8 Tips for Having an Amazing Time Fishing in Cabo

If you’re planning on spending a full day fishing in Cabo, the chances are high that you’re already in for an amazing time. However, fishing in Cabo San Lucas and Baja California Sur isn’t an everyday endeavor, so you likely want to make the absolute most of your time. In addition to providing the best fishing charters in Cabo, Cabo Platinum has you covered with a few tips on maximizing your enjoyment.

1. Make sure your fishing trip aligns with the right season.


In Cabo San Lucas and Baja California Sur, many eye-catching tropical fish are in season year-round. Nonetheless, the avid angler may have their preference concerning which species piques their interest. Whether you’re looking to catch yellowfin tuna, marlin, or billfish, the best way to snag it is by making sure your expedition aligns with its most plentiful season. Pinpoint the best time to reel in your desired catch with the handy month-to-month guide below:

  • Year-round: While the plentitude may fluctuate throughout the year, there are a few fish species that you can catch year-round. You have Cabo’s signature great weather to thank for that! A few of these bountiful fish species include bonito, roosterfish, and red snapper.
  • January: In January, the waters of Cabo San Lucas are flush with striped marlin, sharks, and wahoo! During this month, you can also expect to see many dorados (mahi-mahi) and king mackerel.
  • February: February is the best time to fish for striped marlin and sharks. The probability is high that you will also encounter amberjack, yellowtail amberjack, and goliath grouper.
  • March: March is prime fishing time for those looking to reel in yellowtail amberjack, striped marlin, and sharks. The waters of Cabo San Lucas will also be densely populated by amberjack, goliath grouper, roosterfish, and red snapper.
  • April: In Cabo San Lucas, April is known for providing its abundance of yellowtail amberjack, goliath grouper, striped marlin, sharks, and snapper. April also provides some of the best weather for amberjack, black grouper, king mackerel, and roosterfish.
  • May: May is one of the most lucrative months for a fishing trip. You can find the Sea of Cortez brimming with amberjack, yellowtail amberjack, black and goliath groupers, jack, king mackerel, striped marlin, and roosterfish! Although it isn’t their peak season per se, the waters of Cabo San Lucas will also have an abundance of blue marlin, sharks, and snook!
  • June: June keeps the standard sky-high by providing anglers with a seemingly endless supply of amberjack, black and goliath groupers, jack, king mackerel, striped marlin, roosterfish, and snook. Additional perks of a June fishing trip include yellowtail amberjack, dorados (mahi-mahi), and blue marlin.
  • July: Mahi and marlin fans rejoice! Warmer months like July are prime fishing seasons for dorados (mahi-mahi), blue marlin, striped marlin, roosterfish, snapper, and snook. The water temperature is also ideal for black marlin, amberjack, black and goliath grouper, jack, king mackerel, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, and wahoo.
  • August: Late summer fishing trips make for excellent hauls of dorados (mahi-mahi), blue marlin, roosterfish, snapper, and snook. The reefs will also attract the following fish species: Black marlin, striped marlin, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, and wahoo.
  • September: September boasts the best fishing season for dorado(mahi-mahi), blue marlin, sailfish, snapper, snook, yellowfin tuna, and wahoo. Other common September fish species include black marlin and striped marlin.
  • October: Each spooky season, you can reel in monster fish such as dorado (mahi-mahi), blue marlin, sailfish, snook, yellowfin tuna, and wahoo. For additional thrills, keep your eye out for black marlin, striped marlin, and red snapper.
  • November: As the year nears its end, Cabo Platinum’s fishing charter boats turn their attention to the abundance of dorado (mahi-mahi), sailfish, yellowfin tuna, and wahoo. The Sea of Cortez will also have hot spots of bonito, black marlin, blue marlin, striped marlin, roosterfish, and snapper.
  • December: December is one of the best times to fish for yellowfin tuna and wahoo. Although the waters won’t be quite as flush as the summer months, you will still have an unforgettable trip. You can find bonito, dorado (mahi-mahi), jack, king mackerel, black marlin, blue marlin, striped marlin, roosterfish, sailfish, sharks, and snapper populating the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez.

