If you want a luxurious and spacious home right in the heart of Los Cabos, look no further. If a Los Cabos luxury vacation is what you are after, then Casa Brooks is your dream come true. This 10-bedroom and 9.5-bathroom Cabo del Sol villa rental can fit 22 guests in a spacious 20,000-square-foot space. You will never feel cramped with your other guest as you wander around this immaculate property boasting outdoor spaces, incredible views, and modern interior amenities that will make it hard to ever leave.

Exterior Space

As soon as you arrive at the property, you will notice the ample outdoor space. This is the selling point of the home, as we know how the weather in Cabo San Lucas is always top-notch. We make it easy for you to sit outside, get a nice sun tan, and hop into the pool to cool off during the heat of the summertime.

We have an outdoor pool with bright blue water and amazing views over the nearby ocean. There are dozens of lounge chairs with pristine views over the water, offering the perfect spot to sit outside, read a book, and tan after a long winter. Plus, our hot tub has amazing views of the coastline, green parks, and palm trees, providing you with the ideal spot to kick back, relax, and “chill out” after a long day of exploring the nearby area.

Last but not least, the architecture and the outside garden area of the home are unbelievable. As you walk up to the front door, you will notice the unique tiling in the round, the incredible architecture, and the variety of plants that surround the outside of the home. You will feel like you’re walking into another world as you enter the doors of this spacious house!

Living Areas

Of course, once it is time to come inside and relax, we have plenty of spacious seating areas that are perfect for conversing with your guests, playing card games, or watching TV. We have a living room with an L-shaped couch and two cozy chairs that are perfect for a small card game, eating appetizers, or watching your favorite show on the smart TV.

If you would rather sit with a view of the nearby pool and water, you can sit in the open floor plan living room and patio area that connect. Instead of feeling like you are shut out from the outside world, our open floor plan house connects the interior with the exterior, making the home feel even bigger than it already is!


Okay, you may not like cooking — but you will love being in this kitchen! Our modern and high-end kitchen features a granite countertop, modern stainless steel appliances, wooden cabinets, and unique tiling that brings together the tropical feel of the home. There is ample counter space for preparing food, making drinks, and chatting with your guests before dinner.

Dining Room

Of course, when dinner is ready, you can all sit at the lengthy dining room table with a chandelier above you, exposed wooden beams, and a perfect window with views over the bright blue water. There is no better way to all sit and talk about your day than to sit at the long dining room table and eat a shared meal!


There are ample bedrooms in this spacious home -– but we guarantee that the eerie single bedroom has a plush bed, cozy vibes, unique interior design, and plenty of space for you to lay out your clothes, get ready in the morning, and feel like you are royalty. Some of our bedrooms even have connected outdoor spaces, like a private deck for you to wake up, have a cup of coffee, and read a book in the morning.


Not to mention, most of our rooms also have ensuite bathrooms that are perfect for rinsing sand off your feet after a long day on the beach. Our bathrooms contain granite countertops, modern appliances, a spacious interior, and unique tiling that brings together the entire vibe of the home. We love the bathrooms for those who want a functional way to get ready in the morning and want to avoid waiting in line for a bathroom in a crowded home!

Nearby Activities

When you stay in Casa Brooks you’ll be right in the heart of all of the action! The Cove Club in Cabo del Sol is a popular club with a lot of amenities to enjoy. While the amenities are not included in your stay in Casa Brooks, you’ll be in the center of all the fun. Casa Brooks is located within a golf and resort community that’s available to the public! Enjoy it now because it might be going private soon. Casa Brooks is also just down the beach from the Hacienda Del Mar! Hacienda Del Mar has a lot of restaurants to enjoy, as well as a spa with a variety of services and treatments for guests to purchase! There’s so much to enjoy when you reserve this property.

Los Cabos Luxury Vacation with Cabo Platinum

If this sounds like a dream come true make sure to rent Casa Brooks today when you are in the mood to spend a week with your best friends in this luxurious and spacious home. You will never feel like you’re living in a sterile hotel room or that you are cramped in your house — this amazing property has tons of exterior space, interior seating areas, and modern amenities that will make it hard for you to ever leave.

Book Casa Brooks today through Cabo Platinum for a once-in-a-lifetime Los Cabos luxury vacation that you will never forget.

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