Bespoke Luxury & Exceptional Experiences in Los Cabos, Mexico

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A Perfect All-Year Beach Escape

A family-friendly luxury retreat in Los Cabos beckons with its breathtaking landscapes and abundant opportunities for relaxation and adventure. This coveted destination in the Baja Peninsula offers both tranquility and excitement for families. Arrive at your family reunion vacation rental, greeted by the warm sea breeze and the sight of your children running towards the private pool with gleeful anticipation. As you settle into the expansive living areas, you envision evenings spent together, sharing stories around the outdoor dining table as the sun sets over the ocean.

Cabo Family vacation villas

Cabo Platinum provides a handpicked selection of large-family vacation rentals, featuring spacious 3 to 10-bedroom villas designed to accommodate various family sizes and preferences. These exclusive beach villas boast private pools and expansive living areas, ideal for fostering quality family time and individual pursuits alike.

Convenient and Child-Friendly Amenities

Benefit from an array of child-friendly amenities when booking through Cabo Platinum, including cribs, strollers, and car seats, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable stay for parents traveling with young children. For moments of relaxation or exploration, babysitting services are available, allowing adults to unwind with spa treatments or venture out to discover local attractions with peace of mind.

Beyond the comforts of a family-time vacation rental, all guests can immerse themselves in Los Cabos’ natural wonders and recreational activities suitable for all ages. Whether snorkeling in the vibrant waters of the Sea of Cortez, marveling at seasonal whale migrations, or exploring scenic hiking trails with panoramic views of desert landscapes and azure coastlines, there are endless opportunities for bonding and adventure.

Luxury Family retreat

Premium Villa Features

Your luxury family vacation rental will come equipped with amenities designed to make your stay as comfortable and convenient as possible. Each villa features a fully-equipped gourmet kitchen, perfect for preparing family meals or enjoying a private chef experience. Spacious dining areas, both indoor and outdoor, offer the perfect setting for family gatherings. Living areas are designed for relaxation, with comfortable seating, entertainment systems, and often, breathtaking views of the ocean or surrounding landscapes. You’ll enjoy a memorable family time in paradise.

For those who enjoy outdoor living, many villas include expansive terraces, barbecue areas, and beautifully landscaped gardens. Private pools provide endless fun for children and a relaxing escape for adults, complete with loungers and shaded areas for comfort. Some family vacation rentals even offer hot tubs and access to private beaches, enhancing the luxury experience.

Large group retreat in Cabo, Mexico

Comfort and Privacy for All Ages

In Cabo Platinum, we understand the importance of family time as well as the need for personal space. Bedrooms are spacious and well-appointed, with premium bedding and en-suite bathrooms, ensuring privacy and comfort for all family members. Additional amenities such as high-speed internet, smart TVs, and air conditioning enhance the convenience and enjoyment of your stay.

Health and wellness are also a focus, with many villas featuring private gyms, yoga spaces, and access to nearby golf courses and tennis courts. We can arrange in-villa spa services, including massages and beauty treatments, for a truly relaxing experience.

Family friendly luxury vacation villas

Creating Lasting Memories Together

Whether lounging poolside, preparing meals together in the gourmet kitchen, or embarking on water sports adventures along the coast, our large family vacation rentals offer an environment that combines luxury with the beauty of Los Cabos. Each villa’s spacious layout facilitates both collective gatherings and personal downtime, enhancing the overall experience of relaxation and connection amidst the region’s stunning natural scenery.

Family friendly activities in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo Platinum’s family vacation rentals offer more than just accommodation; they provide a gateway to unforgettable experiences and cherished moments for families seeking a blend of luxury and adventure. Whether planning a reunion, celebrating a special occasion, or simply seeking a retreat from everyday life, these luxury houses offer the perfect setting for families to reconnect and rejuvenate in one of Mexico’s most sought-after destinations.

Plan your next family getaway with Cabo Platinum and discover the unparalleled charm of Los Cabos firsthand. With our multi-family vacation rentals every stay becomes a cherished memory.

How can team building help my company?

Building a strong and cohesive team is vital for any company’s success. As basketball legend Michael Jordan famously said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” Investing in corporate team building experiences isn’t just about fun in the sun (although Cabo certainly offers that!), it’s about fostering communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills within your team. These skills translate directly to improved productivity, morale, and ultimately, achieving your company’s goals.

Let’s explore some of Cabo Platinum’s most stunning locations for your next team building event:

Teamwork extends beyond the boardroom. This stunning villa features a private tennis court, ideal for a friendly competition that sparks healthy rivalry and encourages communication. After an exhilarating match, celebrate your team’s spirit and camaraderie with a poolside barbecue and breathtaking ocean views. The private setting of Casa Bellamar fosters an atmosphere of relaxation and connection, allowing your team to bond in a way that’s both fun and productive.