As mentioned above, you can catch many of these native fish species year-round. This list is not meant to deter you from booking a trip outside of the prime seasons. Instead, it is intended to help you choose the best time to try your hand at specific fish species. Cabo isn’t known as the “Marlin Capital of the World” for no reason! Any time is a good time to catch big fish in the Baja California peninsula, not just the warmer months.

2. Decide what type of adventure you’re looking for.


When planning your fishing expedition, it may be beneficial to gauge your party’s preferences. Some Cabo Platinum guests seek the thrill of grappling with the feistiest big fish in the ocean! Others may prefer to enjoy a relaxing, spring-break style cruise that focuses more on deck-lounging with a couple of beers. Whatever your fishing charter needs may be, Cabo Platinum can help you plan the perfect trip.

Consult with your group and let us know which fish species you’re most interested in. It can also be helpful to note whether or not strong currents may pose a problem (for passengers who haven’t yet gotten their sea legs)! While deep-sea offshore fishing is often action-packed, inshore fish are comparably abundant in a tropical paradise like Los Cabos. We’ll help you ensure everyone has a great time and catches lots of fish, regardless of skill or energy levels.

3. Choose your location wisely.


Our fishing charters frequent many locations in the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, some of which are better than others for certain types of fishing. When coordinating your dream fishing charter, you may want to explore all the possible locations first. The Sea of Cortez is ripe with schools of big fish and is home to four primary sportfishing hotspots:



  1. Santa Maria Canyon

The waters of the Santa Maria Canyon kiss the shores of Santa Maria Beach, just south of San Jose del Cabo. The trained eyes of your complimentary captain and crew can help your party spot billfish, tuna, and even schools of dorado (mahi-mahi).

  1. 1150 Bank

Slightly to the East of Santa Maria Canyon, you’ll find 1150 bank. This fishing haven is located in the middle of San Jose and San Lucas, allowing it to tap into fish species that frequent the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean.

  1. Gordo Banks

Situated northeast of the marina, Gordo Banks is a dream come true for the avid angler. It has been said to be the best fishing spot in Baja California Sur.

  1. Vinorama Canyon

Even further north of Gordo Banks lies the Vinorama Canyon. The Vinorama Canyon provides some of the best yellowtail, dorado (mahi-mahi), and tuna fishing in the U.S. and Mexico!

The Pacific Ocean Side


On the opposite side of the Baja California peninsula lies the Pacific Ocean. It is home to countless fish species and is known for the thrill of its record-breaking Tuna catches. Here, you can choose from five fishing locales:

  1. Golden Gate Bank

Golden Gate Bank may be one of the best fishing spots in all of Cabo San Lucas. Its warm waters attract many species of fish, such as marlin, mahi-mahi, and yellowfin tuna.

  1. San Jaime Bank

The San Jaime Bank is known for its incredibly high-rising seamounts, reaching heights of 150 feet from the ocean’s surface! This unique fishing locale serves both professional anglers and local fishermen.

  1. The Lighthouse

This fishing spot earned its namesake due to its close proximity to the Cabo Falso Lighthouse. It is well-recognized for its big tuna, and home to one of the largest spearfishing catches ever recorded. Our talented captain and crew can help you find, reel in, fillet, and freeze the biggest fish you can catch.

  1. The 45 Spot

The 45 spot is just a couple of miles from the Cabo Falso Lighthouse. It is trademarked by its rise over the 600-foot deep ledge of Cardonal Canyon. When it comes to year-round fishing, the 45 Spot is the best place.

  1. Finger Bank

Fishermen looking to reel in a striped marlin flock to Finger Bank to try their luck. It is located about 50 miles from the marina, off the gorgeous coast of Todos Santos, Mexico.

4. Consider testing your skills in a fishing tournament.


San Jose isn’t just for spring break. Avid anglers looking to go toe-to-toe with the best fishermen in the game will quickly learn that Cabo is the best place to do so. Sportfishing is an integral part of Cabo San Lucas culture. If you’re looking to put your offshore fishing skills to the ultimate test, consider marking your calendar with a few of the most popular fishing tournaments in the area.

