Cabo Luxury Rentals for Any Occasion

Cabo San Lucas is in high demand for good reason. Endless amenities and a versatile collection of luxury villas make Cabo the perfect spot for a wedding, honeymoon, family vacation, bachelor party, or corporate retreat. Whether you need three bedrooms or 10, Cabo Platinum has a luxury villa that will meet and surpass all your needs. Villa rentals are available in five different locations:

  • East Cape
  • San Jose
  • San Lucas
  • The Corridor
  • Pacific Side

What does San Jose del Cabo have to offer?

Those looking for a unique experience in the historic downtown arts district may have their best vacation in San Jose del Cabo. Aside from its sandy beaches, San Jose del Cabo is a history buff’s paradise. In this villa vacation spot, you’ll find colonial buildings, local art, and a nature preserve rich with colorful species like hummingbirds and ibises.

Which luxury rentals are best for avid beachgoers?

If beachside Cabo luxury is on your agenda, Villa Serena in the Corridor will be your perfect getaway. The Corridor is a 20-mile stretch of cosmopolitan paradise. Whet your palate with fine dining staples or hit the strip for shoppi

ng and a wide variety of accommodations. You will never be too far from the beach, so keep your bathing suit handy for those sunny afternoons. You may not need it, but you’ll certainly want it when you look out into the gorgeous blue horizon.

Where can I find the best nightlife?

San Lucas is nicknamed the ‘party side’ of Cabo, and for a good reason! San Lucas is home to plentiful boozy boat tours, concerts, and events. For some vacationers, it’s all about the food. If your luxury vacation isn’t complete until you’ve satisfied your inner foodie, gravitate towards the Pacific side. The Pacific side is home to the Mango Festival, Arts & Beer, and authentic farm-to-table restaurants.

This cuisine capital will show you everything delicious that the Pacific side has to offer.

The most well-known nightlife is located in downtown San Lucas, which many consider ‘Spring Break Central.’ Anyone looking for late nights, bottle service and dancing will find it at Mandala, Squid Rowe and Pink Kitty Nightclubs.

How about something a bit more tranquil?

Last but certainly not least, marine life enthusiasts will find the rentals and villa services in the East Cape to be supreme. This area is the ultimate location for scuba diving, surfing, and offshore fishing. The East Cape is an excellent alternative to the busy city feel of San Jose del Cabo and the bustling nightlife you’ll find in the Cabo San Lucas Villas. Every person is different; that’s why our luxury vacation options make flexibility and customization top priorities.

What to Expect With a Cabo Platinum Villa

Your reservations will be as unique as you are. You can include a personal chef, spa and massage services, or a butler to help you unpack your clothes and serve your beverages. However, there are a few things you can expect with any of our reservations. For instance, with any Cabo San Lucas villa, you’ll have access to a 24-hour personal concierge service. Delicious dining and beautiful beaches are just a few more commonalities across our luxury villa locations. To find more specific ideas about your adventure, try matching your preferences to the list above.

Your 24-hour concierge service can help you with general questions, coordination of transportation, and even planning your itinerary. Browse luxurious services and packages including everything from fishing charters and yacht trips to private cooking classes and wine pairings with a professional sommelier. Once you have an idea of your dream vacation, your concierge can help you plan for it.

Unforgettable Vacation Amenities

Vacation getaways like luxury resorts have strict itineraries that can be stressful to coordinate across a group of people. You may be limited to certain restaurants or miss excursions that don’t match up with your schedule. If your meals are timed, you could miss out on some of the best things vacation has to offer, like living without a schedule or sleeping in late. Thankfully, Cabo San Lucas vacation rentals with Cabo Platinum are an entirely different type of experience. With five different locations all unique in style and amenities, you can have an amazing time your way. No rules, and no hassling with your group’s schedule.

Suppose you want plenty of room in your itinerary for some much-needed R&R. You may even want to spend the majority of your time inside the vacation rental grounds, reaping the rewards of everything your villa vacation has to offer. In that case, you may consider the luxury rentals that have private terraces and pools overlooking the Sea of Cortez. If you opt for private chef services, you’ll enjoy delicious meals anytime you want, without ever having to stray from the comfort of your private villa.

Conversely, you might want to pack your schedule with water sports, snorkeling, or hiking to the top of the cliffs for breathtaking, panoramic views. In that case, book away! Your concierge can guide you regarding transportation, bookings, and activity ideas. Just make sure the villa you choose has a hot tub or jacuzzi to help you spend your evening recuperating.

Outside the Grounds

For many people, the best vacation is one that focuses on relaxation and restoration. Others prefer to get out there and experience everything Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, and the Baja Peninsula have to offer. For the latter, you may be wondering what there is to do outside of your villa tranquilidad. If you feel tired of the views from your balcony, there are several places to find adventure outside of the Cabo Platinum luxury locale.

