Bespoke Luxury & Exceptional Experiences in Los Cabos, Mexico

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Cabo Platinum is a premier destination for luxury vacations, offering stunning ocean views, world-class amenities, and personalized service. Among the many reasons to choose Cabo Platinum for your next getaway, the collection of villas of this type is a major draw for those seeking the ultimate in relaxation and wellness.

Rejuvenate Your Body and Mind

Saunas have been a cornerstone of wellness for centuries, offering a range of benefits according to Women’s Health Magazine. From improved circulation and stress reduction to muscle pain relief and a stronger immune system, a sauna session can do wonders for your body and mind.

Indulge in Your Own Private Sanctuary at Cabo Platinum

Casa Acantilado

As the recipient of the prestigious Vrbo's 2024 Vacation Rental of the Year award, this sanctuary offers an unparalleled approach to wellness. Unwind after a day of exploration in this villa's spacious outdoor Finnish sauna with breathtaking ocean views of the Pacific Ocean, allowing the dry heat to soothe muscles, improve circulation, and promote deep relaxation.

Casa Alejandra

This elegant villa offers a gym & sauna, perfect for a private and rejuvenating experience. Envelope in the soothing heat, letting go of any lingering tension as toxins melt away. This private sanctuary allows you to fully immerse yourself in a personalized wellness retreat. Emerge refreshed, ready to embrace Cabo's energy.

Maison de Cortes

This sprawling estate features a gym & infrared sauna ideal for a quick post-workout detox. Unlike traditional saunas, infrared sauna therapy enhances circulation by dilating blood vessels, promoting better oxygen and nutrient delivery to the skin while aiding in the removal of waste products. This is a wellness retreat!


This contemporary villa boasts a sleek and modern sauna with an ocean view, allowing you to unwind while taking in the beauty of Cabo. Gather your friends for a wellness day, start with yoga and pool time, then dedicate from 15 to 20 minutes to this therapeutic experience. Your dedicated concierge can even arrange for a custom journey within the comfort of this villa.

Poco Paraiso

This charming villa offers a cozy and intimate sauna, tucked conveniently within the fitness room. Slide open the doors and head straight for the cold plunge pool on the poolside terrace. Feel the cool water embrace you on a hot summer day. Let your butler pour a glass of bubbly and dream away at the beautiful view over Poco Paraiso landscape. That is a holiday!

Villa Aurora

Within its deluxe walls lies a hidden gem – a dry sauna, the perfect haven to reconnect at the sophisticated Villa Aurora. Embark on a personalized wellness journey: choose from a guided yoga session on the expansive terrace, a private meditation and mindfulness session to quiet the mind or a personalized workout with a trainer - all within the villa's luxurious embrace.

Villa La Datcha

This iconic villa may not have an ocean view sauna, but it boasts a one-of-a-kind spa featuring a sauna, a steam room, a snow room (the only one in Mexico!), and a Turkish bath, offering a complete wellness experience.

Villa Renata

Welcome to this secluded villa, a luxurious haven renowned for its elegance and style. Featured on the front cover of Florida Design Magazine in 2014. After enjoying a day at the beach club or a thrilling tennis match, retreat to the villa's in-home sauna for a rejuvenating experience, leaving you revitalized for whatever adventures await.

Customized Wellness Awaits

No matter which villa you choose, an in-home sauna guarantees the ultimate in luxury and wellness. Your dedicated butler is prepared to set it to your desired temperature upon request, ensuring a perfect post-adventure unwind session. With such a selection of stunning options, Cabo Platinum is the ideal partner to help you plan your next sauna-enhanced vacation.

The sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in fiery hues of orange and pink. Laughter erupts from a private balcony overlooking the sparkling infinity pool at Villa Vegas Dave 3, where your closest buddies gather, clinking glasses to an epic weekend. This, gentlemen, is the quintessential Cabo bachelor party experience – and it all starts with finding the perfect place to stay.