For example, the WON Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot is one of the largest fishing tournaments in the entire world. Another popular tournament in Los Cabos is the Cabo Summer Slam, also known as the Pelagic Triple Crown of Fishing. Pelagic, a high-performance fishing gear brand, sponsors this tournament and offers payouts of over $200,000. Fishermen that relish in catching the really big fish will delight in experiencing the Los Cabos Billfish tournament. Here, fishermen can score daily jackpots for reeling in the largest wahoo, tuna, and mahi-mahi.

For a great trip that you can feel good about, consider participating in the Stars and Stripes tournament. Stars and Stripes is a fundraiser that donates to charities benefitting the younger generations of Cabo San Lucas and Southern California. Beneficiaries include the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County and the Inland Empire, Miracles for Kids, and the Orangewood Foundation. The tournaments mentioned above are by no means an exhaustive list. Los Cabos is home to many famous inshore fishing and offshore fishing competitions, such as Bisbee’s Black and Blue, otherwise known as the grand slam “Super Bowl of fishing competitions.”

5. Come prepared so you can relax and enjoy the fishing trip.


Many people know that in Baja California Sur, anyone can fish from the shore! However, some fishermen may be unaware of Mexico’s stricter regulations. When sport fishing off a boat in Mexico, you must have a fishing license. This rule isn’t exclusive to those casting a line but also applies to anyone on board the ship with fishing gear.

Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about the confusion of obtaining fishing licenses for everyone in your party. We make sure to take the guesswork out of your planning any chance we get. In addition to hosting your charter adventure, Cabo Platinum will help you get your fishing licenses and any other required regulatory compliances.

6. Select your vessel accordingly.


Cabo Platinum are the experts in world-class fishing, and we don’t claim to be top-notch for no reason! We offer fishing boats ranging from 40-130 feet, allowing us to accommodate parties big and small. Our complete list of charter boats is available on our site, but here are a couple of teasers to inspire you!

Experience true charter boat luxury on the 130-Foot Sovereign

This luxury yacht features five cabins, six bathrooms, a swim deck, a salon, and endless amenities. Not to mention, the captain of the Sovereign has over 20 years of experience navigating the Cabo San Lucas waters. A reservation on this fishing yacht will come complete with live bait, lure, fishing licenses, air conditioning, breakfast, lunch, drinks, and a kayak!

Try your luck on the 54-Foot Overblue

This model is among the most popular of all fishing boats. This no-nonsense sportfishing charter manages to be large and luxurious without any extra fluff that could distract from the mission at hand—catching big fish. In addition to the captain, crew, and whatever you reel in, a 54-Foot Overblue reservation will land you licenses, lure, bait, fishing gear, snacks, beers, soft drinks, and water.

7. Fine-tune the details.


Cabo Platinum offers a wide variety of fishing packages, each of which can be customized to meet your needs. Whether you want to enjoy lunch with beers and sandwiches or a lush spread of tequila and ceviche, we can help you make it happen. Foodies will revel in the chef-crafted menu items that you’ll select each onboard meal from. Choose between a short excursion or a full-day trip complete with meals that rival the scenery.

Planning an itinerary can be tricky, so provide us with your idea of a dream reservation, and the charter operator will take care of everything else! If your trip to Los Cabos is centered around fishing, consider checking out the Cabo fishing charter packages. There are three packages to choose from, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

8. Let Cabo Platinum take care of the rest!


At Cabo Platinum, we specialize in top-notch R&R. That’s why we offer complimentary concierge services with every villa reservation. When it comes to fishing, we know the best way to ensure our guests have a great time is to make sure your needs are always met and exceeded. No matter which fishing package you choose, you can expect the following amenities:

  • Charter boat, fuel, captain, and crew
  • License to fish, live bait, tackle, and lure
  • Filleting and freezing of the fish you catch
  • Soft drinks and sweet rolls
  • Beer and coffee

Each of the amenities our Silver, Gold, and Platinum fishing packages offer will be in addition to the services mentioned above. Cabo is often referred to as a fisherman’s paradise. Even the most avid angler has their work cut out for them between mako shark, Spanish mackerel, big tuna, and marlin fishing. To have an amazing time fishing in Cabo, you need only to show up. However, Cabo Platinum takes pride in our ability to deliver a world-class fishing experience. If you want a luxury charter experience, big fish, and breathtaking scenery without the hassle of coordinating every detail, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us on our website or give us a call to start planning the fishing expedition of your dreams!

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