They say laughter is the best medicine. But did you know relaxation can boost your mood, improve sleep and eliminate stress hormones that can wreak havoc on your body? All you need is a cool, relaxing place to start you off. One of the best places that have taken social media by storm is the Instagram-famous Nobu Hotel Los Cabos.


But what has gained more attention is the Nobu Los Cabos Residences.

These luxury villas ensure your stay in Los Cabos is top-notch, with exclusive dining experiences and full access to all the amenities in the hotel to their guests.

Besides, they recently partnered with Cabo Platinum, an award-winning real estate, villa rental, property management, and concierge service provider in the Punta Diamante area, to ensure you enjoy a premium experience.

Technically, Cabo Platinum’s collaboration with Nobu Los Cabos Residences marks a luxurious fusion of hospitality and real estate excellence. With a shared commitment to delivering unparalleled vacations, this partnership promises to offer an array of personalized experiences, to all their guests.

Is Nobu Cabo All Inclusive?

You might be wondering, is Nobu Los Cabos all-inclusive? 

It is not an all-inclusive hotel but a 5-star luxury beach hotel. 

However, it offers several options for meals and in-room service. But do you need all that while you can get all the benefits at the Nobu residences? 

You can rent your desired villa with Cabo Platinum and enjoy a personalized experience with a myriad of amenities at your disposal.

Nobu Residences Los Cabos

If you are looking for the perfect place to unlock your inner vitality and reconnect with the purity of nature, Nobu Residences Los Cabos have all you need. They are strategically located near the iconic Nobu Hotel Los Cabos to ensure you get the best of the Nobu lifestyle.

Besides with more than 60 exclusive residences strategically located, you will be spoilt of choice. You will also have full access to all the amenities offered at the hotel throughout your vacation. Whether you choose to try out exquisite dishes in the different restaurants or lounge by the private pool, life at the Nobu Residences will be full of fun and beautiful memories. 

Life at Nobu Residences

As you might have guessed, guests at the Nobu Residences have full access to all the amenities offered at the renowned Nobu Hotel Los Cabos. Whether you choose to dine with exquisite cuisines or lounge at the private pools, there is no doubt that you will enjoy your stay while here.

Nobu Los Cabos residences

Sometimes all you need to uplift your soul is to get a plane ticket, travel to your holiday destination, and have fun.

Nobu Residence Los Cabos have everything you would ever need for a vacation holiday. These residences are nothing but a luxurious dream.


You can get your hand on one of the exceptional luxury villas from the official Nobu Los Cabos Hotel partner, Cabo Platinum. 


We will help you rent vacation villas for groups, families, or even corporate retreats. Contact us today and let us help you rent your desired Nobu residence.

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