Bespoke Luxury & Exceptional Experiences in Los Cabos, Mexico

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Cabo San Lucas Yacht Charters

Experience our luxury private Cabo San Lucas yacht charters in Cabo Platinum style!


Cabo Platinum is the leading purveyor of some of Cabo’s finest Luxury Yachts. From pleasure cruisers to technologically advanced sport fishing vessels, our team has sourced the best options for our guests. Knowing that some vacations are not complete without full exposure to all elements, we strive for perfection as we bring the “best of the sea.” With options up to 200-ft, multiple estate rooms, and a full crew, we have the right vessel for your needs.

With luxury and comfort as a predominant aspect of your Cabo Yacht Charter, your ship and crew will be prepared for your arrival. In order to ensure all goes smoothly, your personal concierge will and see you on the boat. Whether you are celebrating a family event, enjoying a romantic afternoon, or fishing with your group of anglers, your experience will be memorable. Your Personal Concierge meet you at the dock beforehand to ensure that all provisioning is available for your charter and the crew is prepared to fulfill your desires. There is no request that has not been made; from birthday cakes, to DJs on board, to live music and dancing; our concierge will be sure that your Cabo Luxury Yacht Charter is a complete experience and will be sure to make memories for a lifetime.


We make this part simple! You tell your Personal Concierge what you’re looking for and they begin procuring options for you. Based on your budget, guest count, availability, they will come up with options for you. Once you have selected the boat right that’s right for your Cabo vacation, your concierge will help you get it locked in! Once you’re locked in and ready to go, all you need to do is show up. Your concierge will take care of all provisioning beforehand, supply you with directions the correct dock, and meet you there to ensure all goes smoothly.


Let the Cabo Platinum team help you curate memories that will last a lifetime.

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