Bespoke Luxury & Exceptional Experiences in Los Cabos, Mexico

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Cabo Platinum is a premier destination for luxury vacations, offering stunning ocean views, world-class amenities, and personalized service. Among the many reasons to choose Cabo Platinum for your next getaway, the collection of villas of this type is a major draw for those seeking the ultimate in relaxation and wellness.

Rejuvenate Your Body and Mind

Saunas have been a cornerstone of wellness for centuries, offering a range of benefits according to Women’s Health Magazine. From improved circulation and stress reduction to muscle pain relief and a stronger immune system, a sauna session can do wonders for your body and mind.

Indulge in Your Own Private Sanctuary at Cabo Platinum

Casa Acantilado

As the recipient of the prestigious Vrbo's 2024 Vacation Rental of the Year award, this sanctuary offers an unparalleled approach to wellness. Unwind after a day of exploration in this villa's spacious outdoor Finnish sauna with breathtaking ocean views of the Pacific Ocean, allowing the dry heat to soothe muscles, improve circulation, and promote deep relaxation.

Casa Alejandra

This elegant villa offers a gym & sauna, perfect for a private and rejuvenating experience. Envelope in the soothing heat, letting go of any lingering tension as toxins melt away. This private sanctuary allows you to fully immerse yourself in a personalized wellness retreat. Emerge refreshed, ready to embrace Cabo's energy.

Maison de Cortes

This sprawling estate features a gym & infrared sauna ideal for a quick post-workout detox. Unlike traditional saunas, infrared sauna therapy enhances circulation by dilating blood vessels, promoting better oxygen and nutrient delivery to the skin while aiding in the removal of waste products. This is a wellness retreat!


This contemporary villa boasts a sleek and modern sauna with an ocean view, allowing you to unwind while taking in the beauty of Cabo. Gather your friends for a wellness day, start with yoga and pool time, then dedicate from 15 to 20 minutes to this therapeutic experience. Your dedicated concierge can even arrange for a custom journey within the comfort of this villa.

Poco Paraiso

This charming villa offers a cozy and intimate sauna, tucked conveniently within the fitness room. Slide open the doors and head straight for the cold plunge pool on the poolside terrace. Feel the cool water embrace you on a hot summer day. Let your butler pour a glass of bubbly and dream away at the beautiful view over Poco Paraiso landscape. That is a holiday!

Villa Aurora

Within its deluxe walls lies a hidden gem – a dry sauna, the perfect haven to reconnect at the sophisticated Villa Aurora. Embark on a personalized wellness journey: choose from a guided yoga session on the expansive terrace, a private meditation and mindfulness session to quiet the mind or a personalized workout with a trainer - all within the villa's luxurious embrace.

Villa La Datcha

This iconic villa may not have an ocean view sauna, but it boasts a one-of-a-kind spa featuring a sauna, a steam room, a snow room (the only one in Mexico!), and a Turkish bath, offering a complete wellness experience.

Villa Renata

Welcome to this secluded villa, a luxurious haven renowned for its elegance and style. Featured on the front cover of Florida Design Magazine in 2014. After enjoying a day at the beach club or a thrilling tennis match, retreat to the villa's in-home sauna for a rejuvenating experience, leaving you revitalized for whatever adventures await.

Customized Wellness Awaits

No matter which villa you choose, an in-home sauna guarantees the ultimate in luxury and wellness. Your dedicated butler is prepared to set it to your desired temperature upon request, ensuring a perfect post-adventure unwind session. With such a selection of stunning options, Cabo Platinum is the ideal partner to help you plan your next sauna-enhanced vacation.

Finding the perfect place for your upcoming trip to Cabo may become a little more difficult due to the abundance of available properties. Therefore, to help you through the initial phase of planning your next Cabo trip, here are five quick tips that will make it easier for you to find the best villa in Cabo San Lucas and be able to start narrowing down some options.

Let’s begin by defining the following:

  1. Group Size and Dynamic: It’s crucial to decide who will be staying with you and whether they’ll be okay with sharing a bed or bedroom, because it affects the number of bedrooms and beds required.
  2. Nightly Budget: Establishing a price range for each night that you’re looking to stay at will give you a few more possibilities. Setting your budget per night is key, so be sure to take into account all the extra amenities you want the villa to offer.
  3. Dates: While choosing your dates is obviously important, being flexible with them can lead to more options, especially if you already have a villa in mind. Consider being accommodating the weekend before or after your preferred dates.
  4. Purpose of the Trip: Is also very significant because some villas are better equipped or prepared for specific types of vacations, such as weddings, business retreats, golf getaways, bachelor and bachelorette parties, etc.
  5. Area: To start figuring out which places would be best for your party, it’s vital to have an idea of what you plan to accomplish while in Cabo. For instance, staying closer to Cabo San Lucas would be ideal if you were traveling there for a bachelor and bachelorette party.