If you don’t speak any Spanish, you’ll be delighted to know that most places surrounding the vacation rentals are English-speaking. In a stark contrast from most cities in the United States, you’ll be permitted to purchase a cocktail and take a leisurely stroll around town. Your experience will be tailored to you, so come up with your dream vacation and let the concierge services help you piece it together.

Lover’s Beach

One of the most popular attractions nearby is Lover’s Beach. Cabo San Lucas is home to numerous pristine beaches, so what makes this one special? Some say the beach is named in reference to the fact that it unites the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean. Others attribute its name to an 18th-century forbidden love story that entangles the beach in its history.

Regardless of the reasoning behind its name, a trip to Lover’s Beach allows vacationers to see one of the only beaches in the world that unites two seas. For a romantic experience, take your loved one out to Lover’s Beach and tell them about the history of the name while you float upon crystal clear waters or dig your toes into the pristine white sands.

Lover’s Beach is home to many beautiful species of marine life like tropical fish and mantas that you’ll have the opportunity to swim alongside. This swimmable beach is only accessible by boat, which means you’ll need to make arrangements to cross the water. Thankfully, if you’re staying in one of our Cabo luxury villa rentals, the concierge can make that happen for you.

Most Popular Recreational Activities

Los Cabos is famous for its pristine golf courses. There are over 15 professionally designed golf courses to peruse, from the beachfront to the cliffside. This climate is famous for its year-round sunny weather, so your chances of being rained out are slim. Aside from the consistently pleasant weather, sweeping views from the courses are so breathtaking, you won’t mind hitting your ball from the rough.

The exciting terrain that Los Cabos and Baja California have to offer ensures that these versatile links will keep you entertained for days. If you and everyone in your party love to golf, check out Cabo Platinum’s golf packages. You could be exploring courses designed by big-name golfers like Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus for an unforgettable vacation, bachelor party, or work retreat.

The most popular activity among luxury Cabo villas guests is yacht chartering. Similar to the rest of your Cabo luxury experience, it is up to you to choose the vessel size, duration of the charter, and requested services. For example, you can charter a yacht for as little as three hours or as long as the whole day. Butler and chef services are at your fingertips, so you don’t have to worry about packing heavy for your day at sea.

If you prefer to have something to show for your time out on the water, consider booking a fishing charter in the “sportfishing capital of the world.” A few examples of the exotic fish you may reel in include Dorado, Wahoo, and Tuna. An avid fisherman who can’t wait to get to land’s end should consider booking their luxury villa vacation in the East Cape, where offshore fishing is prime. Even in the winter months, the fishing in the East Cape is supreme. In fact, November through May is the best time to catch Striped Marlin.

Unique Adventures

Exploring a new environment is exciting! You may find yourself wanting to do activities that you can’t do at home. One of the best things about Cabo vacation rentals is that they are close to a wide variety of exhilarating and novel experiences. Most notably, you’ll have the opportunity for a close encounter with whale sharks. Aside from being the largest fish in the sea, they’re also the most gentle. The mild-mannered nature of these whale sharks makes snorkeling alongside them a mind-boggling yet serene experience. Your snorkeling adventure isn’t limited to whale sharks, however. While on your whale shark-sighting adventure, you’ll likely also run into various other marine life like dolphins and rays.

You can book a romantic horseback ride on the beach or through the desert with your special someone, and then turn it up a notch by pairing it with an ATV excursion. If exploring the desert landscape of Los Cabos and Baja California Sur is in your schedule, you can transform it into a camelback ride adventure. Then, top your day of exploration off with a lively tequila tasting that will prepare you for all the local nightlife has to offer. How many people can say they’ve ridden a camel through the desert to get to a tequila tasting?

Condos and VRBO vacation rentals can be nice, but absolutely nothing will compare to the one-of-a-kind experience you’ll have in a Cabo luxury villa. Imagine lying by the pool while your butler mixes salted margaritas for your group to sip out in the sun. Instead of Googling the best restaurants and struggling to manage your trip’s transportation, sit back and let your complimentary concierge take care of everything. Depending on your mood each day of your trip, you can relax with spa treatments by the infinity pool or take an exhilarating ATV ride through the desert. The possibilities are endless when you’re vacationing Cabo luxury style.

Night owls can feel the beat of the heart of Cabo San Lucas while self-proclaimed pro golfers can try their hand at championship-level links. Experience the awe of being in the presence of enormous whale sharks or travel to the famous Lover’s Beach for a one-of-a-kind experience where the California Gulf kisses the Pacific Ocean. Camelback rides, tequila tasting, bungee jumping, and even skydiving await you in this pristine paradise. When we say there is something for everyone, we truly mean that and more. The ultimate guide to Cabo luxury is within you; build your dream vacation, and let us take care of the details.



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