Bid farewell to cramped hotel rooms and impersonal service. In Cabo, your party deserves an extraordinary setting, a place that caters to your desires and fuels unforgettable memories. Enter Cabo Platinum, your gateway to luxury accommodation and personalized experiences designed to make your celebration truly legendary.

Looking for the best bachelor party spots in Cabo? Look no further than the vibrant neighborhoods surrounding the stunning villas. Explore the electrifying nightlife of Cabo San Lucas, soak up the sun on the pristine beaches of Pedregal, or embark on thrilling adventures in the surrounding desert landscapes. With Cabo Platinum as your home base, the possibilities for an unforgettable celebration are endless.

Where can I stay for a bachelor party in Cabo?

Cabo Platinum boasts a diverse portfolio of luxury villas, each offering a unique ambiance and catering to distinct bachelor party styles. Whether you seek an energetic party pad, a serene escape, or an adventurous base camp, they have the perfect villa to match your vision.

Imagine yourself at Villa Vegas Dave 3, pulsating with the energy of an unforgettable celebration. It boasts a swim-up bar, a bubbling jacuzzi, and a spacious rooftop terrace – the ideal setting for hosting unforgettable gatherings. Challenge your fellow celebrants to spirited beer pong tournaments, organize scavenger hunts around the expansive property, or simply unwind and soak up the vibrant atmosphere as the evening progresses.

Craving a touch of sophistication amidst the revelry? Villa Tranquilidad offers a serene escape with stunning cliffside views. Unwind in the private cinema room after a day of adventure, or challenge yourselves to a friendly game of pool or darts in the dedicated game room. The property’s tranquil ambiance provides a welcome respite from the celebratory atmosphere, allowing you to recharge and rejuvenate for the next day’s adventures.

For the adventurous bachelor crew, Villa Turquesa provides the ultimate base camp. Nestled amidst lush landscapes, this property features an on-site gym for pre-game workouts, a private tennis court for friendly competitions, and direct access to hiking trails for exploring Cabo’s breathtaking natural beauty. After a day of conquering challenging hikes or exhilarating off-road excursions, return to the villa for a refreshing dip in the private pool and an evening of camaraderie under the starlit sky.

Beyond the Villa Walls:

Your Cabo bachelor party doesn’t have to be confined to the luxurious confines of your villa. Cabo Platinum elevates your experience with a concierge service that caters to your every whim. Imagine pre-stocked fridges upon arrival, personalized itineraries featuring exclusive excursions like deep-sea fishing or adrenaline-pumping ATV adventures, and in-villa chef services whipping up gourmet meals to fuel your festivities.

Crafting the Perfect Bachelor Party:

The anticipation crackles in the air as you gather with your closest friends, brainstorming bachelor party ideas to craft an unforgettable send-off for the groom-to-be. Remember, the key to an unforgettable event lies in tailoring it to your group’s specific interests and preferences. Discuss your vision with the experienced team, and they will craft a personalized itinerary that incorporates everything from thrilling excursions to exclusive dining experiences. Whether you envision days filled with adrenaline-pumping activities or evenings spent unwinding poolside, they have the expertise to turn your dream bachelor party into reality.

So, gather your groomsmen, raise a toast to the groom-to-be, and embark on an unforgettable journey to Cabo. Your party will be etched in your memories forever, as vibrant and enduring as the Cabo sunsets themselves.

Contact Cabo Platinum today and let them craft the perfect bachelor party escape for you and your crew.

In the heart of the sun-kissed Las Cañadas neighborhood in Querencia, Cabo, a captivating story unfolds at Casa Arrebol. This magnificent single level luxury villa, crafted by Cabo Platinum, perched on the canyon ridge-line, becomes the backdrop for a tale of coastal elegance and unparalleled relaxation.