Having defined the above, you now have a solid road map for locating the best accommodations for your next trip.

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you’d like me to provide you with some accommodation options. I look forward to helping you choose the ideal accommodation for your trip. I’m looking forward to guiding you through all the details of visiting Los Cabos!

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Explore exclusive villas in Cabo San Lucas, including the scenic Palmilla area, the prestigious Pedregal district, and the serene ambiance of Puerto Los Cabos.

Maybe you are in need of some sand, sun, and good vibes in your life. It has been a long few months at work, school, or with your family, and you need a respite. But where should you go? If you are sick and tired of going to the same old places over and over again — which are usually overrun with tourists and overpriced — you need to find somewhere new to explore during your trip!

Let’s see. The perfect place that has incredible weather, and friendly people. Spacious rental properties and bright blue waters make it the perfect place to wake up in the morning. Yes, you are right — we are thinking of Los Cabos!

Los Cabos is one of the most popular destination spots in the entire world — and for good reason! The friendly locals, incredible cuisine, dozens of outdoor things to do, bright blue water, golden sand beaches, and pristine weather makes it the best spot to go on vacation as a solo traveler, with your partner, with your family, or with a big group of friends.

Fortunately for you, there is the ideal rental property for a large-scale family get-together, friend reunion, or corporate retreat for your stay in Cabo. The Casa De Karma is a sprawling home that features six bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms, providing ample space for up to 14 guests to kick back, relax, and soak up the sun. With over 11,000 square feet, you will never feel crowded or cramped in this luxurious rental property.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? We think so too! This Pedregal villa in Cabo San Lucas is really the lap of luxury, and you will feel like royalty when you stay here.

Outdoor Space

One of the main perks of this property is the extensive outdoor spaces. There’s a huge pool, featuring a little island with a chair and umbrella in the middle. You can sit back, relax, and put your feet in the water as you feel like you’re in the middle of the ocean. Or you can meander over to the spacious hot tub and sit in there in the evening with a glass of wine as you recuperate from a day of swimming, sailing, or surfing.

If you would rather just relax outside, you can lie down on one of the many recliner chairs, beach chairs, or plush chairs under an umbrella. This way, you can read, sip on some drinks, and chat with your friends without the sun beating down on your face.

Not to mention, the outdoor space has incredible views of the surrounding hills, palm trees, bright blue waters, and golden sand beaches. As soon as you step foot outside, you will see the incredible architecture of the home, the surrounding houses on the hillside, and the never-ending water.

Plus, once it gets dark, you and your guests can cozy up around the outdoor fireplace, pour yourself a drink from the outdoor bar, and sit and talk about your favorite part of the day with your guests. There is no better place to relax!

Dining Areas

Of course, the dining areas are just as spectacular. The dining room table is positioned just on the outside patio. With the retractable doors that provide easy access to the pool area and outside patio, you can walk through the open floor plan from the kitchen, through the living room, to the outdoor dining room table in just seconds.

If you would rather eat “inside,” you can sit at the lengthy dining room table, complete with enough chairs, interesting light fixtures, and cozy seating. If you leave the sprawling retractable doors open, you can sit at the table and gaze outside the incredible views from the back of your house.

Living Room

The living room features an L-shaped plush and cozy white couch that is perfect for all of your guests to sit, watch something on TV, or converse with one another. The living room is directly connected to the kitchen and living room, making it easy for you to chat with your guests sitting at the long table in the dining room or the granite counter in the kitchen.


The kitchen offers ample counter space, modern appliances, and a square island granite table that is perfect for just a few of your friends to sit, have some snacks, or share a drink before dinner is served.

Bar Area

Plus, there is a super-cool bar area that features an indoor mini bar, a small couch, and a TV that is perfect for you and a few friends to sit back, chill out, and de-stress in the middle of the day.

Stay in Cabo and Choose the Best Villa

Last but not least, there are six spacious bedrooms with cozy beds, plush bedding, and amazing views of the surrounding areas. All of the bedrooms come with an ensuite bathroom, ensuring all of your guests have privacy during their stay in this home.

There are luxurious and spacious properties that are truly unbelievable. Don’t believe us? Check out Cabo Platinum today and rent Casa de Karma for your next stay in Cabo. We guarantee you will have the best vacation of your entire life!

Crucial Things to Know About Buying a Villa in Cabo San Lucas

When you make the decision to enter the real estate market in Cabo San Lucas, you’re deciding to invest in one of the most sought-after beach destinations in the world. Though it can feel overwhelming to find the perfect property in the perfect location, our team at Cabo Platinum Villas has the expertise and local knowledge to make your dreams come true. Before you take the plunge, there are a few things you should know: 

Purchasing Experience

Here at Cabo Platinum, we have just announced an exciting partnership with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services. By partnering with one of the industry leaders in brokerage, Cabo Platinum Villas can provide a shockingly seamless experience for all those looking to invest in the Cabo San Lucas real estate market. If you need something a bit more commercial, our team is equipped to provide those services with a best-in-class approach as well. 