Located just a 5-minute taxi ride from Cabo’s vibrant nightlife scene, Casa de Karma offers the perfect balance between focused work sessions and exciting team activities. The villa’s private Bocce ball court provides a fun and relaxed way for colleagues to unwind, build trust, and develop new strategies. After mastering the art of Bocce, your team can explore the electrifying nightlife Cabo has to offer, solidifying the bonds forged during the day’s activities.

For companies that value an active and sporty environment, Casa Brooks is the ultimate choice. Featuring an 18-hole championship golf course designed by the legendary Tom Weiskopf, Casa Brooks allows your team to bond over a shared passion for the game. Whether it’s a friendly tournament or a collaborative putting challenge, the course provides ample opportunities for team building, healthy competition, and strategic thinking.

Book your dream team-building retreat at Cabo Platinum today!

No matter your team’s size, interests, or budget, Cabo Platinum has the perfect villa and location to create a successful team-building event. Our dedicated staff helps you plan every detail, from catering to activities, ensuring your Cabo retreat is as seamless as it is unforgettable. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work!

Planning a vacation with friends and family is a cherished tradition, fostering lasting memories for all involved. However, for larger groups, securing suitable accommodations can become a logistical challenge. Traditional hotels with limited room capacity often force you to split your group, compromising the sense of togetherness and shared experience. Thankfully, vacation rentals offer a solution, providing increased space and flexibility. However, finding a single rental that accommodates a large group can feel elusive.

Here at Cabo Platinum, we understand the unique needs of large groups seeking a tropical escape. We specialize in curating luxury vacation experiences in Los Cabos, Mexico, a destination renowned for its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and a laid-back atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for a tropical escape with your loved ones. And, as luck would have it, we have a selection of exquisite 10-bedroom villas that cater to every group’s desires:

Step into a world of hacienda-inspired grandeur, a captivating villa that redefines luxury for groups of up to 22 guests, located within the prestigious Cabo del Sol community. Unwind by the sparkling infinity pool, where breathtaking panoramas of the nearby golf course provide a serene backdrop for relaxation. Gather for lively barbecues on the expansive outdoor patio, complete with a dedicated BBQ area. Cabo Del Sol beckons with a plethora of outdoor activities, explore scenic biking and hiking trails, or simply enjoy leisurely walks along a pristine stretch of soft sandy beach.

If you crave a more secluded escape, Casa Cielo offers a tranquil haven perched on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It caters effortlessly to large groups, comfortably accommodating up to 23 guests. The impressive dining area boasts a grand table with 14 seats, ideal for celebratory feasts or lively game nights. For those seeking active pursuits, the Pedregal community offers a tennis court just a short stroll away. Explore the vibrant marina nearby, or indulge in a workout session in the on-site home gym. In the evenings, challenge your friends to a friendly game on the provided blackjack table – the perfect way to end a day filled with adventure and relaxation.

Step into a world of timeless elegance at Villa La Datcha. It blends classic Mediterranean architecture with vibrant Mexican touches. Go beyond stunning aesthetics and unwind in the state-of-the-art spa complete with a sauna, steam room, and massage tables – perfect for post-adventure rejuvenation. For those seeking entertainment, a dedicated game room provides a space for friendly competition. Whether you crave relaxation or recreation, this paradise caters to your every desire.

These residences represent a mere selection of the exceptional 10-bedroom vacation rentals available through Cabo Platinum. Each villa boasts unique features and expansive layouts, catering perfectly to large groups seeking an unforgettable tropical escape brimming with opportunities for amusement, relaxation, and the creation of lasting memories.

Contact Cabo Platinum, and allow us to assist you in securing the perfect 10-bedroom paradise tailored to your forthcoming adventure.

Your partner finally proposed and you’re now ready to plan the wedding. But aren’t both you and your partner avid travelers? Then, why not head for a luxury wedding at an exotic destination? Also, when it comes to wedding locations, what can be a better destination than Los Cabos, Mexico? 

With sprawling beaches and picturesque views, Los Cabos has all the ingredients for a perfect beach wedding. But even before you prepare for your Mexico beach wedding, here are a couple of things to consider:

1. Choose your perfect destination: Los Cabos, Mexico

If you are fond of exotic luxury destinations, Los Cabos, Mexico is one of your best options. 

Teeming with beautiful sceneries and clean beaches, this destination will elevate your dream wedding to an entirely new standard. 

The best part: with a destination beach wedding, the entire event becomes a luxurious tour. 

It becomes a beautiful trip whose memories you cherish for a lifetime. 

2. Partner with an Expert

Once you have chosen Los Cabos, Mexico as your destination, it is time to collaborate with an expert. Get quotes for your destination wedding package in Los Cabos and make sure you are choosing services from reputed wedding planners. The right organizer will consider all your concerns and personalize your beach wedding the way you always imagined!