As you step onto the grounds of Casa Arrebol, a world of serenity embraces you. The modern architecture seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor living, inviting the warm Cabo breeze and breathtaking views to become an integral part of your experience. The “Great Room” sets the stage with a soothing water feature and the promise of unforgettable moments.
Beyond the walls, the infinity pool stretches toward the horizon, offering a visual symphony as it merges with the vastness of the Sea of Cortez. Picture yourself, cocktail in hand, surrounded by the warm glow of two gas fireplaces as the sun dips below the Cabo skyline. Casa Arrebol is not just a residence; it’s a haven for creating indelible memories.

Serenity in Every Corner

The gourmet kitchen at Casa Arrebol is a haven for culinary enthusiasts. Stainless steel appliances and awe-inspiring views of the infinity pool and beyond make every moment in this space a sensory delight. Whether you’re preparing a feast for loved ones or enjoying a quiet morning coffee, the kitchen becomes a central hub for connection and indulgence.

The master suite, a private sanctuary, beckons with indulgence. Indoor and outdoor showers, a standing soaker tub, and a retreat-like atmosphere ensure that relaxation is not just a concept but a way of life. The additional spacious bedrooms, each adorned with ensuite baths and walk-in closets, promise a restful night’s sleep and the finest in comfort.

Beyond the Gates of Querencia: Adventures Await

This villa not only offers a luxurious abode but also provides a gateway to the exclusive Querencia community. Explore 2,000 acres of coastline, dramatic cliffs, and untamed desert terrain. Let your Cabo Platinum’s personal concierge arrange exhilarating mountain biking trails or secure bike rentals for your exploration. A 4-seat golf cart stands ready to shuttle you to the famed Playa Acapulquito, a favorite surf spot, where surfboard rentals and lessons await both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts.

At Casa Arrebol, every detail is meticulously curated to ensure a seamless and unforgettable retreat. Your personal concierge becomes your guide, crafting a bespoke experience tailored to your desires. Daily butler service ensures your hands are never without a delightful cocktail, while housekeeping maintains the pristine charm of your villa, creating a fresh ambiance throughout your stay.

Discover the Property

In the heart of Querencia, Casa Arrebol stands as more than a luxury villa; it’s an invitation to savor life’s moments surrounded by coastal beauty. From the sun-drenched infinity pool to the tranquil master suite, this is a place where the story of your Cabo retreat unfolds with grace and elegance. Contact Cabo Platinum today!

In the embrace of Cabo’s sun-kissed shores, where the rhythmic symphony of waves meets the golden coastline, lies a collection of opulent retreats that redefine the concept of seaside serenity. These luxury villas by Cabo Platinum invite you into a world where tranquility and indulgence coalesce, offering an unparalleled escape into coastal bliss.

Waking up to the gentle caress of the morning breeze, the sound of waves echoing through your retreat. This is the daily ritual at Cabo’s villas, where each sunrise unfolds a canvas of serene beauty. The best all-inclusive cabo experience awaits those seeking a seamless blend of comfort and sophistication.

The journey begins with the carefully curated all-inclusive packages, ensuring an effortless and luxurious stay for up to 8 people. From the moment of reservation, personalized attention takes precedence, with advance itinerary planning tailored to your desires. Your experience is further enhanced by daily housekeeping, creating an atmosphere of continual relaxation.

As you step into your villa, you’re welcomed by a stocked bar, a tantalizing prelude to the culinary delights that await. The all-inclusive trips to Cabo San Lucas extend beyond the ordinary, offering an in-villa private chef available throughout your stay. Picture savoring local cuisine crafted with meticulous attention, with a standard menu that caters to every palate.

To elevate your stay further, Cabo Platinum includes a 24-hour personal concierge, who becomes your gateway to a seamless dream vacation. From arranging additional services to curating activities, excursions, and restaurant reservations, your personal concierge ensures every desire is fulfilled. This level of service extends to in-villa butler assistance, where your dedicated butler goes beyond expectations, serving food, unpacking your luggage, and attending to your every need.

