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Cabo San Lucas Private Security


Despite Los Cabos being safe, secure, and a tourist haven, we understand that some of our guests still like to have private Cabo San Lucas security guards with them during their vacation. It's no surprise that some people like to buy insurance for their insurance... Other Cabo Platinum guests like to hire a guard to be with their kids when they are having a few drinks at nightclubs - this service is closer to a high-profile chaperon. Private security has the ability to include a plethora of services, from armored vehicles to 24/7 armed security guards, and we have the best connections in Cabo. When you travel with Cabo Platinum, you travel with confidence, start to finish. Below are a few of our most requested services:

Bodyguard Services

Our exclusive security providers work day and night to ensure their clients safety. A Bodyguard service can be for just about anyone: celebrities and high profile names as well as families who want a little extra sense of security. This service is also used regularly by bachelor parties. Believe it or not, bachelor parties inquire about our security services more than any other type of group because they know they might need to protect themselves... from themselves. Our bodyguards will even ensure that your group doesn't do any harm to yourselves. It's better to be proactive and spend a few dollars before the tequila starts flowing, to ensure that nobody has to spend a night in prison. If you are coming to Cabo and are interested in private security, we have you covered.

Types of Bodyguard Services:

  • Armed & Unarmed Private Bodyguard
  • Los Cabos Wedding Security
  • Beach Security
  • 24/7 In-Villa Guard
  • Property Patrol Guards
  • Nightclub & Restaurant Chaperone Security

Vehicular & Transport Security

Ensuring you get from point A to point B in a safe and secure manner is imperative. While there is little to no vehicular violence in Los Cabos, some of our guests like to have the extra security. In the past, we have had high-profile celebrities contract armored transport to-and-from the airport to ensure complete privacy and exclusivity. Our professionally-trained drivers are trained in dynamic, offensive and defensive driving and route recognition. Depending on the provider that fits your needs, your driver can also be your private security guard.

Types of Vehicular Security Services:
(All transportation security services can be in armored or unarmored vehicles)

  • Airport Transfers
  • In-Town Activity Transfers
  • Shopping Excursions
  • Transportation of Valuable Goods

Other Security Services

While bodyguards and secure transportation are unquestionably our largest guest requests, we offer additional services that can be tailored to your needs. Our partner security companies are all run by highly skilled, tactically trained professionals who are accustomed to making changes on the fly.

Other Types of Security Services:

  • Risk Consultation
  • Surveilance/Counter-Surveilance
  • Intelligence
  • Operational Planning
  • Quality Control & Assurance
  • Asset Tracking & Recovery
  • Kidnapping Prevention & Rescue
  • Tactical Training
  • Security Advisement
  • and More!