3. Legal requirements and documentation

If you are traveling to Mexico from another country, it is important to check the legal requirements and documentation before your wedding. With the paperwork done in advance, you no longer have to worry about your special day. Wedding planners typically take care of the paperwork and ensure you meet all the legal requirements ahead of the wedding. In most cases, you would need to identify proof, address proof, and similar other documentation as part of the legal paperwork. 

4. Accommodations And Travel For Your Guests

When planning a destination wedding, it is imperative to arrange proper accommodation for your guests. You might want to rent luxury villas like that of Cabo Platinum. These villas come with butler and concierge services thereby ensuring that all your guests’ requirements are always taken care of. Proper accommodation also gives you the peace of mind on your special day. 

Because you know your guests are put up in a luxury villa, you can now enjoy your wedding without having to think of anything else. 

5. Cultural Considerations And Memorable Experience

Los Cabos weddings are dreamy, magical, and downright beautiful. The beaches are exotic and ideal for your special events. To add to that, Cabo Platinum elevates your experience to the next level. The company offers a range of coastside villas that you can rent for your wedding events and personalize them the way you want. 

Party at a destination wedding in Los Cabos

With these villas, you also get exclusive access to the butler and concierge services which further ensure that you are happy, relaxed, and ecstatic on your special day. 

You can also hire jets, and yachts to double the fun on your wedding day. Either way, with Cabo Platinum you are left with a memorable wedding in Mexico that you fondly remember through your lifetime. 

Begin Your Dream Wedding Journey Today! Let’s Create Your Perfect Day Together. Contact Us Now to Get Started!

Corporate and luxury retreats in Cabo have long been recognized as valuable opportunities for companies to strengthen their leadership teams, foster innovation, and enhance employee morale. When it comes to C-suites, the top executives who drive an organization’s success, the choice of venue for a retreat becomes crucial. Private villas offer a unique and luxurious setting that can elevate the experience and provide a range of benefits. 

In this article, we will explore the advantages of hosting a corporate retreat for C-suites in private villas.

Luxury Retreats in Cabo Offer Privacy and Exclusivity

Private villas offer a level of privacy and exclusivity that is unmatched by traditional retreat venues.

Interior Cabo corporate retreat villa
Interiors of Casa Ocho. Cabo Corporate Retreats

This seclusion allows executives to focus on strategic discussions, team-building exercises, and problem-solving without distractions. The serene environment of a villa fosters a sense of unity and encourages open communication among C-suite members, creating an atmosphere conducive to productive and meaningful discussions.

Tailored Amenities and Services

Private villas are designed to provide a luxurious and personalized experience. These properties often come equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including conference rooms, audiovisual equipment, and high-speed internet access. Moreover, dedicated staff members are available to cater to the specific needs of the guests, ensuring a seamless and comfortable retreat. 

From personalized dining options to customized itineraries, private villas offer a level of flexibility that enables companies to create a retreat experience tailored to their unique requirements. Here is our list of our in villa chef services.

Enhanced Collaboration and Networking:

Bringing C-suite members together in a private villa creates an environment that encourages collaboration and networking. 

Away from the office, executives can build stronger professional relationships, exchange ideas, and gain valuable insights from their peers.

The relaxed and informal setting of a villa helps break down hierarchical barriers, fostering an atmosphere of equality and trust among the leadership team. This enhanced collaboration can have a lasting positive impact on decision-making processes and overall team dynamics within the organization.

Wellness and Work-Life Balance

Corporate and luxury retreats in Cabo private villas often emphasize wellness and work-life balance, providing an opportunity for executives to rejuvenate and recharge. Many villas offer amenities such as private pools, spa facilities, fitness centers, and outdoor recreational areas. Engaging in wellness activities, such as yoga sessions or spa treatments, promotes physical and mental well-being, allowing C-suite members to return to work with increased focus, creativity, and productivity. Additional information about in villa fitness and spa services.

Inspirational and Creative Environment

Private villas are often located in picturesque surroundings, offering stunning views and a serene ambiance. These natural backdrops can inspire creativity and foster fresh perspectives among the C-suite members. The change of scenery from the corporate office environment can stimulate innovative thinking and encourage executives to explore new strategies and approaches. The beauty and tranquility of a private villa contribute to an atmosphere that nurtures creativity and problem-solving.

Tax Benefits

Expenses directly related to a corporate retreat, such as travel costs, accommodations, meals, and conference facilities, may be deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses. These deductions can help reduce the taxable income of the company.

My Take

Hosting a corporate retreat in private villas offers numerous benefits, including privacy, tailored amenities, enhanced collaboration, and a focus on wellness. The exclusive and luxurious setting helps create a unique experience for executives, fostering team bonding, and driving strategic discussions. By providing an environment that supports relaxation, inspiration, and creativity, private villas enable C-suite members to return to their roles with renewed energy and a fresh perspective. Consider a corporate retreat in a private villa as a valuable investment in the growth and success of your organization’s leadership team.

The information provided in this article does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, all information, content, and materials available on this site are for general informational purposes only.