The allure of Cabo’s all-inclusive lies not only in the luxurious accommodations but also in the immersive experiences crafted for each guest. Whether it’s the enchanting Casa Arrebol, the serene Villa Serena, the picturesque Casablanca de Cabo, the tranquil Casa de Karma, or the sweet escape of Villa Dulce, just to mention a few, each villa becomes a chapter in your story of seaside serenity.

As the sun dips below the horizon, casting hues of warmth across the villas, you realize that Cabo Platinum’s all-inclusive luxury experience transcends the ordinary. It becomes a journey into a realm where every detail, from the stocked bar to the personal concierge, is meticulously designed to create moments of pure bliss. Seaside serenity isn’t just a promise; it’s an unmatched escape that awaits those who seek the pinnacle of coastal luxury in Cabo.

4 Reasons Casa Brooks Creates an Unforgettable Cabo Getaway

Casa Brooks swimming pool overlooking the Pacific

The Casa Brooks swimming pool overlooks the Pacific and blue skies.

When making a trip to Baja California Sur, Cabo Platinum’s Casa Brooks makes a fantastic villa getaway. Finding luxurious accommodations for large groups can be challenging for bachelor/bachelorette or family reunions to find luxurious accommodations together. At a hotel or resort, booking multiple rooms requires careful planning and coordination and can involve a group sales manager. Cabo Platinum’s concierge arranges experiences for large groups at the Casa Brooks Cabo property. It is a spectacular rental, perfect for all types of people.

Here is everything travelers need to know about this retreat and its unique amenities.

About The Casa Brooks Cabo Property

The Casa Brooks Cabo property is a luxurious, spacious, and elegant oceanside villa just 10 minutes from downtown Cabo San Lucas.

Its location is within the Cabo del Sol golf resort and community.

Staying at the villa is a one-of-a-kind experience fit for V.I.P guests. This accommodation is a two-story, hacienda-style villa with a jaw-dropping double-door entry, courtyard, and sweeping ocean views in the living room. Up to 22 guests can stay in this ten-bedroom 9.5 bath retreat.

A trip to Casa Brooks feels like a tranquil oasis at the heart of all the action.

Amenities at Casa Brooks Cabo

Many amenities make Casa Brooks Cabo so desirable. These features go above and beyond what you would find at a typical hotel or resort.

The villa itself is an entertainment haven, with a beautiful private pool and hot tub that can accommodate 16 people. Guests can also enjoy outdoor dining and sit around a large fire pit.

The Cabo del Sol community also has additional amenities for visitors. For example, Casa Brooks guests can enjoy a Jack Niklaus-designed golf course and dine at a clubhouse with one of the best Sunday brunches in town.

There is also a Hacienda del Mar Sheraton Hotel with restaurants, a spa, and a full-scale gym.

Services at Casa Brooks Cabo

The property and amenities at Casa Brooks are spectacular, but the service is what sets it apart. Cabo Platinum services guests’ stay at the property, and we take our client service very seriously.

Every group staying at Casa Brooks has a personal concierge. This local expert will help guests plan and book activities, make restaurant reservations, arrange private chef services, charter yachts, and pre-stock the villa with groceries.

They are also accessible at the residence during the stay to check in on guests and assist with anything they need.

Cabo Platinum also offers personal butler services for Casa Brooks guests. They will help with luggage, pool towels, technology, meal services, tidying the house, and more.

Who Would Love the Casa Brooks Cabo Property?

wedding in cabo near the water

Casa Brooks is an amazing property for all types of groups.

In the past, this luxury villa has hosted birthday parties, weddings, friend groups, family reunions, company trips, and more.

It is perfect for any group retreat because our team will help transform the space to meet visitors’ needs.

No request is too large or too small to accommodate at Casa Brooks.

Contact us if you’re interested in making Casa Brooks Cabo your next getaway spot. We will help get you started!