Investment Return

The real estate market in Cabo San Lucas has been providing massive investment returns for decades. There’s a reason this lively waterfront community draws visitors from all over the world to invest in properties: it’s unlike any other. In 2017 and 2018, Cabo San Lucas set a record for the number of visitors in a year, 70% of which were repeat guests. You can’t visit Cabo just once, so invest in a property that you can come back to, knowing that your investment will pay off financially, too.

Property Options

The most difficult part of navigating the real estate market in Cabo San Lucas is the fact that it is so diverse; it’s important that you figure out what type of property you want, the location you’re looking for, and the amenities that are non-negotiable. Our team of accredited real-estate experts knows the areas like none other, making Cabo Platinum the perfect guide to finding you exactly what you’re looking for.

Tourism Considerations

Cabo San Lucas is a popular vacation spot, and there are a few months during the year where it can feel overrun by spring breakers. Though many who own real estate embrace the lively tourism industry, it is something to consider before you purchase. If done correctly, tourism can bring in extra income during the time you’re not using your property but be sure to tell our team if that’s a route you’d like to pursue.

Amenity Access

Depending on where you decide to purchase property in Cabo San Lucas, you’ll have access to several different resort amenities and full-service experiences. If you have a list of the types of amenities that are non-negotiable for you, that can help narrow down the search to places that offer everything you’re looking for. By putting parameters on what you want, you’re ensuring our team can best support you in the search. If golf courses are important to you, great! If you’d rather spend the day at a spa or near a pool, that’s also possible. The sky is the limit – we’ll help you get there!

Remember: It Doesn’t Have to be Overwhelming

The experience of finding your dream vacation home should be one that you remember forever, in the best way possible. If you’re new to the Cabo San Lucas real estate market, let our team of experts help you navigate it. We have the best of the best waiting to serve you – give us a call today!



Best Way to Capitalize on a Luxury Villa in Cabo San Lucas

Buying a luxury villa in Los Cabos is an outstanding investment. There are beautiful property options everywhere in the area.

Those thinking about buying property here might wonder, how can one capitalize on their real estate investment?

Buyers can make the most of their luxury villa in Cabo San Lucas with the proper guidance and services. Property management companies like Cabo Platinum can help a homebuyer navigate the buying process to find the best investment for them. They can also help manage the property after purchase.

Want to learn more about how this works? Stay tuned. Here’s helpful information for capitalizing on Cabo San Lucas real estate.


Why Invest in Cabo San Lucas Real Estate

Why invest in a Cabo San Lucas property in the first place?

There are many reasons why owning property in this dynamic destination is a great idea.

Cabo San Lucas is an internationally beloved vacation spot that people visit year-round.

Most people who visit will come back over and over again.

Owning a property here and renting it out while you’re not there is a strategic move because the market continues to grow year after year.

With a seasoned advisor, luxury villa owners can take advantage of this popularity and capitalize on the Cabo San Lucas real estate market.

Using Cabo Platinum Investment Services

Getting the most out of a Cabo San Lucas real estate investment means having the proper guidance.

Cabo Platinum offers services that will help individuals make the right investment choices and manage them after purchase.

An advisor can help buyers determine what they want and find properties that might interest them.

Whether a buyer is looking for luxury real estate, a large parcel of land for resort development, or exclusive community real estate advisement, Cabo Platinum can help.

The team is well-versed in the local real estate scene and is Los Cabos MLS, CONOCER, and AMPI certified.

Cabo Platinum Investment Property Management

Purchasing a property is only part of the investment strategy. Therefore, it is essential to manage and maintain luxury villas for maximum benefit.

Unfortunately, it can be challenging to manage a property if an individual doesn’t live there full time.

Lucky for buyers who use Cabo Platinum, that isn’t an issue.

There is a boots-on-the-ground team that includes rental agents, property managers, luxury villa real estate marketing managers, and interior designers.

Cabo Platinum has the insight to mitigate risk and unlock every opportunity available to clients.

Property owners can have peace of mind that the team will take care of their property and maximize its potential.

Getting Started Capitalizing on a Luxury Villa in Los Cabos

What is the best way to start capitalizing on a Cabo San Lucas real estate investment?

The answer is to call the Cabo Platinum team of real estate advisors. Potential clients can also reach out online through the chatbox on the website.

They work with clients to manage their investment strategy. With their help, buyers can maximize the potential of their luxury villa in Los Cabos.

Navigating the Cabo San Lucas real estate scene can be tricky. Still, with the right help, buyers will find that there is infinite potential.

Looking to invest in a luxury villa in Cabo San Lucas? Contact an advisor!