An Insiders Look Into a 3-Day Cabo Fishing Charter on the 78-ft Hatteras

So you’re interested in booking an overnight fishing charter in Los Cabos, huh? Well, for starters… We commend you and think you’re an intelligent individual. There’s no question that Cabo is not only one of the best fishing spots in the world, but it’s also one of the most beautiful. And one of the best parts about an overnight fishing trip is you get to explore more of the Baja than Los Cabos.


Where Do You Start?

Well, first you’re gonna need the right fishing boat. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place! Cabo Platinum is a leading purveyor of luxury yacht and fishing charters in the southern Baja. Sure, we have a long list of eligible fishing boats. But what we do is more than find you a boat… We listen to your needs and we find you the RIGHT boat. Theres hundreds of different boats out there, but not all will be right for you. Our charter specialist team is standing by and ready to help you find the right vessel for your overnight fishing charter. For this article, we detail a 3-day excursion aboard the 78-ft Hatteras.


You Have the Right Boat… Let’s Get Your Charter Started!

Now that you’ve found the right boat, it’s time to get out on the water!

For a multiple day fishing charter, you would typically start around 3pm. Your first order of business is to get comfortable, relaxed, and acclimated to your new buoyant home. That’s why you’ll be started off with some margaritas, white wine, and appetizers. From there, you will start off on your journey, but not before you do a couple more enjoyable Los Cabos boat activities. You will do a light sunset cruise, sticking around the Pacific-side of The Arch and Lands End, for an unforgettable sunset and delicious dinner on-board. Once the sun goes down, you’ll head back to the marina and get ready for a good nights sleep so you can tackle the day ahead.


Day 1… Let’s Catch Some Fish!

Good morning! You’re rested and acclimated to your boat… It’s time to fish!

Your boat will fire up and get you out on the water between 6-7am. Your first stop will be Bahia de Los Frailes, about 70-miles up the coast from Cabo San Lucas en route to Cabo Pulmo, a famous marine reserve and snorkeling spot. After a nice long day of fishing on your vessel, it’s time to bring in the reels and enjoy a little extra time on the water. “Captain, release the Tender and let’s go explore” is something along the lines of what you should expect to hear at this point. For those who don’t know the Tender is a small motorized boat that can take you anywhere you want, using little fuel or effort. Some typical activities during this time are finding the best snorkel spots in the area (reefs) and find the best place to see the sun set into the ocean. All the while, your personal chef on-board will be preparing you dinner, hopefully with your catch-of-the-day! Once you’re done with your adventure, you head back to the boat, enjoy dinner, and get another good nights rest.


Day 2… How Bout We Catch Some More Fish!

Morning 2 is here! If you loved the snorkeling at Bahia de los Frailes, there’s time for one more session before you head to your next stunning fishing area, Bahia de los Suenos or the Bay of Dreams. This area used to be called Bahia de los Muertos or the Bay of the Dead, but when developers came in to monetize the land, they felt the name had somewhat of an ominous ring to it so they decided they needed to give it a little re-branding. While maps will tell you this area is called Bahia de los Suenos, the locals still call it Muertos.

The trip from Los Frailes to Bahia de los Suenos will take almost a full day, but once you arrive, you’ll understand why it was on the itinerary. This beautiful little bay is one of the most coveted areas of the Southern Baja due to its natural beauty, rich reefs, and stunning boutique hotel built into the hillside. Upon arriving at the Bay of Dreams, you will take the Tender out for some more sightseeing, snorkeling, and/or head to land to explore. Once finished, you can either decide to have dinner at the local restaurant or head back to the boat for another delicious meal from your chef. Either way you decide, we highly recommend spending awhile laying out on the boat or beach and enjoying the uninhibited night sky that will be illuminated with stars.


Day 3… Time to Head Back to Cabo. Maybe See if You Can Catch One More Fish Though!

You’ve now experienced stunning sunsets in 3 different areas of the Baja. As long time Baja residents, we couldn’t be more excited that you got to experience the magic and beauty that this area has to offer, but it’s time to return back home. On your way back to Cabo, see if you can bag one more fish for you to either bring home or share with some friends on land. You will arrive back to Cabo in the evening and get everything squared away with the captain and crew. You will say thank you, give them their gratuity, and be on your way with hopefully full hands of bagged fish.

If you’re lucky (or smart) enough to be taking this charter during whale season, you can expect to see several passing pods throughout your travels.


The total cost of this 3-day fishing charter on the 78-ft Hatteras is $15,000.

This includes all of your food, drinks, fuel, crew, and licenses. The one thing it does not include is the gratuity to the captain and crew, which we’d highly suggest giving, especially if you had the type of experience that we expect.

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