity has made Mexico a premier destination for LGBTQ+ weddings, adding to its allure as a romantic getaway.

Note: While this guide provides a comprehensive overview, it’s crucial to consult with the Mexican Embassy or Consulate for precise legal requirements.

In conclusion, getting married in Mexico with the assistance of Cabo Platinum, in Cabo San Lucas, is an enchanting experience, whether through a symbolic ceremony or a legally binding union. With their expertise and guidance, coupled with the right preparations and adherence to legal requirements, couples can embark on a memorable journey to say “I do” in one of the world’s most picturesque settings.

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